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Parish Council Minutes

April 2006

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th April 2006 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: : Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, Peter Herbert, Peter Burton and David Keene

ATTENDING: : Lara Bruce (Clerk), Pat Seymour (MKC) and 8 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllr Finn

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item and Cllr Cook declared an interest in the Sherington Shooting Ground planning application.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 7th March 2006 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Under grounding and street lighting in village.

      4.1.1. Street lighting. . Lorraine Calcott confirmed that she should have completed the design for the new lights within two weeks. It was agreed that the Chair and Cllr Lewis would then meet with Lorraine in Sherington to review the design. ACTION: Clerk to arrange meeting.

      4.1.2. Future works and Water Lane. The cables are now all down in Water Lane and some poles have been removed. Central Networks have planned work in April at the end of Water Lane near the High Street. The main undergrounding work in the High Street is scheduled to start in July.

4.2 Village Hall footpath. The Clerk is still waiting to hear from John Cook whether the Village Hall Trustees have met. ACTION: Clerk to chase.


5.1. Gas pipeline - Transco/Murphy repairs. The clerk reported that Nick Brown had confirmed that Transco had completed most of their repairs. Cllr Lewis commented that the stopcocks opposite the gas pumping station looked unfinished. ACTION: Clerk to chase

5.2 Anglian Water – Water Lane repairs. The man hole covers were now being replaced with sealed covers. The Chair raised comments from a resident that there had been a further sewer leak over the weekend. The Clerk reported that Ian Norton at Anglian Water had not been informed of this leak. ACTION: Clerk to chase

5.3 Pavilion shutters. The Clerk reported that a further quote had been received from John Risby for the Pavilion shutters. This quote was lower than the previous quote as it was for 2 shutters rather than the 3 originally quoted for. The councillors discussed whether the toughened glass should be replaced rather than fit shutters. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

5.4 Bus Shelter. The Clerk is awaiting a response from a contractor that has been contacted to carry out the necessary repairs. ACTION: Clerk to chase

5.5 High Street Ditches. The Clerk reported that the ditch opposite Manor Farm had been cleared but the pipes still needed jetting. A map had been obtained that showed the appropriate landowners to contact regarding the clearance of the High Street ditches. ACTION: Clerk to arrange.

5.6 Sherington Bridge Ditch. Cllr Cook agreed to clear the ditch at Sherington Bridge T-junction adjacent to the left hand triangle. ACTION: Cllr Cook.


The Clerk reported that the Land Registry had responded regarding the ownership of The Knoll and Stonepits Close. They confirmed that various statutory forms required completion and further documentation was necessary. ACTION: Clerk to arrange


The Council regretted the decision to close the Youth Club but were aware of the recent nuisance caused by a minority. The Chair agreed to speak to Jane Coles on her return from holiday and also consider approaching the Youth Service at MKC for advice and guidance. ACTION: Chair and Clerk to progress


8.1 Flags. The Council agreed that a flag would be flown at The Knoll on April 23rd St Georges Day. ACTION: Cllr Cook

8.2 May Day. Sherington CE First School should be contacted and asked to confirm whether they have adequate insurance cover in place for their May Day celebrations. They should also be informed about the new electricity arrangements. ACTION: Clerk to arrange. It was also agreed that as the visitors from Sameon would be in Sherington that weekend the Tricolour would be flown. ACTION: Cllr Lewis

8.3 Plant Sale. The Chair had received a letter from Jackie Inskipp regarding the SCAN Parish Plant Sale to be held on 2nd June. It was agreed that she should be contacted to confirm that adequate insurance cover would be in place for the event.


Cllr Burton reported that he had been approached by residents asking whether a bus shelter could be built next to the school. They confirmed that many children and parents use this bus stop. The Council agreed that before approaching nearby residents or MKC, the school should be contacted for their comments ACTION: Clerk to progress


Cllr Lewis provided an update on this upcoming event. He confirmed that adequate insurance cover was in place, the village hall had been booked for use of the toilet facilities and publicity was beginning. The issue of parking was raised and it was suggested that the police were contacted for advice. ACTION: Cllr Lewis. The possible need for a central diary was raised. This would help avoid any key village events being booked on the same day.


