Summary for One Person

The following references to Richard Hillyer for the period 1703 to 1883 may be relevant.

Name married yoB yoI Source Notes
Richard Hyllier U   1705 Baptism Parent John
Richard Hilliar   1721 Mentioned in will Will of Thomas Rawlins
Richard Hillyer   1722 Trustee of will Will of Roger Walduck
Richard Hillyer   1726 Witness of will Will of Christopher Saxby
Richard Hillier   1732 Beneficiary of will Son of Richard Hillier
Richard Hillier   1732 Will Written 28 August; probate 1732
Richard Hillyer   1741 Beneficiary of will Son of Katherine Hillyer
Richard Hilliar U   1752 Baptism Parents John and Ann
Richard Hillier U   1767 Baptism Parents William and Susanna
Richard Hillyer   1785 Financial support from Feofee expenditure accts
Richard Hillyer   1793 Beneficiary of will Son of William Hillyer
Richard Hillyer U   1798 Baptism Parents William and Priscilla
Richard Hillyer B   1829 Groom Marriage to Jane Barratt
Richard Hillyer   1861 Witness at marriage at 3 marriages from 1861 to 1909
Richard Hillyer M   1862 Parent at baptism Father of William; wife Mary
Richard Hillyer M   1865 Parent at baptism Father of Andrew; wife Mary
Richard Hillyer   1886 Father of Groom Father of George Hillyer
Richard Hillyer   1892 Father of Groom Father of Frederick Hillyer
18 records displayed as possibly relevant out of 59 references to Richard Hillyer.
Note: yoB is year of birth according to the source record, if available
         yoI is year of interest: the year in which the event listed took place.