North Crawley Historical Society as part of this years WW1 Anniversary

have started a project to remember soldiers from the village.

We are trying to find as much information on Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen born or residents in North Crawley at the time

of World War One.

Also any information on the Women left behind, if they were employed in munitions factories etc. would be appreciated.

The aim is to put on an exhibition locally at the end of the year, and to collect all the information and make into a Book/CD.

We are looking into the possibility of having the book bound in parchment from the local Newport Pagnell Works as a

long term remembrance document

Below are the names of Soldiers we know of so far, if you could help with any information, photo's, stories or family on

any of the men named below this would be of great help.

Please email to any of the contacts if you can help

AGER Henry Charles 1896, N. Crawley 23 Oct 1914 Jane   110 High St. N.P. Milk Seller 2nd Batt. Ox & Bucks LI
ALLEN William             Bedfordshire Regiment
BATHELOR Charley              
BRANDON Stanley 1881, N. Crawley     Maud Little Crawley Plumber  
BRANDON Frederick George 1895   George & Elizabeth   North Crawley Painter  
BONAR Andrew 1898, Kilmarnock 18 Apr 1918 Andrew & Charlotte   High Street   Gloucester Regiment
BONAR William Alfred 1900, N. Crawley   Andrew & Charlotte   High Street   Devonshire Regiment
BOSWELL John Irvine 1859, Madras, India 22 Aug 1922   Ellen Elizabeth Crawley Grange Physician  
BOSWELL John Irvine Corrie 1890, Faversham, Kent 2 Nov 1917 John Irvine Boswell
      E Comp. Tank Corps.
COOPER Charles 1892, Emberton 29 Oct 1918 Joseph & Harriet   Little Crawley Horseman 5th Beds. Regiment, 12/13th Batt. Northumberland Fusiliers
COLLIER Joseph 1877, Salford     Kate Annie "The Chequers" Inn Keeper  
COLLIER Ralph Walter 1900, N. Pagnell   Joseph & Kate   "The Chequers"    
CLIMER Gerald 1895, Drayton Parslow   Enos & Kate   Hanslope Baker  
CLIMER Percy John 1900, Stantonbury   Enos & Kate   Hanslope    
CAVES Fred 1897, N. Crawley 9 Feb 1919         1/4 Batt. London Regiment, Dorset Regiment
CAVES Charles 1895       Folly Lane Farm Labourer Bedfordshire Regiment
CAVES Arthur John 1891       Folly Lane   Machine Gun Corps.
CHAPMAN Charles 1881, Herts.   Frederick & Jane   Church Walk Groom  
CHAPMAN Frederick William 1879, Herts.   Frederick & Jane   Church Walk Groom A. Veterinary Corps.
CHAPMAN Percy 1884, Herts.   Frederick & Jane   13th Hussars   13th Hussars
CHERRY Charles Leslie 1893, N. Crawley   William & Ruth   North Crawley Plumber/Painter  
CHERRY Percy Edward 1888   William & Ruth Sarah       Army Service Corps.
CLARK George William 1892, N. Crawley   Isaac & Esther   Broadmead Farm Labourer Ox & Bucks LI
CLARE William Ambrose 1896, N. Crawley   Edwin George & Sarah Jane   North Crawley   Bedfordshire Yeomanry
DAVIS John James 1875, N. Crawley 30 Jan 1917 George Davis Kate Tamworth, Warks. Plasterer 175th Tunneling Comp. Royal Engineers
DOWDY Arthur George 1890   Joseph & Isabel   "The Terrace" Farm Labourer Bedfordshire Yeomanry
DOWDY Albert James 1888   Joseph & Isabella   "The Terrace" Farm Labourer  
EMENTON William Paul 1899, N. Crawley 19 Apr 1918 Stephen & Emma   Chequers Lane   Royal Warwickshire Regiment
EMENTON Ernest Joseph 1893, N. Crawley   Stephen & Emma   Chequers Lane Farm Labourer  
EMENTON John Thomas 1896, N. Crawley   Stephen & Emma   Chequers Lane App. Tinsmith  
