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The following is a transcription of page 43 of the Combined register for 1780-1812 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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Burials in 1802 continued

July 14  Elizabeth Askew  
July 15  Catherine Lever  
July 19  William Elmes  
August 17  Sarah Daughter of Thomas & Mary Aldridge  
August 20  Mary Daughter of George & Mary Wilbee  
August 22  Elizabeth Daughter of George & Mary Wilbee  
September 13  Mary Travel  
September 20  Elizabeth Daughter of John & Elizabeth Scott  
September 27  Mary Panter  
September 30  Rebecca Tebbit  
October 27  Mary Rainbow  
November 2  Thomas Adams  
December 2  George Checkley  
December 7  John Simons  
December 21  Richard Webb  
December 25  Ann Webb  
December 28  Richard Son of Richard & Susannah Morris  

Burials in 1803

January 2  Sophia Garratt  
January 18  Catherine Wallinger  
January 23  Sarah Mills  
January 25  John Buckmaster  
February 13  William Son of William & Mary Caucut  
February 18  John Son of George & Ann Aldridge  
March 11  Sarah Daughter of William & Mary Elms , Infant  
March 13  Sarah Woodland  
March 30  John Roddis  
April 7  William Brown , An infant  
April 7  Ann Scott  
April 14  Thomas Son of James & Mary Neal  
April 14  Rachel Woodland  
April 15  Mary Brice  
April 17  Lucretia Cox  
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