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Parish Council Minutes

April 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th April 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), David Keene, Peter Burton and Sarah Jackson.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 7 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllrs Cook and Finn.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item.

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 1st March 2005 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Cycle Path. Richard Duffill has confirmed that the new drawings should be ready this month, and he will then arrange a site meeting with councillors to discuss the proposed route section through Sherington. Work to prepare the kerbing for the cycle path on the west side of the A509 is currently underway. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

4.2 Roadside kerbing in village. The clerk has contacted MKC asking for a survey to be done. Ian McGregor will put in a capital bid and organise a survey in the meantime. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

4.3 Timber 'Industry' next to Harriet's End. A letter has been received from Roy Mason, confirming that he has asked the tenant to vacate the premises.

4.4. Under grounding on Water Lane. Cllr Jackson reported that MKC Highways dept were not satisfied with how the works were being carried out and halted them. Work will recommence on 18th April using the 'open cut' method which will potentially cause more traffic disruption. BT has confirmed that they will not be under grounding any telephone cables on health and safety grounds. 3 residents have withdrawn their way leaves and will be contributing to the cost of additional under grounding at the bottom of Water Lane. Two more street lights will be coming down as a result, it was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting.

4.5. Dog Bins. The Clerk reported that the dog bins have now been cleaned and disinfected. The contractor will also be keeping a log of which bins are over and/or under used over the next few weeks. ACTION: Clerk to chase.


5.1. Gas pipeline: The Chairman reported that there has been no real progress on this. Nick Brown from MKC has not yet had a meeting with Transco or Murphys and remains dissatisfied with the state of repairs. It is likely that he will be issuing defect notices and will take it from there. It was also reported that the bump in the road on the High Street will have to be re-excavated and reinstated.

5.2. Village Hall trees: The clerk has spoken to Salcey Arborcare who has confirmed that the ground is still too soft to carry out any works. This will be reviewed on a weekly basis. ACTION: Clerk. The new trees will probably now have to be planted in the autumn.

5.3. Rubbish on AW site adjacent to Mound: The clerk reported that apart from confirming that they are chasing BT to clear the site, Anglian Water have provided no further update. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

5.4. Rubbish on other site adjacent to Mound: A letter has been sent to the Chester estate but a response confirming that it is not their land has since been received. It was agreed to pursue Anglian Water for this site as well. ACTION: Clerk.

5.5. Viewing Mound: The Chairman reported that the mound has now been tidied up, the tyre tracks have been seeded, the car park cleared and the pile of soil on the left has been levelled and seeded. MKC have confirmed that contractors have been instructed to begin erecting a vehicle proof fence this week


6.1. Electricity Supply: Quotes have been received for digging a trench underneath the ground from Tony Pilcher's house to the Knoll; and for supplying and installing the necessary equipment. Total cost approx 850. This was initially approved by the council, but following public comments it was agreed that alternative arrangements to supply power for May Day could be made; leaving the council plenty of time before Christmas to investigate other possible methods.

6.2. St George's flag: It was agreed that a St George's flag should be flown from the Knoll on April 23rd. Alan Sims kindly donated a flag and the council will arrange for it to be erected.

6.3. Street Lighting: The clerk had received a copy of the letter from MKC to the resident. The council had already considered this item on a prior occasion and agreed that it could not support additional street lighting on the Knoll. The clerk will let MKC know. ACTION: Clerk.

6.4. May Day and Parish Plant Sale: The clerk reported that she had received verbal assurance from both Helen Vale about the Parish Plant Sale and Lisa Rogers - PTFA about May Day that adequate insurance arrangements were in place. The council agreed that written confirmation was required. ACTION: Clerk.

Cllr Burton reported that MKC Housing department have no funding in their 2005/06 budget for repairs to the car park. The council is now actively seeking funding by other means.

Cllr Burton reported that he and other members of the group had been concentrating on seeking funding for Perry Lane Recreation Ground and had made several contacts and visits in the area. Funding applications have been sent to Shanks Landfill and MKC Parish Partnership. Argos has also expressed an interest in getting involved for summer football use. Cllr Burton stressed the need for forming a management committee ASAP especially as some potential funding opportunities require this to be in place prior to committing money.