EMENTON Arthur Harry 1891, N. Crawley 26 Sep 1917 Stephen & Emma Lily E Hedge Chequers Lane Motor Ind. Lab. Cambs. Regiment, D Comp. 1st Batt. Cambridge Regiment
EELES William 1893, N. Crawley   Frederick & Ellen   High Street App. Baker  
FOUNTAIN Charles 1884, Cranfield     Nellie North Crawley Bricklayer  
FLUTE Sidney George 1882, Astwood   William & Zilpah   Swans River Farm Labourer  
FULFORD Leonard W 1885, Woolstone 12 Oct 1916 Barjonas & Anne   Church Walk Farm Labourer 2nd Batt. Bedfordshire Regiment
GLIDEWELL William Joseph 1879, N. Crawley 23 Aug 1918 Reuben & Ann Widower High Street Bootmaker Ox & Bucks LI, 1st Batt. Royal Berkshire Regiment
GLIDEWELL Harold Robbins 1899, N. Crawley   Harry & Emily   North Crawley    
GLIDEWELL Mowbray Douglas 1896, N. Crawley 10 Nov 1918 Harry & Emily   North Crawley   Beds. Yeomanry, 4th Dragoon Guards, Royal Irish Calvary
GOODMAN Charles Henry 1898, N. Crawley   John & Lizzie   "The Terrace"    
GOODMAN Henry 1882, N. Crawley   Thomas & Elizabeth   Church Walk Farm Labourer Bedfordshire Regiment
GOODMAN William Thomas 1895, N. Crawley   John & Mary   Church Walk Farm Labourer Ox & Bucks LI
GOODMAN Frederick 1884, N. Crawley   Thomas & Elizabeth   Church Walk Horseman Army Service Corps.
GRAY George             Royal Engineers
GRAY Edward             Royal Canadian Navy
HEDGE Bert Cecil 1889, N. Crawley 22 Nov 1916 John & Elizabeth   Royal Navy Stoker Royal Navy, HMS/M "E30"
HEDGE Frederick Joseph 1891, N. Crawley 23 Sep 1918 John & Elizabeth Rose Emily Chequers Lane Groom/Gardener 2nd Batt. Ox & Bucks LI
HEDGE Charles 1891, N. Crawley   Edwin & Lizzie   "The Terrace" Agr. Labourer Bedfordshire Regiment
HEDGE Arthur John 1885, N. Crawley   Edwin & Lizzie   "The Terrace" Traction Engine Driver Gloucestershire Regiment
HEDGE Frank 1894, N. Crawley   Edwin & Lizzie   "The Terrace" Agr. Labourer Royal Army Medical Corps.
HEDGE John 1884, N. Crawley   John & Elizabeth   Chequers Lane Hay Trusser Devonshire Labour Batt.
HEDGE William James 1896, N. Crawley 26 Oct 1918 John & Elizabeth     House Boy 2/4th Batt. Ox & Bucks LI
HIGGINS John Lewis 1896, N. Pagnell 7 Sep 1925 Walter & Sarah Ann Elsie May   Sergeant Instuctor,MGC Middlesex Regiment, Machine Gun Corps.
HIGGINS George Thomas 1898, N. Crawley   Walter & Sarah Ann   19 High St. N.C. Chicken Farmer Kings Own Yorkshire LI
HUMPHRIES Dennis Albert 1891, Hanslope 13 Mar 1947 Frederick & Elizabeth
  Hanslope Carriage Works Lab. Ox & Bucks LI,
HITCHCOX Herbert Wilfred 1890, Wroxton 25 Sep 1915 William & Sarah   Banbury Farm Labourer Ox & Bucks LI, 10th Batt. Gloucestershire Regiment
HOMANS Sidney 1895, N. Crawley   Alfred & Elizabeth   Off Chequers Lane Farm Labourer Bedfordshire Regiment
HOMANS Walter Alfred 1899, N. Crawley   Alfred & Elizabeth   Off Chequers Lane   Royal Engineers
JORDAN Albert 1892, N. Crawley   William H & Charlotte   Brook End Farm Farm Labourer  
JORDAN Jesse 1890, N. Crawley 19 Apr 1917 William H & Charlotte   Brook End Farm Farm Labourer Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars
JARVIS William             Royal Australian Navy
JAMES William Frederick 1886, N. Crawley   James & Adelaide   "The Castle" Sawyer Canadian Veterinary Corps.
JAMES Enos Enoch 1893, N. Crawley   James & Adelaide   "The Castle" Farm Labourer 19th Hussars
KEEN Albert             Worcestershire Regiment
KEEN Arthur             Ox & Bucks LI
KEEN Sidney             Bedfordshire Regiment
KNIGHTS Frederick              
LANCASTER Harry 1880, N. Crawley   Elizabeth   North Crawley House Keeper Devonshire Labour Batt.
