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The following is a transcription of page 27 of the Combined register for 1780-1812 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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Burials in 1796

January 10  Benjamin Neale  
January 25  Sarah Peach  
February 11  Ann Hutchings  
February 15  Joseph Gregory  
April 27  John Son of James Travel  
May 7  Jeremiah Shakeshaft  
May 21  John Askew  
May 31  William Son of Elizabeth Elliot , Illegitimate  
June 4  Edward Son of Gregory  
June 7  James Son of Elizabeth Elliot , Illegitimate  
June 20  Elizabeth Harman  
July 3  Ann Darby  
July 13  Sarah Daughter of William & Sarah Clark  
July 23  Elizabeth Denton  
August 4  Mary Daughter of George & Sarah Gregory  
August 25  Jane Daughter of Thomas & Ann Stonton  
September 13  Hannah Daughter of Thomas & Ann Stonton  
September 25  Jane Keves  
September 30  John Son of Samuel & Mary Crick  
October 6  Mary Crick  
October 16  William Son of Sarah Webb  
October 17  Mary Kingston , widow  
October 25  Ann Daughter of Richard & Ann Nichols  
November 13  Ann Wife of John Cook  
December 7  Elizabeth Keen  
December 7  Nelly Daughter of George & Mary Aldridge  
December 26  Mary Aldridge  
December 31  Mary Marriott  
December 31  Thomas Son of John Keen  
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