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The following is a transcription of page 31 of the Combined register for 1780-1812 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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Burials in 1798

January 4  Judith Neal  
January 19  William Pinfold  
January 25  Mary Clark  
January 26  James Hillyer  
January 30  Joseph Son of Jethro Inwood  
February 1  Charlotte Mills  
February 7  John Son of John & Mary Aldridge  
February 8  Elizabeth Green  
March 4  William Calvert  
March 17  William Lever  
April 3  Hannah Bryant  
April 8  Charlotte Daughter of Thomas & Mary Calcutt  
April 24  Joseph Son of Joseph & Elizabeth Cook  
April 25  Martha Daughter of Joseph & Mary Munday  
May 26  Sarah Thompson  
July 15  Richard Finney  
July 15  Elizabeth Daughter of Alice Hancock , Illegitimate  
July 20  Mary Summers Daughter of John & Mary Alsop  
July 21  Ann Billing  
July 27  Sarah Redding  
August 12  Richard Finney , Junior  
August 15  Thomas Smith , An infant  
August 15  Lucy Gaybell  
August 22  Mary Gray  
September 8  Daniel Sturges  
October 7  Cathrine Woodland  
October 22  Thomas Woodland  
November 26  Amos Chinner  
December 15  Phebe Adams  
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