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Parish Council Minutes

April 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 at Sherington Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs D Keene arrived 7.40pm (Chair) J Ager, I Collinge, A Denman and M Northfield

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr K McLean (Sherington Ward) and five members of the public.

Cllr Hyde.

Cllr Northfield declared an interest in item 6.

The minutes of the meeting held on 5th March 2013 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

The clerk reported that three people have registered an interest but no formal applications have yet been received, it was agreed to set a deadline of 15th May 2013. The clerk will contact the interested parties. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Denman had two proposals to alleviate parking issues on Perry Lane - 1) re-open the recreation ground car park to residents at night. The clerk reported that the parish council had previously been advised by MKC officers to close the gate at night for security purposes after the pavilion was extended. It was noted that during the summer each year there are nuisance visitors to the recreation ground but the installation of the gate did not have any impact on this problem which moves on when police patrols are increased. A member of the public suggested that designated residents be given a key to the gate - it was agreed to give this serious consideration and discuss again at the May meeting. 2) the second idea was to push back the grass verges either side of the entrance to Hillview and formally create new parking lay-bys. The clerk reported that there is an MKC 50% matched fund specifically for this purpose. It was agreed to try and get drawings and an idea of costs for the next meeting. ACTION: All cllrs, Clerk

Shopco co-chair Mel Northfield reported that the Shopco AGM is on 18th April 2013. Udi and Dina will be talking about the past year of business; the committee will present a draft of the past year's accounts; and the current committee will be look for replacement members. Mel also asked the parish council if works under the planning consent for the permanent building could be considered to have started as the utilities are in place. If so the consent which expires in May 2013 would not need to be extended. Cllr Keene agreed to look into this and seek approval to extend if necessary. ACTION: Cllr Keene


7.1 Possible Youth Club 2013 project. The clerk is still trying to ascertain whether the long bureaucratic process of establishing a community Arts Project to paint the rear wall of the garages adjacent to the recreation ground play area can be somewhat simplified. ACTION: Clerk

7.2 New bench opposite Manor Farm. The family of the late Cllr Peter Cook has installed a new wooden bench complete with plaque in his name opposite Manor Farm. The bench has been gifted to the parish council and the clerk confirmed that insurance is now in place. It has been suggested that a photo of the bench with Peter's family around it is placed in SCAN magazine to let the rest of the village know. Cllr Keene gave thanks to Sally Cook and her family and took moment to remember Peter. ACTION: Clerk

7.3 Pre-school sign. Sherington Pre-school has purchased an A2 metal framed swing sign to advertise this valuable community facility when it is in session and asked permission to place it on land outside the village hall owned by the parish council. MKC have confirmed no advertising consent is necessary as the sign is removable. There were no objections. ACTION: Clerk

7.4 Dog fouling update. The clerk reported that the dog warden was unable to attend the meeting but has visited the village a few times since the last meeting and has put up some more posters. A discussion followed where it was agreed that it is very difficult to do anything more than is already being done unless culprits are caught in the act. It was also agreed to ask the dog warden to attend a future parish council meeting. ACTION: Clerk


8.1 Bank Account balance at 2nd April 2013 £13988.50

8.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

02/04/2013Community Impact Bucks Subscription £50.00 102089
02/04/2013BALC Subscription £143.04 102090
02/04/2013E.ON Electricity for pavilion £106.54 102091
02/04/2013HMRC Clerk's PAYE £99.36 102092
02/04/2013Milton Keynes Council Fitness equipment Perry Lane £2,500.00 102093
02/04/2013Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £163.03 102094
02/04/2013Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker/bookings £100.00102095
02/04/2013Bernard Crook Garden Services Ltd Bench installation £168.00102096
02/04/2013Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £42.00 102097

8.3. Village fete donation. The chairman proposed a donation of £300 towards the expenses of this year's village fete, all were in agreement

8.4. Recommended tree maintenance costs. The clerk has received a quote of £375 per day for no more than two days' work, or possibly one long day at £475, this was approved. MKC will be notified regarding any work carried out on The Knoll as it is in a conservation area. It was noted that the preschool have asked for the horse chestnut in the preschool play area to be removed. ACTION: Clerk


9.1. 113/00401/FUL 22 Crofts End - Single storey rear extension and internal alterations to staircase and dining room (retrospective). It was noted that this is for retrospective minor alterations to a previously approved application and accordingly there were no adverse comments. ACTION: Clerk

9.2. Decisions. None.


10.1. Pavilion management group. Cllr Ager reported that bookings are doing well and the committee is busy making arrangements for the June fete.

10.2. Proposals for lighting in pavilion car park. Cllr Denman suggested a couple of solutions to improve lighting to the rear access area of the pavilion. He suggested that installing some 3 feet high lights would cost around £700; and installing extra wall lighting would cost around £500. It was agreed to consider this and discuss again at the next meeting.


11.1. NECAF 6th March No Sherington councillor was present at this meeting but Cllr McLean gave a report in item 13.

11.2. NAG Thurs 14th March Mel Northfield attended as a member of the public and reported that the focus of this group is speeding in the rural areas and that the NAG is currently investigating the redeployment of the SID cameras.


12.1. MKC Draft Licensing Policy 2013-18, deadline 19th April 2013. The council agreed that no response was required.


13.1 Cllr McLean reported from the NECAF meeting on 6th March where the agenda included items on Ash Dieback, Dog Fouling and Potholes. It was reported that the weather has been too cold to repair recently reported potholes immediately and that staff had to be redeployed to gritting duty; but from Monday 8th April for 6 weeks the Highway Repair teams will be concentrating on this issue. Highways have been surveying the rural areas and have confirmed that School Lane and Church Road in Sherington are in particularly bad condition. It is hoped that these roads will be included in the 2014 resurfacing programme when more funding becomes available.

13.2 Cllr McLean reported that the No. 1 bus on Sundays is being discontinued. Concern was expressed regarding the impact of this change.


14.1 A resident reported that the hedge on School Lane just past the Rectory towards Crofts End needs cutting back. ACTION: Clerk

14.2 A resident wondered whether more trees could be planted along the bypass between Gowles Farm and Alban Hill nursery in order to reduce vehicle noise. Cllr Keene gave the opinion that trees are ineffective in alleviating noise problems.

14.3 A resident asked if the salt bin on Perry Lane could be refilled. ACTION: Clerk


15.1 Cllr Collinge requested the parish council's assistance with printing large scale maps of the village. ACTION: Clerk

15.2 Cllr Denman reported an increase in the number of elastic bands dropped on the pavements by the postmen. It was agreed to report this to the Royal Mail. ACTION: Clerk

16. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at the Village Hall commencing at 7 pm followed by the Annual Meeting of Sherington Parish Council at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.02 pm

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