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1st September

To be Announced.

15th September

“Vikings: Raiders or Traders?”
Dr Jill Eyers, a geologist, palaeontologist and archaeologist, regular speaker.

6th October

“City of Marble: Rome, the Pantheon and the Arch of Constantine”
Dr Steve Kershaw, a classics lecturer at Oxford, USA universities and author.

20th October

“The Wollaston Landscape: from Roman vineyards to a high-status Anglian warrior burial”
Rob Atkins, a MOLA post excavation manager.

3rd November

“Decoding the Mycenaeans: the story of Linear B”
Charles Baily, an OAS member, classicist, archaeologist.

17th November

“The Watershed of the River Nene in the Roman and Post Roman Period”
Stephen Young, a Northamptonshire archaeologist, Director CLASP.

1st December

“Living Opposite the Hospital of St John”
Jim Brown, a former Northamptonshire MOLA archaeologist.

15th December

“A Tudor Christmas”
Martin Sirot-Smith, the former director of Sulgrave Manor.

5th January

“The Siege of Kimberley”
Kevin Varty, a regular speaker with a wide range of subjects.

19th January

Ray Rowlson, a regular speaker, travels worldwide, professional photographer.

2nd February

“William Cecil, Lord Burghley”
Malcolm Deacon, regular speaker, retired minister, publisher.

16th February

“The Archaeology of Lawrence of Arabia’s War”
Dr Neil Faulkner, an archaeologist, author, Andante tour leader.

2nd March

“Durobrivae, Hoards and the Quest for Early English Origins”
Prof. Stephen Upex, a landscape archaeologist, Cambridge University and ICE lecturer, author, specialist on the Nene valley.

16th March

“Quetzalcoatl: The Feathered Serpent & Culture god King of Metzoamerica”
Ray Aspden, a regular traveller and lecturer.

6th April

“An Introduction to Ancient Egypt’s History and Culture”
Lucia Gahlin, an Hon. Research associate UCL, Arts Soc. Lecturer, Andante tour leader.

20th April

“The Turkish Question: from the Crimea to Gallipoli”
Roger Laing, a retired army officer, MOD, cruise ship lecturer.

4th May

“Growing Flax for Aircraft Cloth: a little-known story from The First World War”
Dr Paul Stamper, a landscape archaeologist, author.

18th May

“Population Change in North Buckinghamshire, 1066-1966”
Julian Hunt, a local historian.

1st June

AGM + “Archaeology for all: the work of The Council for British
Archaeology and its regional network”

David Ingham, a Project Manager at Albion Archaeology, FSA, MCIfA.

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