The Chairman reported that Anglian Water is again refusing any responsibility for the ditch that runs across the field south of Smith's Yard. However the water authority has supplied the council with a map that appears to show evidence that would contradict this and Chairman will continue to pursue it. ACTION: Chairman


10.1 Monthly balances: Enterprise Account 8489.11; Treasurer Account 558.97

10.2. Internal audit plans: The Clerk reported that Noel Gotts of Hill View, Sherington has been appointed to carry out the council's internal audit this year.

10.3 Cheques for payment were as follows:

05/04/2005Bucks Comm Action Subscription 20.00 101239
05/04/2005A H Contracts Dog Bins 110.40 101240
05/04/2005BALC Subscription 101.84 101241
05/04/2005Powergen Pavilion Electric 32.97 101242
05/04/2005Anglian Water Pavilion Water 112.54 101243
05/04/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Salary 185.08 101244
05/04/2005Scan PCC Photocopying 9.40 101245
05/04/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Expenses 7.57 101246
05/04/2005M K Council Pavilion Rates 183.80 101247


11.1. 30mph signs. The Chairman reported that the signs in Gun Lane are supposed to be moved this week, and the signs on the road in from Newport Pagnell should be moved this month. This has still not yet been confirmed

11.2. Gun Lane SID results. A summary of results taken from 12th and 21st January shows that a small percentage of vehicles are travelling over the speed limit. Crofts End results are still awaited. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

11.3. Buses on High Street and School Lane. The clerk could not find any previous correspondence but contacted the Road Safety Officer at MKC. Details of where the designated school bus stops are, has been received and it was accepted that wherever the driver chooses to stop the bus, there will always be a need for children to cross the road and they must do so with care.


05/00152/FUL End Farm, Water Lane - councillors had no adverse comments, but would like to see arrangements for tree planting around the planned passing bays to make the landscape more attractive.

05/00156/LBC Yew Tree Farm House, 16 Park Road - councillors had no adverse comments.

05/00296/FUL 20 Church Road - councillors are aware of residents' objections, and would support the general comment that this application is perhaps an 'over-development' of the site. Councillors would ask the MKC planning committee to visit the site before making a decision.

005/00318/FUL The Old Mill House, Sherington Road - councillors had no adverse comments.

05/00336/FUL 20 Carters Close - councillors had no adverse comments.

005/00358/LBC Mercers Farm, Crofts End - councillors had no adverse comments.


Parish Assembly 3rd March. This was attended by Cllrs Hyde, Keene and Jackson. Amongst other items it was noted that MKC are remodelling the foyer in their offices to make it more accessible for the public and to aim to resolve general queries faster.


There were no other items of correspondence received.


15.1. A resident asked if the Parish Council was taking over the letting of the allotments, following the note in March SCAN. Councillors pointed out that at the time they were not made aware that this job is carried out by Mr Keech of Perry Lane, and were merely trying to encourage interest. The clerk will contact Mr Keech in case clarification is needed. ACTION: Clerk.

15.2. It was reported that the area outside the school is a mess at the moment, following work from the telecom company, and a pile of tarmac being left on the grass.

15.3. There was concern over the amount of money possibly being spent on supplying electricity to the Knoll. Councillors agreed to investigate further.

15.4. A resident who is part of the SRMG was concerned as to whether the council is fully committed to the development of Perry Lane Recreation Ground, especially as a management committee including a caretaker is not yet established. It was agreed to hold a village meeting to encourage village commitment. This will be on Saturday May 7th 11am in the Village Hall.

15.5. The high speed of traffic along the High Street around 6pm was highlighted. Cllr Lewis will request that the local traffic police pay some visits around this time of the day. ACTION: Cllr Lewis


16.1. Cllr Keene reported that the General Election day has been set at May 5th, so the council hosted meeting will take place on Sunday May 1st. Cllr Keene is happy to chair this meeting.

16.2. Cllr Lewis reported that Emma Lane from Police Neighbourhood Watch will be attending the meeting on June 7th to give a presentation. It was agreed to place a note in Scan and distribute notices nearer the time. Alan Sims reported that he will also be distributing flyers.

16.3. Cllr Burton queried whether VAT will be reclaimable from items purchased with grant money; the clerk confirmed that it will.

16.4. Cllr Burton mentioned that whichever body takes the development of Perry Lane Recreation Ground forward, could benefit from becoming a charity. This is to be investigated.

17. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd May 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.00pm, followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, followed by the normal monthly meeting. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.54pm.

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