Church Register
The following is a transcription of page 116 of the Church Register for 1571 to 1732 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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  Transcriber's note: The year is 1647  
Joseph Son of George Askew baptised April 28  
William Son of Thomas Miles baptised April 29  
ffrancis Son of Edmond Robinson baptised May 23  
Katharin Daughter of henry Winmill baptised May 23  
William Son of John Gawdern baptised May 24  
Barbarah Daughter of Ralphe Nicholls baptised June 9  
Sarah Daughter of John ffretter baptised June 13  
ffrancis Daughter of William Panter buried June 17  
Thomas Son of John Lane baptised June 20  
William Son of John Brice buried June 22  
Edward Son of Francis Rawson buried June 26  
Elizabeth Daughter of Griffine Travill buried June 27  
William Son of Richard Page baptised June 27  
Widow Hilliar buried June 30  
  Transcriber's note: First name not provided  
Laurence Forster , Mr. buried July 7  
Elizabeth Daughter of John Noble buried July 8  
Thomas Son of Thomas Bunch baptised July 12  
John Smith & Elizabeth Hilliar married July 22  
Mary Daughter of John Pease baptised July 25  
William Son of Nathaniell Allibone baptised July 25  
John Son of William Elkins buried July 29  

William Son of Widdowe Ablethorpe baptised August 2  
Mary Daughter of Thomas ffreeman buried August 4  
John Son of Nicholas Bull baptised August 4  
Margarett Daughter of William Barrett baptised August 8  
Susanna Daughter of Mathew Maplye baptised August 9  
John Son of Thomas Cooke baptised August 10  
Anne Daughter of William Panter , junior baptised August 12  
Thomas Son of William Ley baptised August 18  
Michaell Son of Marke Travill baptised August 18  
John Robertts & Jeane Parratt married August 16  
John Scriven & Margarett Parratt married August 24  
John Son of Richard Parratt baptised August 29  
Richard Son of Richard Haberd baptised September 5  
Winifrith Daughter of Richard Travill baptised September 12  
Lewis Son of George Goodman baptised September 12  
Anne Daughter of Richard Ellis buried September 18  
Henry Son of William Elkins baptised September 19  
Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas Smith baptised October 10  
Christopher Bincks buried October 23  
Markes Daughter of William Hillier baptised October 25  
Richard Son of Richard Ellis baptised October 28  
William Son of William Ashby buried October 29  
Elizabeth Daughter of Henry Winmill buried October 30  
Sarah Wife of Griffin Cocks buried November 2  
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There are 2 columns of information on the original page.  The columns are combined above, with the second column running on beneath the first, separated by two horizontal lines.

First letter in each row indicates the type of entry:
  B = burial
  C = baptism (christening)
  M = marriage

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