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The following is a transcription of page 71 of the Combined register for 1780-1812 of St. James The Great, Hanslope  
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Burials in 1812

January 3  Lucy Gregory  
January 6  Esther Clifton , An infant  
January 11  William Son of Valentine & Elizabeth Barford  
January 22  Sarah Birt  
February 21  Mary Barratt  
February 22  Ann Smith  
February 28  James Barratt  
March 1  Joseph Hillyer , An infant  
March 5  Susannah Bull  
March 12  David Lever  
March 17  Henry Cook , An infant  
March 25  Sarah Daughter of Richard & Sarah Morris  
April 9  Elizabeth Tebbit  
April 17  John Frost  
May 3  Lucy Brownsill  
May 9  Mary Lovesey  
May 10  Mary White  
May 15  Esmy Smith  
June 3  Susannah Woodland  
June 23  James Geary  
June 28  William Caves  
July 2  Mary Ann Mills  
July 12  John Herbert  
July 23  Mary Paget  
August 3  Lucy Cory  
August 3  William Mills  
August 10  John Mills  
August 10  Elizabeth Mills  
August 11  Charles Chard  
August 12  Catherine Barratt  
August 13  James Clark  
September 9  Thomas Kitelee  
September 10  Kitty Nichols  
December 4  John Panter  
December 5  David Hindes  
December 25  Ann Clifton  
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