Church Register
The following is a transcription of page 30 of the Church Register for 1733 to 1779 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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  Mary Daughter of William & Elizabeth Hindes baptised July 9  
  Christopher Son of John & Elizabeth Lane baptised July 18  
  Anne Carter buried July 23  
  Jane Panter buried July 29  
  James Son of William & Ursula Ansfield baptised August 3  
  Mary Miles , widow buried August 3  
  John Surridge buried August 3  
  Edward Hoare Mansel , Gent buried August 7  
  Job Painter buried August 13  
  William Allibone buried August 15  
  Richard Surridge buried August 17  
  Thomas Kingston & Eliz. Prestwood married August 23  
  John Harmon buried September 2  
  John Rainbow & Eliz. Bennet married September 5  
  Elizabeth Constant buried September 11  
  Mary Daughter of Thomas & Dorothy Claridge baptised September 11  
  Thomas Son of Joseph & Rebecca Woodland baptised September 19  
  Dorothy Claridge buried September 19  
  Robert Son of Bodiley , adult baptised September 19  
  Jemima Thompson buried September 22  
  William Osborne & Mary Driver married September 27  
  Elizabeth Daughter of Richard Church baptised September 28  
  Transcriber's note: Mother's name omitted  
  Thomas Son of Thomas Billen baptised September 30  
  Transcriber's note: Mother's name not entered  
  Benjamin Wise & May Parish married October 1  
  Margaret Murkit buried September 30  
  Eleanor Daughter of John & Eleanor Roberts buried October 4  
  John Son of Joseph & Mary Collings buried October 4  
  Eliz. Daughter of Easter buried October 7  
  Transcriber's note: Mother widow  
  Sarah Daughter of Abraham & Frances Philips baptised October 10  
  Roger Downing & Katharine Cowley married by Banns October 29  
  John Son of Thomas & Mary Harraway baptised November 10  


  William Ansell & Ann Stiers , John Dobb surrogate married by Licence December 8  
  Sarah Daughter of William & Elizabeth Miller , of Deans-Angar buried December 11  
  Transcriber's note: The modern Deanshanger  
  Jane Wife of William French buried December 12  
  Joshua Son of Joseph & Mary Johnson baptised December 19  
  Sarah Mason buried December 24  
  Joseph Son of John & Elizabeth Cox buried December 26  
  John Son of Sarah Mason buried December 27  
  Jane Daughter of James & Eliz. Nichols baptised December 27  
  Thomas Son of Thomas & Frances Marriot baptised December 12  
  Richard Son of Elizabeth Digby , (spurious) baptised January 7  
  Damaris Daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Plowman buried January 14  
  Edward Son of Henry & Joan Wharton baptised January 17  
  Elizabeth Wife of Edward Reading buried January 19  
  Samuel Fawson buried January 22  
  John Gibbs & Ann Curtiss married by Banns January 23  
  Ann Maria Daughter of William & Martha Peach baptised January 30  
  Easter Daughter of Issac & Ester Gurny baptised January 31  
  Elizabeth Daughter of John & Elizabeth Gaybel baptised February 2  
  Francis Son of Francis & Eliz. Ellis buried February 3  
  Mary Wife of John Jones buried February 8  
  Daniel Hobcraft buried February 9  
  Eleanor Daughter of Thomas & Ann Parrot buried February 10  
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There are 2 columns of information on the original page.  The columns are combined above, with the second column running on beneath the first, separated by two horizontal lines.

The years above are according to the old style calendar in which the year began on 25 March, Lady Day.  The entries above for the period January - March 1742 are for 1743 according to the modern calendar.

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