Church Register
The following is a transcription of page 128 of the Church Register for 1571 to 1732 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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  Transcriber's note: The year is 1654  
Guy Son of William fforster , Esquier baptised June 23  
Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas Miller , born 20 Jun baptised June 22  
Thomas Daughter of Thomas Thomson , born 20 Jun baptised June 22  
  Transcriber's note: duplicated record  
John Son of John Hyllier , born 1 Jul baptised July 2  
Thomas ffreman & Katharin Hyde married July 3  
Anne Daughter of Ralfe Perrott buried July 5  
William Son of Antony Stanton , born 4 Jul baptised July 11  
Mary Wife of George Askew buried July 10  
Henry Traviell , of Greenend buried July 24  
Daughter of Henry Haines , the daughter of Henry Haines not baptised buried July 28  
Awdry Daughter of William Gumbley buried August 2  
Judet Daughter of John Wilkison , of Gorechapell, Gentleman; born 2 Aug baptised August 15  
Katherine Daughter of Henry Lane , Mr.; born 3 Aug baptised August 8  
  Transcriber's note: 'Mrs' in front of child's first name  
Sarah Daughter of Henry Rodgers , born 8 Jul baptised August 4  
William Benniet buried August 6  
Elizabeath Ellis , widow buried August 7  
Luce Perrot , widow , of Totallend buried August 8  
Richard Son of Richard Halberd buried August 11  
Elizabeth Daughter of Thobyas Stones buried August 14  
Ellinor Daughter of Thomas Brice buried August 19  
Alexander Son of Richard Sherinton , born 21 Aug baptised September 3  
William Nutman buried August 27  
William Traviell buried September 4  
Richard Winmill & Mary Nickoles married September 5  
Charles Son of Lewes Annsell , born 29 Aug baptised September 12  
Jesper Son of Michaell Gadsdon buried September 11  
Henry Atly buried September 16  
Richard Gawthorne buried September 16  
Henry Son of Andrew Hensman , born 12 Sep baptised September 17  

Anne Daughter of Richard Petty , born 24 Sep baptised October 23  
Henry Son of Henry Backhouse , born 25 Sep baptised October 3  
Hugh Son of Hugh Glover , born 4 Oct baptised October 11  
Edmund Prince buried October 8  
Robert Carter buried October 9  
Thomas Garet & Anne Burte married October 9  
Joseph Dages & Mary Adkines married September 8  
Margaret Daughter of John Haines , born 7 Oct baptised October 7  
John Son of Joseph Perrot , born 28 Sep baptised October 2  
John Son of Richard Carter , born 29 Sep baptised October 3  
Richard Ellis & Mary Chapman married October 29  
Richard Church & Jane Coocke married October 23  
ffrances Daughter of Charles Lane , Mr. born 24 Oct baptised October 27  
Margaret Haines buried October 27  
William Hoane & Elizabeth Browne married November 6  
Thomas Westley & Margret Traviell married November 7  
Mary Daughter of William Glidewell , named - recorded with code 'n'; check if correct to clasify buried November 3  
Hugh Glover buried November 7  
Gilbert Panter & Katherin Whiten married November 16  
Thomas Church & Mary Bandey married November 18  
Griffin Wharton buried November 19  
John Mason buried November 20  
John Legge buried November 21  
Thomas Garrat buried November 23  
Georg Askew & Elizabeth Bate married November 2  
Elizabeth Oweing , widow , Mrs. buried November 25  
John West buried November 26  
Jane Daughter of John Skriven , born 26 Nov baptised December 12  
Mary Daughter of William Garrat , born 24 Nov baptised November 28  
Thomas Glover buried December 2  
Katherin Glover buried December 9  
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There are 2 columns of information on the original page.  The columns are combined above, with the second column running on beneath the first, separated by two horizontal lines.

First letter in each row indicates the type of entry:
  B = burial
  C = baptism (christening)
  M = marriage

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