Photographic Competitions 2018

The 2018 Photo Competitions, Wild Sherington and Sherington: Sights and Seasons, have now closed.


Native bluebell – photo by Amy Pattinso

David McKay has chosen a shortlist of his favourite 10 photos for each competition, and this year we are having a public vote to choose the winners.

To vote for your favourite photo in each competition visit the pages below and send an email with the title or description of your favourite photo by the end of February 2019 (one vote per person). The winner of each competition will be announced at the Sherington Historical Society AGM on Tuesday 12 March 2019.

Wild Sherington 2018 – shortlist

Sherington: Sights and Seasons 2018 – shortlist

We will also be exhibiting the photos at the next Sherington Historical Society meeting on Tuesday 12 February 2019, so if you’d prefer to have a paper vote then come along to the Village Hall between 8 and 9 pm on that date and encourage your friends to come along and vote. Refreshments will be provided.

You can see all the photos submitted to both 2018 competitions on the pages listed below.

Wild Sherington 2018 – submitted entries

Sherington: Sights and Seasons 2018 – submitted entries

We are not running the photo competitions in 2019, but please continue to send any interesting photos to go into our archive. We’ll include them on the website, there just won’t be a prize for the winning photos.



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