11.1 Management Committee. The second meeting to set up the management committee was held on 28th March. The SRMG has pointed out that the Parish Council must make suitable arrangements for managing the Sports Ground facilities ideally through a management committee.

11.2 Perry Lane Sports Ground Progress. All major works complete except pavilion upgrade. Awaiting new signs, waste bins and picnic table. The area behind the garages now needs turfing. The Parish Council approved this and consequently the work will be put in hand. ACTION: Cllr Burton to progress.

11.3 Development Plan. This will be discussed at the next SRMG meeting and a final draft will be available early May.

11.4 Pavilion Extension. The SRMG requested that the Parish Council appoint an architectural practice and the SRMG will brief them on the details. Action: Clerk

11.5 Business Plan. The SRMG advised that the Parish Council along with the Management Committee should prepare the business plan. Unless a suitable committee is set up then then Phase 3 will not be able to go ahead.

11.6 School. Sherington CE First School have been given two keys to the Pavilion.


12.1 Football Club. The fees for the 2005/06 season were still outstanding despite 2 letters and an invoice. It was agreed to write to the Club and ask them to advise the council of the date of their last fixture after which they must return the pavilion keys to the clerk. They will then be asked to meet with the Council to discuss arrangements for the 2006/07 season. ACTION: Clerk to arrange.

12.2 Football Pitch. Concern was raised over the maintenance of the football pitch. Interest in playing games on the pitch had been received from Argos and MK Saints. With Argos wishing to play games up until early August the timeframe in which the pitch could be treated was limited. It was agreed to seek advice from MK Council on maintenance. Action: Clerk to arrange

12.3 Open Day. It had been agreed to postpone this to Saturday 24th June in order to give more time to establish a management committee and to organise activities. This date coincided with the weekend of the Church flower festival, open gardens and Proms in the Park.

12.4 Thanks. The Chair once again thanked Peter Burton and the SRMG for their continued efforts in developing the Sports and Recreation ground.

12.5 Insurance. Cllr Burton had been unable to contact Phillip Snell (MKC) regarding insurance of the new equipment to confirm that it would be covered by MKC. ACTION: Clerk to chase

12.6 Management Arrangements. Cllr Herbert remarked that the Parish Council needed to ensure that they respond to action points raised by the SRMG. He also commented on the need for the council to take a greater involvement in establishing the Management Committee. Cllr Herbert offered his assistance in this and it was agreed that an action plan should be presented at the May meeting of the council. ACTION: Cllr Herbert


13.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £20,880.39; Treasurer Account £7,203.85. This reflected the receipt of £6,882.00 Community Network Fund, £442.50 Parish Partnership Fund and a £50.00 donation from HSBC for the Perry Lane development.

13.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

04/04/06A H Contracts Dog Bins £41.36 101323
04/04/06Alan Scripps Perry Lane Ascot fencing £875.00 101324
04/04/06Alan Scripps Perry Lane path £780.00 101325
04/04/06Alan Scripps Perry Lane fencing/gate £650.00 101326
04/04/06Alan Scripps Perry Lane rubbish clearance £80.00 101327
04/04/06Anglian Water Pavilion water £113.80 101328
04/04/06BALC Subscription £101.97 101329
04/04/06Bucks Comm Action Subscription £20.00 101330
04/04/06L Bruce Clerk's Salary £253.05 101331
04/04/06L Bruce Clerk's Expenses £20.86 101332
04/04/06Land Registry Water Lane Ditch £4.00 101333
04/04/06M K Council Pavilion rates £157.62 101334
04/04/06Peter Burton Pavilion keys for school £7.50 101335
04/04/06Powergen Pavilion electricity £39.57 101336
04/04/06Raymond Graham Path and bench £2,902.00 101337
04/04/06N Beal Cleaning £64.00 101338
04/04/06W. Austyn Clerk's Salary £81.47 101339
10/04/06Matta Safety mats £8,377.01 101340
10/04/06Play-ground supplies Play equipment £11,621.63 101341
10/04/06Playworld systems BMX track & pathway £9,637.21 101342

It was noted that cheques 101340 to 101342 would not be issued until funding of £18,414.00 had been received from Shanks. This was due to be received on Friday 7th April. (This money has now been received.)

