Church Register
The following is a transcription of page 22 of the Combined register for 1780-1812 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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Baptisms 1792

October 7  Benjamin Son of William & Martha Bissel  
October 7  Benjamin Son of Mary Johnson , Illegitimate  
October 7  Charles Son of John & Mary Caves  
November 5  John Son of James & Anne Simons  
November 4  Mary Daughter of John & Jane Haynes  
November 4  Mary Daughter of William & Anne Stonton  
November 10  Isabella Daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Herbert  
November 25  Mary Daughter of John & Jane Haines  
November 25  Joseph Son of James & Mary Carter  
December 16  Phebe Daughter of Daniel & Mary Gostelow  
December 23  Charlotte Martha Anne Daughter of Joseph & Martha Carvell  
December 23  James Son of Samuel & Sarah Nichols  
December 25  James Son of William & Mary Cox  
December 25  David Son of John & Mary Worker  

Baptisms for 1793

January 6  Edward Son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Wills  
January 6  Mary Daughter of Richard & Susannah Morris  
January 28  Thomas Son of John & Charlotte Kitelee  
January 28  William Son of John & Anne Crick  
February 17  Perry Daughter of Richard & Perry Ratnett  
February 17  Ann Daughter of Robert & Sarah Meakins  
March 10  John Son of Joseph & Hannah Nichols  
March 10  John Son of George & Sarah Gregory  
March 10  Martha Daughter of John & Charlotte Gregory  
March 24  Mary Daughter of William & Elizabeth Salisbury  
April 14  Charles Son of John & Elizabeth Stimpson  
May 12  Joseph Son of Joseph & Anne Chambers  
June 2  Mary Daughter of Richard & Charlotte Wilbe  
June 2  George Son of Joseph & Susannah Smith  
June 16  Sarah Daughter of John & Mary Aldridge  
June 19  William Son of Joseph & Elizabeth Atterbury  
July 7  Susannah Daughter of John & Elizabeth Kilpin  
July 7  Mary Daughter of William & Phoenix Bull  
July 28  Elizabeth Daughter of John & Catherine Woodland  
July 28  Mary Anne Daughter of Benjamin & Isabel Atterbury  
July 28  William Son of Thomas & Mary Herbert  
July 29  Thomas Son of John & Ann Paxon  
July 29  Matthew Son of Matthew & Susannah Adams  
  Transcriber's note: Parents' names seem to be abbreviated to Matt. & Sus.  
July 29  Benjamin Son of William & Sarah Clarke  
July 29  Charlotte Daughter of John & Lucy Manning  

Burials for 1793

January 18  Elizabeth Daughter of James & Mary Carter  
January 31  John Billing  
March 17  John Son of Joseph & Hannah Nichols  
March 20  Benjamin Son of Benjamin & Sarah Mills  
May 4  Henry Hakes  
May 8  Sarah Wife of Richard Chambers  
May 18  Joseph Dandridge , Clerk of the Parish  
May 18  Elizabeth Watworth  
June 8  William Elliott  
August 11  William Son of Sarah Willmore , Illegitimate  
August 13  William Worcester Son of Joseph & Martha Hakes  
August 16  Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Anna Smith  
September 28  William Son of Thomas & Mary Smith  
October 9  Sarah Wife of James Paine  
October 26  Sarah Bignall  
November 11  Thomas Son of Thomas & Mary Adkins  
November 14  William Pratt  
November 24  William Smith  
December 13  Richard Hawley  
December 29  Mary Carter  
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There are 2 columns of information on the original page.  The columns are combined above, with the second column running on beneath the first, separated by two horizontal lines.

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