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Annual Parish Meeting 2004


PRESENT: Cllr D Keene, Cllr Lewis, Cllr Burton, Cllr Hyde, Cllr Jackson, Cllr Cook, Cllr Finn.


2. PREVIOUS MINUTES: The minutes of the Meeting held in May 2003 had been signed as a true record at the June 2003 meeting. There were no matters arising.

3. CHAIRMANS REPORT: Cllrs Jackson, Finn and Cook had joined the Council during the last year and are already making significant contributions. The Multi Activity Area is now completed, thanks go to Peter Burton whose hard work has brought this to fruition. Thanks also to Jane Coles and the Youth Club for their positive contribution.

The Seats and Notice Boards are currently being repaired.

The wording of the Stonepits Close Licence has now been made clearer, thanks to Giles Ferris for his help on this matter.

The Village Appraisal is nearing completion and the report will be available in the near future. We have received the views of many of the village organisations and businesses.

The Perry Lane Management Committee is now very active and considering how to maintain and develop the playing area as a valuable village asset, also to encourage active participation of sport within the village. We have also acquired a grant of 4,000 from the Parish Partnership Fund, towards a new storage facility on this site.

More tree surgery has taken place on the Knoll and outside the Village Hall. The Parish Council is keeping a keen eye on the health of the trees in the village.

The Parish Council is currently using the village website to publish the minutes of minutes and disseminate information.

There has been pressure to maintain the current level of bus services.

The new cycle route from Olney was discussed at a public meeting in January. We are still waiting to hear from Milton Keynes Council whether the preferred route has been agreed.

Cllr Hyde and Cllr Jackson have continued to press Milton Keynes Council and the utility companies regarding repairs and ancillary problems. There is now the prospect that some of the electricity cables will be put underground over the next few years.

The new entrance signs to the village were not as expected when they came to be installed. These have now been put on hold, pending further discussions with Milton Keynes Council.

Lastly thanks go to all the Councillors for their support and commitment during my three years as Chair and the Clerk for her tireless work for the Parish Council.

4. LETTING OF STONEPITS CLOSE: There has been no bids received this year, it was therefore decided that this item should be placed on the Agenda for the June meeting.

5. PUBLIC QUESTIONS: Mr Pilcher advised that Sherington is on the route of the Ouse Valley Way, and that the Parish Council and local businesses should be aware and take advantage of this. The Council will make a note of this in the appraisal. Mr Pilcher also thanked Cllr Keene on behalf of the village, for the work he has put in during his time as Chair of the Council. Cllr Lewis also added his thanks to Cllr Keene.

The Meeting closed at 7.18pm.

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