St. James Church School 1900

St. James Church School 1900

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St. James Church School 1900

by kind permission of Ray Bellchambers

Back Row, L-R: F. Walden, W. Cobley, F. Willis, E. Hale, O Willis, A. Rigby.

Fourth Row, L-R: T. Walton, Charles Martin, H. Cornhill, E. Hooper, A. Atkins, A. Hyde, G. Powell, F. Kirby, G. Pedder.

Third Row, L-R: S. West, G. Green, M. Bellchambers, R. Stimson, F. Boughton, T. North, J. Parsons, A. Inwood, T. Grant.

Second Row, L-R: B. Brewer, O. Mills, Rev. A. James (vicar),
T. W. Arkwright, T, Arkwright, (superintendent), J. Fincher, A. Smith, H.Shackeford.

Front Row, L-R: H. Barnes, E. West, H. Ashley, F. Puryer,
H. Nichols, R. Brassett.

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