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Annual Parish Meeting 2010

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 4th May 2010 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.00pm

  PRESENT: Cllr Peter Burton (Chairman of Parish Council).

  ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 7 public.

  1. APOLOGIES: None.

  2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on 5th May 2009 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Parish Council Makeup. Trevor Kirby joined May 09; John Ager joined April 2010; Peter Cook has been on long term absence due to illness.
Bus Shelter. This was finally installed with funding and assistance from MKC.
Post boxes. Both of these have been replaced with larger models, one was re-sited to the Knoll after the post office temporary closure.
Pavilion and Recreation Ground. The old part of the building was refurbished with financial help from BIFFA and a porch was constructed with funding from WREN. Pete Winkelman chairman of MK Dons FC officiated at the opening ceremony. A maintenance programme for the pitches is underway. Thanks to local contractors R C Builders and Blue Flame Plumbing. More funding has now been obtained to carry out the external landscaping works, and MKC have agreed to carry out repairs to the car park in front of the garages.
Ditch behind Smiths Yard. Anglian Water laid a new surface water sewer pipe along part of the ditch Proposed shop. At a September meeting 140 residents gave the parish council a mandate to carry out a feasibility study into a new community shop and post office. A decision on the planning application is now awaited and another village meeting is planned for 19th June to take this project forward.
Cycle path. Advisory lanes were installed on Alban Hill following its resurfacing.
Stonepits Copse. An official tree planting and opening ceremony was held. Thanks to Sherington Nurseries. Funding is now being sought to make some improvements to this new community woodland.
VH Play Area. Funding has been sought to renovate the childrenís play area.
Development. Sherington is named in the MKC Core Strategy as a village selected for limited development in order to sustain village growth and facilities. Any development would be subject to many considerations.
Thanks to all fellow councillors for their support and enthusiasm; to MKC officers for their support; to Cllr Sam Potts; to the funding agencies without whom we would not have been able to complete our projects; and to the clerk Wendy Austyn.

  4. FINANCIAL REPORT The clerk reported the following figures:

  Bank Balance brought forward at 1st April 2009£ 18,167
  Total income, including precept of £20,500 and grants of £20,225£ 49,903
  Total expenditure including   pavilion project £25,852
                                            Bus Shelter   £4,930
                                            Stonepits Copse £7,037
(£ 63,667)
  Adjustments and reconciling items(£ 1,081)
  Bank balance carried forward at 31st March 2010£ 3,322


  David Keene thanked Peter Burton for his significant efforts as Chairman of the Parish Council, in what he described as another very busy year for the parish council..

  There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.15 pm.

  * Item 3 represents a summary of the Chairmanís report. Copies of the full report can be obtained from the Clerk.


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