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Annual Parish Meeting 2014

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 6th May 2014 in Sherington Village Hall, Church Road, Sherington commencing at 7.00pm

PRESENT: Cllr Alec Denman (Chairman of Sherington Parish Council)

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk of parish council) and 6 members of the public


The minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on 7th May 2013 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman


Council makeup - Cllr Keene left the council after 14 years of service, several of which were as Chairman. Sally Cook and James Cook both joined the council over the past year.

Beer festival - after considerable improvements planned for this year's event, hopes are high for a highly successful event without the issues that have arisen in past years

Perry Lane parking - keys are available for Perry Lane car owners to use the car park at night

Stone pits Copse - maintenance work was carried out to improve the area and encourage growth

Fete - thanks to Jeff Charles and his team for a successful albeit windy event in 2013

Pavilion - bookings are getting busy with the building proving that it is a valuable village asset. There have been ongoing issues with the new floor but neither Bob Cook nor Dave King are responsible and were thanked for their assistance.

Donation - Financial support has been given to the NHS Emergency First Response service, based in Olney

Play Ranger scheme - the parish council continues to fund MKPA play sessions in the summer, also contributed to again by Olney Masonic Club.

Xmas tree - thanks to Tony Pilcher for providing electricity to the Knoll over the festive period and to him and his team for erecting and decorating the lovely tree. Thanks also to Alban Hill Nursery for contributing 50% of the cost of the tree.

Church floodlighting - thanks to John Burgess and the committee for another beautiful sight as you enter the village at night over Christmas.

Potholes and dog fouling - these continue to be a problem and everyone is encouraged to report all issues to MKC

Ditches/drainage - work has been carried out to alleviate problems after heavy rain on the High St leading down from Alban Hill nursery.

Buses - new services have been introduced which benefit residents

Precept - once again the parish council reduced its share of the council tax levied to the village.


The clerk reported the following figures:
Bank Balance brought forward at 1st April 2013                                             £ 13,989
Total income, including precept of £21,993                                                    £ 26,435
Total expenditure including fitness equipment £2500,
play scheme £2,380 and tree maintenance £1425                                         (£ 25,256)
Adjustments and reconciling items                                                                       £ 76
Bank balance carried forward at 31st March 2014                                           £ 15,243


Mel Northfield in his capacity as co-chair of Shopco gave the meeting an update on the shop. The village meeting on 12th April 2014 was quite well attended and those there held a positive attitude on retaining the shop. Shopco gained some new members and tasks were allocated accordingly. There are a couple of parties interested in taking over the tenancy, and the committee is also looking at the possibility of the shop being run on a volunteer basis. An application to extend the current shop's planning consent for another three years has been submitted to MKC.



There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.15 pm.


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