Will Details

Will of William Ellis

Date of will 11 April 1649
Status gentleman 
Abode when will written Hanslope, Buckinghamshire
Date of probate 21 November 1649
Summary of will Bequeathed estate to wife Mary then to his young son William on reaching 21. The residue of estate is left between his second son and his unborn child. Small amounts of money left to his brother and sister out of money he is owed. 
Persons mentioned in will:
Name Relation Abode Role Notes
Mary Ellis Wife    beneficiary executor   Bequeathed farm and farmhouse in Bullington End 
William Ellis Son    beneficiary   Inherits farm and farmhouse when he becomes 21 
Francis Ellis Son    beneficiary   Left residue of estate on reaching 21 
Samuel Ellis Brother    beneficiary   Left £10 
Hester Ellis Sister    beneficiary   Left £10 
Robert Travell Cousin    beneficiary executor   Left 20 shillings 
Richard Church Servant    beneficiary executor   Left 20 shillings 
Arthur Coldwell     beneficiary trustee/overseer witness   Gent. Left 5 shillings 
Richard Rainsford     beneficiary trustee/overseer   Esq. Left 10 shillings 
John Cooke     witness    
George Coldwell     witness    
Source:  The National Archives,  reference  PROB 11/210
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Source: The National Archives,  reference PROB 11/210
This image is displayed with permission of The National Archives.  It may be used only for information and research.  A high quality copy suitable for printing can be obtained from their web site (www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline).

In nthe name of God Amen I William Ellis of Bullingdon end in the parish of Hanslapp in the County of Bucks gent.  being sicke in body but of good and perfect remembrance thanks be to god for the same doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following.  ffirst I give and bequeath my soule unto Almighty god who created it, unto Jesus Christ who redeemed it and unto the holy ghost who sanctified and preserved me three persons and but one god whom I doe adore and will acknowledge forever.  And my body unto the earth from whence it came to be buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named.  Item I give and bequeath unto Mary my welbeloved wife the Messuage ffarme howse and tenement wherein I now live scituate and being in Bullingdon end aforesaid together with all and every the closes Lands and tenements thereunto belonging, and alsoe all other my Leases Lands and tenements whatsoever which I now am estated and interested in scituate and beinge in Hansloppe aforesaid, and Castlethorpe in the said County of Bucks  To have and and to hold all and singular the same premisses with their and every of their appurtenances for, and untill William Ellis my sonne shall accomplish the full age of one and twentie yeares.  And my will is that when my said sonne William shall accomplish the said age of one and twentie yeares that the said Mary my welbeloved wife and my other Executor hereafter named shall grant and assigne over the said Messuage Lands, tenements and premisses hereby bequeathed unto her as aforesaid unto my said sonne William and his assignes for and dureing all the residue and remainder of yeares that shalbe then to come and unexpired of and in the same premisses shee the said Mary reserveing unto herselfe dureing her life fforty pounds a yeare out of the same for and towarde her liveyhood and maintenance and in satisfaction of her ioynture or dower  Item I give unto the said Margery my wife all the household goods now remaineing in and about the said Messuage or tenement wherein I now live  And also all the Cropp and Cropps of corne and graine now groweing in and upon all and every the before bequeathed premisses and which I last sowed  And also all my Carts ploughs harrowes, and horse harnesse  Item I give unto my said sonne William all my books my long gunn and my ........   Item all the rest of my goods cattels and chattells whatsoever my debts being paid and my funerall expences discharged I doe give and bequeath unto my sonne ffrancis Ellis and unto the child my said wife newer beareth or goes with to be equally divided betwixt them Provided alwaise and my will is that if my said sonne William shall depart this life before he shall accomplish the said age of one and twentie yeares  That then my said wife and other Executors shall grant and assigne over the said Messuage Lands tenements and Leases unto such of my child soe soone as he shall accomplish the age of one and twenty yeares shee the said Mary reserveing unto her selfe the said ffourty pounds a yeare to be paid unto her as aforesaid  Provided further and my will is that if the said ffrancis my said sonne, or the child my wife now beareth or goeth with after it shalbe borne shall depart this life before their accomplshing of their severall and respective ages of one and twentie yeares, that then the part and portion of which of them soe dyinge and which is to be devided as aforesaid shall remain and be unto the survivor of them and to the said William my sonne to be equally devided betwixt them Provided further that in case my said wife shall depart this life before the first day of August next them my will is that my brother Samuel Ellis and my sister Hester Ellis shall have tenn pounds a peece out of my said cropp to be disbursed by my Executors or the Survivor of them towards the bonding of them Apprentizes or otherwise for their preferment  And if my said wife shall live unto the said first day of August then my will is and I doe give unto my said brother and sister tenn pounds apeece to be paid unto them out of the moneyes owing by Mr Nicholas ........ and Mr ........ Item I doe nominate and make my said welbeloved wife Mary and my Couzen Robert Travell and my servant Richard Church Executors of this my last will and testament Neverthelesse in trust and to the only use beneiftt and behoofe of my said Children  Item give and bequeath unto the said Robert Travell and Richard Church twentie shillings a peece desireing them to be carefull and aydeing in the assisting of my said wife dureing her life, and in case shee shall dye in the education of my said Children and manageing and improveing of my said estate for and unto the best benefitt of my said Children  Provided alwayes and my will is that if there shalbe any ambiguity in this my will that then the same shalbe explayned arbitrated ordered and determined by Richard Rainsford Esq and Arthur Coldwell gent  And I give unto  Mr Rainsford tenn shillings and unto the said Mr Coldwell five shillings  In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale this eleventh day of Aprill  In the yeare of our Lord god One thousand six hundred fforty and nyne  William Ellis Subscribed sealed and published by the said William Ellis in the presence of John Cooke Arthur Coldwell George Coldwell

Proved 21st November 1649