Sherington Photographic Competitions 2018 – Results of Voting

The results of the votes for the winners and the shortlisted entries to the Sherington Historical Society Photographic Competitions 2019 are listed below. Our judge for the shortlists was David McKay who chose his favourite ten of the submitted photos in the Wild Sherington and the Sherington: Sights and Seasons competitions. We then asked the public to vote for their favourite photos in each competition. We received 58 votes for each competition, although not everyone voted in both competitions. The online voting was very disappointing with only 5 people voting by email, none through Facebook. The other votes came from paper voting at the Sherington Historical Society February meeting and the display in St Laud’s.

Please note that we will not be running the Photographic Competitions in 2019 but we would still like to see your photos and put them onto the website. Further details here.

See the results of the voting below.

Sherington: Sights and Seasons

The votes were as follows:

  1. The tunnel – Peter Soul (12 votes)
  2. Flypast – Stephen Kennedy (11 votes)
  3. Snowdrop walk – Peter Soul ) joint third (8 votes)
  4. Farm track – Anna Kennedy )
  5. Sunset over graveyard – Stephen Kennedy (5 votes)
  6. Colour vision 2 – Peter Soul (5 votes)
  7. The last sunset of winter 2018 – Andy Ramsden (3 votes)
  8. Autumn – Peter Soul (3 votes)
  9. Looking over where the new houses will be – Michael Nokes (1 vote)
  10. New housing development gets under way – Stephen Kennedy (1 vote)

Wild Sherington

The votes were as follows:

  1. Fieldfare – David Carter (21 votes)
  2. Fox – Emily Leslie (14 votes)
  3. Great spotted woodpecker teaching youngster – Steve Slater (11 votes)
  4. Moorhen’s nest – Will Bush (6 votes)
  5. Comma butterfly – Stephen Kennedy (3 votes)
  6. Male Sparrowhawk – David Carter (2 votes)
  7. Fungi – Stephen Kennedy (1 vote)
  8. Common spotted orchid – Peter Soul (0 votes)
  9. Wheatear – Will Bush (0 votes)
  10. Mallard – Peter Soul (0 votes)

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