13.3 Purchase orders for approval. At the March meeting Cllr Herbert required further information before he could give his approval to the Perry Lane purchase orders. The councillors delegated authority to the Chair to approve the orders after the meeting when Cllr Herbert confirmed he was satisfied with the funding in place. This has now been done.

13.4 Internal Audit Plans. It was noted that Wendy Austyn would prepare the accounts for the year to 31st March 2006 and organise the internal audit.

13.5 MKC Sustainability Grant. The Clerk reported that the council might be able to apply for funding up to £1,000.00 for projects that promote or action sustainable living. The nature study area at Perry Lane may fall under this category. ACTION: Clerk to progress


The Clerk presented data from the SIDs that had recently been positioned in the village. The speeds at Crofts End and Sherington Bridge were reasonable, but there were much higher speeds reported at the High Street from cars approaching from Olney. The clerk is awaiting comments from Matthew Hooks (MKC) on whether the data from this site will be investigated further. It was agreed that Kevin Whiteside (MKC) be asked to respond to this data when presenting the proposed cycle path route. ACTION: Clerk to arrange


15.1. 06/00234/LBC 3 The Knoll No comments.

15.2. 06/00120/MIN Shooting Ground The Chair commented that the council had received further correspondence from Kirkby & Diamond and the noise consultant who both provided further information in response to concerns raised by councillors at the March meeting. The Chair also commented that the application contained a technical inaccuracy as 2(c) asked whether the applicant owned any adjacent land. This had been marked as “Yes” but the applicant is J&L Groundworks who do not own the adjacent land. The application was discussed and the councillors concluded that they would not be able to support the application due to the following points:

The Chair noted that the council had not been copied in on any written correspondence from residents regarding the application. This information was to be conveyed to Milton Keynes Council as part of the PC’s comments on the planning application. The Chair also noted the council had not received a request from the applicant for permission to cross Stonepits for access.


16.1. Community Safety Forum Saturday 11th March Cllr Lewis attended and commented that although it involved interesting discussions there was nothing significant for our community

16.2. MKNECAF 22nd March. Cllr Hyde attended. Topics covered included waste management, the role of parish liaison and the closure of the postal delivery offices in Newport Pagnell and Olney


17.1. Police Liaison. Cllr Lewis noted a forthcoming meeting on Police and the Community that he may attend.

17.2. Retirements It was noted that Alex Miller and Bernard Perkins are both retiring from MKC. It was agreed to write to them to thank them for their help and wish them well in their retirement. Action: Clerk to arrange.


18.1. A resident commented on planning application at 10 Crofts End. The Chair noted that this will be on the May agenda.

18.2. A resident commented on the lack of development at the mound. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

18.3. Pat Seymour noted the date of a meeting to be held by Your Energy at Emberton Pavilion on 25th April at 2pm re the wind farm application.

18.4. The representative from J&L Groundworks (the applicant for the Shooting Ground bunding application) queried whether MKC would be notified of how individual councillors had voted on the bunding application.

18.5. A resident commented on the lack of facilities in the village for pensioners. The Chair noted that the council would welcome any ideas.


19.1 Cllr Keene noted that there was a large gap in the fence between the village hall playing field and the Old Rectory garden. Action: Chair to contact J Hine

19.2 Cllr Hyde had found a book of commemoration regarding the 100th Parish Council and proposed to pass it on to the Historical Society.

19.3 Cllr Lewis noted that he would arrange a meeting with the new rural beat officer, Andy Perry and discuss any relevant issues.

20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd May 2006 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council would precede this at 7:00pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm.

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