Church Register
The following is a transcription of page 89 of the Church Register for 1571 to 1732 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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  Transcriber's note: The year is 1633  
  Nicholaus Son of Nicholaus Bull baptised December 1  
  Barbara Daughter of Thomas Wilde baptised December 15  
  Henry Son of Henry Petty baptised December 22  
  Mary Daughter of John Burton baptised December 26  
  Transcriber's note: The year is 1633 by the old style calendar; 1634 by the new  
  Elizabeth Daughter of Griffin Travell baptised January 9  
  John Son of Guy Ley baptised January 12  
  Robert Son of Robert Leach baptised January 19  
  James Son of Robert Perratt baptised January 21  
  Griffin Son of Thomas Travell baptised January 23  
  Thomas Son of John Travell baptised January 26  
  Elizabeth Daughter of Henry Rawlins baptised February 3  
  Thomas Son of William Houghton , Minister baptised February 8  
  Dorothy Daughter of Robert Brafeild baptised February 9  
  William Son of William Hare baptised February 10  
  Anne Daughter of Thomas Richardes baptised March 9  
  Anne Daughter of Henry Backhouse baptised March 9  
  Mary Daughter of Ambrose Cooper baptised March 16  
  Thomas Son of Thomas Perratt baptised March 19  
  Transcriber's note: Year is 1633, except the last entry (1634 by new style cal.)  
  Richard Rowlidge & Anne Whittaker married June 23  
  William Clarke & Elizabeth Orpine married June 24  
  Robert Panter & Elizabeth Milles married July 22  
  Richard Campton & Lettice Petty married August 18  
  Thomas Inges & Elizabeth Giles married August 25  
  Christopher Williams & Elizabeth Bartrum married October 3  
  Robert Cable & Mathew Travell married November 4  
  Robert Gutteridge & Anne Lillingston married November 4  
  Edward Norris & Jane Lewsley married February 3  
  Transcriber's note: The year is 1633  
  Hester Wife of William Nypping buried April 7  
  Prudence Read buried April 7  
  Steven ffranklin buried April 14  
  John Son of John Bankes buried April 15  
  Widow Tarrey buried April 15  
  Transcriber's note: First name not provided  

  Richard Son of Elias Johnson buried April 27  
  Thomas Son of Thomas Rawlins buried May 24  
  Thomas Son of John Askewe buried June 20  
  Sarah Daughter of Christopher Wharton buried July 9  
  Mary Daughter of Radulph Perratt buried August 1  
  Alexander fforde buried August 15  
  John Norrice buried August 17  
  Thomas Bankes buried September 19  
  Mary Wife of Thomas Reeve buried September 27  
  Thomas Kingston buried October 6  
  Thomas Son of Widdow Kingston buried October 21  
  Edward Son of Richard Glover buried November 22  
  Mary Wife of George Taylor buried November 28  
  John Pearse buried December 1  
  Samuell Son of Thomas Richardes buried January 8  
  Griffin Son of Thomas Travell buried January 24  
  Anne Daughter of Thomas Travell buried February 10  
  Anne Daughter of Jacob Jenkins buried February 10  
  Widow Mabley buried March 5  
  Transcriber's note: First name not provided  
  John Cowley buried March 8  
  Luke Parratt buried March 12  

  William Houghton  
  Nicholas Rawlins  
  William Newman  
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There are 2 columns of information on the original page.  The columns are combined above, with the second column running on beneath the first, separated by two horizontal lines.

The years above are according to the old style calendar in which the year began on 25 March, Lady Day.  The entries above for the period January - March 1633 are for 1634 according to the modern calendar.

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