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Parish Council Minutes

April 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), David Hyde (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene (arrived 8.30pm), Peter Burton, Bob Finn and David Wright

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 1 public.



3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 6th March 2007 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Cycle Path Feedback received from Richard Duffill included: shared concern over the impact on local amenities if restricted access hours into the village are put in place, no scheme would be proposed without accurate traffic counts; intention to consult with Thames Valley Police when a firm proposal is in place; intention to provide finger posts and small cycle signs at appropriate points in the village; provision for a Cycle Information sign possibly on the Knoll indicating the cycle route and local amenities. Richard also provided plans for the route into Sherington down Alban Hill, route through and out of Sherington and route from Sherington into Newport Pagnell. There is still confusion over the provision of cycle lanes on the bends of Alban Hill; and that the lanes are in some places shown on the road when the parish council had been led to believe that the footpath would be used instead. ACTION: Clerk to follow up. Cllr Lewis reported that Neil Biggs from TVP was meeting with Richard Duffill on 4th April. ACTION: Cllr Lewis to get feedback from TVP

4.2. Anglian Water follow up There had been no response from Stephen Portlock, but his colleague Dave Harper reported that the date for the hydro brake inspection has not yet been set; the engineer was still to confirm whether the next lot of sleeving would definitely include no.39; and investigations into the ditch behind Smiths Yard was still ongoing. It was agreed to inform AW that if firm answers were not provided by the May meeting, the council would be writing to the Chairman again. ACTION: Clerk

4.3. Sherington Bridge Farm MKC Planning informed the clerk that an enforcement notice was to be served on the owner of Sherington Bridge Farm regarding the sale of vehicles on his property. It was stressed that this was a result of former complaints and not the enquiry from the parish council. MKC planning had also informed the clerk that a change of use for a building had been applied for and it was commented that the parish council had not seen any such application. ACTION: Clerk


5.1. Footpath to Newport Pagnell. Siding out of the footpath has been brought forward to April. The trees and hedges will then be assessed. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

5.2. Streetcare Rural Pilot Scheme. The new spreadsheet has been updated with issues found on the March walkabout. The current plan is for the clerk to chase existing issues, liaise and report new issues via this spreadsheet directly to the Highways Manager Ian McGregor. Community Liaison will also be helping. ACTION: Clerk

5.3. Mound. After more emails including support from Cllr Douglas McCall, Chris Carvell has agreed to empty a litter bin weekly at the Mound if the parish council funds its purchase and installation. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

5.4. Missing Bin. MKC have arranged for a new bin to be installed but it has not yet appeared. ACTION: Clerk to chase

5.5. Path through Village Hall play area. MKC Parks and Open Spaces has been approached for advice and ideas on how to refurbish the path but has not responded. Ian McGregor has offered to assist. ACTION: Clerk to progress

5.6. Manor House wall. A local resident had expressed concern over the condition of the wall that borders the bottom section of Crofts End. The owners have confirmed that remedial works are due to take place ASAP.


Cllr Hyde confirmed that the return of the contractor is still awaited, and that top soil had been laid on verges damaged by the works. The clerk reported that she has chased Aylesbury Mains regarding the Crofts End column opposite the junction of School Lane that has no lantern and needs painting black; and also the arrival of the new columns and lanterns. When these arrive Cllrs will need to meet with Aylesbury Mains to confirm where each new light is to be situated. ACTION: Clerk to chase. The fence is missing at the “transfer station” outside the gas works used by the contractors during works, it was agreed to contact Centrica about replacing it. ACTION: Clerk


7.1 New bench on Carters Close/Crofts End corner. This has been ordered and is to be installed within a few weeks. ACTION: Clerk to chase if no progress made.

7.2 New bus shelter on School Lane. Although this is still only a proposal, funding has been applied for, and both MK Metro and Souls Coaches have been consulted who think it is a good idea. The question arose of whether planning permission was required, it was agreed to confirm this before progressing further. ACTION: Clerk to progress.

7.3 Hedge planting VH play area. This item was withdrawn from the agenda.


8.1 Caretaker's report. The caretaker’s March report noted the repair work to the pavilion door and guttering; and reported the weeds in the car park. The clerk reported that these should have been treated on Monday 26th March but it was agreed that it can take time for the results to be apparent.

