Church Register
The following is a transcription of page 77 of the Church Register for 1571 to 1732 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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  Transcriber's note: The year is 1624 by the old style calendar; 1625 by the new  
Elizabeth Daughter of Guy Forster , Syr Guy baptised February 22  
Anne Daughter of Georg Jennings baptised February 24  
Anne Daughter of Raphaell Nycholls baptised March 1  
Anne Daughter of Robert Wilcocke baptised March 7  
Margaret Wife of Luke Perrat buried March 8  
Thomas Son of John Rawlins baptised March 13  
John Son of Samuell Marriot baptised March 20  

  William Houghton Minist:  
  Richard Hocknell Churchwarden  
  Henry Rawling Churchwarden  
Anno Domini 1625
Thomas Son of Richard Sowthey baptised March 27  
Christopher Coursey buried March 28  
William Son of Thomas Dorman baptised April 10  
Mary Daughter of Elyas Johnson baptised April 11  
Elizabeth Daughter of Euseby Murcott baptised April 17  
Robert Perry & Cicelye Forster married April 19  
Anne Daughter of Robert Wilcocke buried April 23  
John Son of William Hocknell baptised April 24  
William Son of William Perrat baptised May 22  
Jacob Jenkins buried May 29  
Alice Binian buried June 9  
Thomas Purrier & Alice Travell married June 13  
Richard Son of Robert Wilcockes buried June 14  
Widow Binian buried June 16  
  Transcriber's note: First name not provided  

Markes Daughter of Hugh Wren baptised June 19  
Robert Hawkins & Dorothy Smith married June 21  
John Son of William Harman baptised June 26  
Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas Tomkins baptised July 17  
Jane Daughter of Richard Inges baptised July 17  
Anne Wife of Richard Inges buried August 5  
Richard Panter & Jane Bradford married July 8  
William Lee & Anne Lewsley married August 27  
William Son of John Rawlins baptised September 18  
Dorothy Daughter of Nycholas Knott buried September 22  
William Son of William Perrat buried September 24  
Nycholas Son of Nycholas Bull baptised September 25  
Nycholas Son of Nycholas Bull buried September 26  
Jane Daughter of Richard Inges buried October 3  
Thomas Bennit & Jane Perkins married October 7  
Richard Inges & Elenor Elmar married October 10  
Francis Leach & Elizabeth Chapman married October 17  
Elizabeth Daughter of Richard Forster baptised October 23  
Mary Daughter of John Freeman baptised October 23  
Alice Daughter of Thomas Garrat baptised November 20  
Katherin Brumsgrave buried November 26  
John Marshall & Mary Gaudorn married December 20  
John Son of William Elkins buried January 5  
James Kerkam & Mary Fowkes married January 14  
Christopher Son of Henry Scriven baptised January 15  
John Son of John Cooke baptised January 22  
William Son of Mathew Glover baptised January 22  
Anne Daughter of Robert Perrye baptised January 22  
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There are 2 columns of information on the original page.  The columns are combined above, with the second column running on beneath the first, separated by two horizontal lines.

First letter in each row indicates the type of entry:
  B = burial
  C = baptism (christening)
  M = marriage

The years above are according to the old style calendar in which the year began on 25 March, Lady Day.  The entries above for the period January - March 1625 are for 1626 according to the modern calendar.

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