LANCASTER Albert Walter 1887, N. Crawley     Ethel Elizabeth Brook End Cowman Ox & Bucks LI
LATHALL George 1882, N. Crawley     Martha North Crawley Gardener  
LEEKS Herbert Charles 1899, London   John & Jane   Brook End    
LEEKS William J .1895, Westminster   John & Jane       West Yorkshire Regiment
LINGER Herbert Walter 1881, N. Crawley     Della North Crawley Bricklayer Ox & Bucks LI
PELL William 1899, London   Joseph & Elizabeth   Folly Lane    
PETERS Arthur John 1873, Sussex     Sarah High Street Army Pens./Farm Lab. Bedfordshire Regiment
POWELL William 1883, Paddington   Emma   High Street Chaffeur Army Service Corps.
ROBINS Ralph (Arthur) 1883, Tebworth   William & Emma   Brook End Horse Keeper  
ROBINS Joseph             Machine Gun Corps.
RUFFHEAD Herbert James 1878, N. Crawley  1940 William & Caroline  Rosa North Crawley    
RUFFHEAD Harry Adams 1894, N. Crawley 4 Mar 1917 Harry & Minnie   Little Crawley   1st Batt. Worcestershire Regiment
RIDDY George Thomas 1880, N. Crawley   Thomas & Ellen        
RIDDY Walter Charles 1893, N. Crawley 11 Apr 1918 Thomas & Ellen   Great Linford Farm Labourer Royal Army Service Corps, 1st Batt. Princess Victoria's Royal Irish Fusilers
RODGERS Harry 1881, N. Crawley 31 Jul 1918   Olive London Painter & Decorater 13th Batt. Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade
READ Percy George 1896, N. Crawley   Walter & Elizabeth   Little Crawley Cowman Bedfordshire Regiment
READ William Walter 1894, N. Crawley   Edwin & Annie   Off Chequers Lane   Army Service Corps.
READ Arthur Bertie 1896, N. Crawley   Edwin & Annie   Off Chequers Lane   Royal Engineers
READ Charles William 1886, N. Crawley   Edward & Ann   Off Chequers Lane Carpenter Ox & Bucks LI
ROBERTS Stanley Josiah 1891, N. Crawley   Leonard & Ellen   Gumbrills Farm Labourer Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars
ROBERTS John Thomas 1896, N. Crawley   Leonard & Ellen   Gumbrills Farm Labourer Bedfordshire Regiment
ROLLINGS William 1883, Shropshire     Deborah North Crawley Groom Derbyshire Regiment
SEAMARKS William John 1886, N. Crawley   Edwin & Mary Ann   Little Crawley Agr. Labourer  
SEAMARKS Arthur H 1892   Thomas & Ellen   Swans River    
SEAMARK Jack 1899   William & Mary Ann   Little Crawley   Chester Regiment
SEAMARKS Arthur 1892, N. Crawley   Edwin & Mary Ann   Little Crawley Agr. Labourer  
SEAMARKS Frank (Francis) 1894, N. Crawley   Thomas & Ellen   Swans River   Bedfordshire Regiment
SEAMARK Herbert Walter 1891, N Crawley   William & Mary Ann   Little Crawley Farm Labourer  
STANTON Albert             Life Guards
SCARLETT Alexander 1897, Camberwell   Emil & Therese       Royal Engineers
TAYLOR George Frederick 1892, N. Crawley   Joseph & Fanny   East End Farm Labourer  
TAYLOR Harold             Royal Irish Rifles
TURNER Charles              
WHELLER Bertie (William) 1877, Hants. 2 Dec 1916 William & Jane Gertrude Annie Church Walk Coachman Army Veterinary Corps.
WALTERS Tom 1889, Cranfield       Brook End Cowman  
WALTERS William 1900   Thomas & Elizabeth   Folly Lane Agr. Labourer Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars
WALLIS Frederick 1894, N. Crawley 26 Aug 1917         2nd Batt. Northamptonshire Regiment
YOUNG Owen 1895, Cranfield 25 Oct 1916 Joseph & Kate   Broadmead Farm Labourer 7th Batt. Duke of Bedfordshire Regiment
YOUNG William Frederick 1891, Cranfield 24 Dec 1916 Joseph & Kate   Broadmead Bricklayer Bedfordshire Regiment, 4th Batt. South Wales Borderers