Post Office Directory 1864

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Name Entered detail
Isaac Arnold Parish clerk
Geoge Atkins Grocer
John Bailey Draper
Eliza Baker Miss, Draper
Mary Baker Miss, Draper
George Blunt Baker
William Thomas Brooks Warfinger
Transcriber's notes: Wharfinger - An owner or keeper of a wharf (obsolescent)
George Canvin Butcher
John Canvin Baker
James Connerley Baker
Thomas Copson Foresters' Arms
Charles Purcell Cotter Rev., M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin, The Vicarage
E Davis Mrs, Mistress, Parish School
Robert Dew Builder & shopkeeper
Burrell Faux Builder
John Francis Parish Clerk
Wiiliam Harding Cuba hotel
John Harris Railway inn
Richard Hepwell County Arms
Henry Kemp Plumber
Martin Miles Herbalist
William Millward New inn & coal merchant
Thomas M. Selby Farmer
William Shortland Greengrocer
John Poyntz Spencer
Transcriber's notes: 5th Earl Spencer. Patron of the church living
William Bent Strange Butcher
William Wright Greengrocer
Robert Wylie Builder
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