Will Details

Will of Henry Rawlins

Date of will 5 December 1657
Status Yeoman 
Abode when will written Hanslope, Buckinghamshire
Date of probate 4 February 1658, the year being according to the old style calendar in which the year ended on 25 March, Lady Day.  Thus this year corresponds to 1659 by the modern calendar.
Summary of will Bequeathed his wife the use and benefits of the farm for the remainder of the lease. Amounts of money bequeathed to his children and grandchildren 
Persons mentioned in will:
Name Relation Abode Role Notes
Margaret Rawlins Wife    beneficiary   The use of farm for the remainder of the lease  
Henry Rawlins Son    beneficiary   Left kitchen items carts and ploughs  
Peter Rawlins Son    beneficiary   Bequeathed £20 
Elizabeth Rawlins Daughter    beneficiary   Bequeathed £25 
Mary Rawlins Daughter    beneficiary   Bequeathed £10 
Hugh Wrenn Friend    beneficiary executor   The elder. Left 5 shillings 
James Lillingstone Kinsman  Creaton, Northamptonshire  beneficiary executor   Left 5 shillings 
Richard Hillier     witness    
Joseph Dankes     witness    
Source:  The National Archives,  reference  PROB 11/287/480
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Source: The National Archives,  reference PROB 11/287/480
This image is displayed with permission of The National Archives.  It may be used only for information and research.  A high quality copy suitable for printing can be obtained from their web site (www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline).

In the name of God Amen I Henry Rawlins the elder of Hanslopp in the County of Bucks yeoman beinge somewhat weake in bodie but in perfect minde and memory (blessed be Almightie God) doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament And first I give and bequeath my Soule to God my maker and Creator And to Jesus Christ my onelie Saviour and Redeemer  And to the holy Ghost my Sanctifier and Preserver.  And my body to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors in hope of resurrection unto everlastinge life by the alone merritts of Jesus Christ  And for these my goodes and substances which God of his mercy hathe lent me I doe give and bequeath in forme and manner followinge  Item I give to my loveinge wife Margarett the use and benefitt of my ffarme with all the profitts comodityes and appurtenances thereunto belonginge enioing all the rest and residue of the time in and by my Lease (after my decease) to come and unexpired if shee soe long live to enioy the same  Item I give to my sonne Henry Rawlins the ..... in the kitchinge the saltinge trough the dough trough my cartes ploughes and furniture belonginge to  my Teame  Provided my saide wife shall have the useinge of all or any of them if shee have occasion to make use of the farm  Item I give to my sonne Peter Rawlins Twentie pounds of good and lawfull English mony To be paid to him the first day in November 1659  Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Rawlins ffive and Twentie pounds of like lawfull money Twenty pounds thereof to be paid the first day of November afoursaid in the yeare of our Lord 1659  And the other five poundes the same daye twoe yeare followinge  Item I give to my daughter Mary Tenne poundes to be paid to her the said first day of November one thousand sixe hundred fiftye nyne or within one moneth after  Item I give to my fower grandchildren five shillinge apeece  To be paid unto them or to their Parents for their use within one yeare after my decease  And my will is that all the money before menconed be paid unto my Children by my Executors hereafter named  And I doe make and ordaine my loveing freind Hugh Wrenn the elder of Hanslopp afouresaid and my kinsman James Lillingstone of Creaton in the County of Northampton the Executors of this my Last will and Testyament in full power and trust to performe the same  And I give them for their paines five shillinges apeece  All the rest of my goods and chattells unbequeathed my debtes Legacies and ffunerall beinge paid and discharged  I give to my said wife dureing the time of her widdowhood Provided that an Inventory be taken of the same by my wife and my Executors aforesaid and valued accordinge to the same value thereof forthwith after my decease  And that my said wife doe at the time aforesaid leave the same either in kinde or in value to be by my said Executors equally devided betweene my twoe children Peter and Elizabeth if they shalbe then liveinge;  otherwise to be devided accordinge to the discrecon of my said Executors amongst my other children  And in Testimonye that this is my last will and Testament I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the fifth day of December in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundred fiftye and seaven Henry Rawlins  Signed sealed acknowledged and confirmed by me Henry Rawlins aforesaid  in the presence of The marke of Richard Hillier  Joseph Dankes

Proved 4th February 1658