Church Register
The following is a transcription of page 85 of the Church Register for 1571 to 1732 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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  Transcriber's note: The year is 1630  
Ann Daughter of Robart Milles buried August 25  
William Son of John Cooke baptised August 29  
William Son of Christofer Cotes buried September 5  
Henry Milles buried September 19  
Jane Daughter of Richard ffoster buried September 25  
Jeames Son of Jeames Benson baptised October 10  
Ellenor Daughter of Gabriell Sharpp baptised October 10  
Richard Whittaker buried October 12  
William Son of , an unknown father baptised October 17  
Elizabeth Wife of Richard Menard buried November 1  
Widow King buried November 5  
  Transcriber's note: First name not provided  
Marie Daughter of William Burkley buried November 8  
Alice Daughter of Thomas Kingstone buried November 12  
Marie Wife of Thomas Church buried November 12  
Ann Foster , a Gentlewoman buried November 22  
John Son of Robart Leach baptised November 22  
John Son of Richard Parratt baptised November 28  
Thomas Punter & Lettis Tomson married November 29  
Robart Inges buried December 1  
Gillian Lebrucke buried December 14  
Edmund Course buried December 20  
William Son of Thomas Perratt baptised January 11  
Ellen Wife of Gabriell Sharp buried January 11  
Joane Daughter of William Barwicke buried January 11  
George Son of John Wilkines baptised January 12  
John Dier & Alice Perratt married January 19  
John Son of Thomas Benyt baptised January 23  

Dorothie Daughter of Robart Leach baptised January 23  
Elizabeth Daughter of William Glanester baptised January 28  
Sisley Daughter of ffrauncys Rosson baptised January 30  
Elizabeth Daughter of Ellizabeth Bucher , a bastard baptised January 30  
Thomas Ingram & Luce Coopper married February 6  
Edmund Son of Edmund Parkines baptised February 6  
Jane Daughter of Henry Petty baptised February 6  
Thomas Rallyns & Ellizabeth Travill married February 10  
William Dudley & Anne Perriott married February 19  
William Son of Nicolas Rawlings baptised March 1  
William Son of William Cooke buried March 2  
Mary Wife of Samuell Marriott buried March 2  
Jeames Sheffeeld buried March 4  
Richard Sowthey buried March 5  
William Son of ffrauncys Miller buried March 13  
John Gyles buried March 14  
Anno Domini: 1631
ffrauncys Lebrucke buried April 4  
Alice Wife of John Horne buried April 20  
Job Dormer & Judith Cooper married April 25  
William Son of Thomas Thomkines baptised May 2  
Ann Daughter of William Pettie buried May 24  
Jeames Son of George Ginninges buried May 27  
Mathew Son of Mathew Horne baptised March 29  
Judith Daughter of Edward Rallyns baptised May 29  
Robart Milles buried June 12  
John Son of William Houghton baptised July 5  
Thomas Son of Guy Forster , Sir Guy baptised July 7  
Peetter Son of Henry Rallyns baptised July 10  
Thomas Son of Nicolas Whitchurch baptised July 27  
Thomas Son of John Norris buried July 28  
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There are 2 columns of information on the original page.  The columns are combined above, with the second column running on beneath the first, separated by two horizontal lines.

First letter in each row indicates the type of entry:
  B = burial
  C = baptism (christening)
  M = marriage

The years above are according to the old style calendar in which the year began on 25 March, Lady Day.  The entries above for the period January - March 1630 are for 1631 according to the modern calendar.

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