Newport Pagnell Historical Society was founded in 1984 by a small group interested in the buildings and people of the town and surrounding area and concerned in preserving the past for the future.By the 1990's the thriving society, by its own fund raising efforts and with the generous help of the Harry Middleton Gift, was able to purchase and refurbish Chandos Hall and open it both as a Museum and the Society's headquarters.The Society currently has a thriving membership who meet twice a month and is active in many aspects of the town and further afield including the preservation of historical buildings many of which have been sadly lost in the past.

Opening times and details of themed exhibitions. The picture shows a Victorian pram donated by the Odell family.
Town Trail
Newport Pagnell was at one time the centre of the lace industry, but it was through its importance as a transport centre that the town grew.

Fairs and Carnivals
The old town fair that was held on the market hill, and more recently on the
Bury Field common.
Civil War Map
Newport Pagnell became a Parliamentary strong hold in 1644. See: Town Trail and
Civil War Map

Newport Pagnell Bridges
The most famous is Tickford Bridge, the oldest cast iron bridge in the Western World still carrying main road traffic.
Aston Martin Lagonda
Aston Martin production in Newport Pagnell ceased in 2007.

Taylors Mustard and Mineral Works
Founded in 1837 by William Taylor.

History of Odells Ironmongers
A Real Life Family Saga 1740-1990

Newport Pagnell Canal
The early 19th century Canal branch was eventually superceded by the Railway.

Lace Makers Tomb
Thomas Abbot Hamilton

Newport Pagnell to Wolverton Branch Line
Now a Milton Keynes redway the old railway line closed in 1964.

Bury Field Common
Bury Field is a vast area of common land situated to the north west of Newport Pagnell.

Newport Pagnell Wills Index
From 1486 - 1865
Parish Church Graveyard
The 1966 Gravestone listing before the landscaping of the Church Yard

Posse Comitatus-Newport Pagnell 1798
A muster of able bodied men aged 15 to 60 to protect the country from a French Invasion
World War I Letters 1914-1919
Letters sent and received during the war by the families of Newport Pagnell

Newport Pagnell Fire Insurance
A selection of Policy Records showing the relevant properties. This picture C1890 shows the Fire Station then at 27, High Street.