8.2 Pavilion repairs. A quote for exterior repairs and decorating of £485 was proposed by Cllr Burton, seconded by Cllr Hyde and approved. It was suggested that this be carried out when Sherington FC’s season has ended. ACTION: Clerk to chase for final fixture date. Cllr Wright agreed to contact Argos regarding their summer season requirements. ACTION: Cllr Wright.

8.3 Pavilion refurbishment. Cllr Burton reported that an electrical contractor has quoted for fairly extensive works to the heating and lighting systems which need bringing up to legal standards. An application has been made to MK Grantscape for some funding for this work. ACTION: Clerk and Cllr Burton to progress as appropriate.

9. MAY ELECTIONS AND MAY MEETING It was announced that Cllr Finn would not be re-standing; on behalf of the council the chairman thanked him for his significant contribution. The clerk reported that the results of the nomination process and whether or not a contested election would take place would be announced the following week. The May meeting will take place on May 8th and not May 1st. ACTION: Clerk to check hall availability. The chairman then suggested that the chair’s role be transferred every 12 months

10. STONEPITS CLOSE, MILL LANE The clerk reported that no bids have yet been received to rent the land this season. Cllr Cook offered to mow and maintain the land this year if no bids are received. Cllr Keene has enquired with the Woodland Trust and is awaiting feedback. It was agreed that to turn the area into woodland would require thousands of trees, Cllr Cook felt confident that the council would be able to get the trees donated but would have to fund the maintenance of them. The best time for tree planting will be January. Village events such as a “plantathon” and “sponsor a tree” were suggested. ACTION: Cllrs Keene and Cook to progress.


11.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £19159.96; Treasurer Account £1524.85.

11.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

03/04/2007Bucks Comm Action Subscription £20.00 101443
03/04/2007BALC Subscription £106.84 101444
03/04/2007David Haycock Pavilion guttering and door £440.00 101445
03/04/2007Milton Keynes Council Pavilion rates £163.17 101446
03/04/2007Powergen Pavilion electricity £46.84 101447
03/04/2007Anglian Water Pavilion water £97.47 101448
03/04/2007Shane Lea Perry Lane Caretaker £50.00 101449
03/04/2007Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £52.50 101450
03/04/2007Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £246.45 101451
03/04/2007A H Contracts Dog bins £41.36 101452

11.3 Financial Year End Audit. The clerk reported that financial year end was past, and she would soon be submitting the 2006/07 accounts for internal audit.

11.4 Dog Bins. A letter has just been received stating a 14% price increase from 1st April 2007 for emptying of dog bins. The clerk reported that the precept increase was sufficient to cover this increase


12.1. 07/00435/OUT Land adjacent to Sherington Bridge
After comments that the outline planning documents gave insufficient information, and that it conflicted with Local Plan policy, it was agreed to oppose this application on the grounds that it is in an Area of Landscape Value and partially in the flood plain.

12.1. Recent planning decisions
There were none.


13.1. TVP Parish Consultative Meeting Thurs Mar 8th. Cllr Lewis reported that there has been a 58% increase in reported crime in Sherington. A total of 19 incidents is however still relatively low.

13.2. MKNECAF Thurs Mar 29th. Cllr Keene reported that the meeting included a presentation on M1, J14 and MK roundabout improvements; rural regeneration including funding available for parish plans; proposed wind farm updates; proposals for No Cold Calling zones; A509 traffic issues and remedial works to the existing cycle route. The next meeting is 20th June.

13.3. TVP Open meeting Thurs 26th April 7.30pm Cedars School. Cllr Lewis will attend.


14.1. Bus Lane consultation. It was agreed to support the proposals to reduce operational bus lanes in Milton Keynes to peak times only. ACTION: Clerk.

14.2. Plant Sale. A letter has been received from the church committee asking for permission to hold the annual plant sale on the Knoll on June 2nd. There were no objections to this. ACTION: Clerk.

14.3. Barn Dance. A letter has been received from Gill Fallows asking for permission to hire the pavilion and adjacent grounds in order to host a barn dance in a marquee in July. Whilst the council agreed to grant permission in principle, several questions were raised and the clerk will contact Gill for feedback. ACTION: Clerk.


15.1. Further to item 12.1 a resident noted that the owner/s of the caravan behind the aforementioned plot of land could also apply for permission to develop.

15.2. Potholes at the junction of Gun Lane and High Street; and on Bedford Road were reported, as were overhanging trees on Newport Road.

15.3. It was suggested that Argos, who use the football pitch for the summer season, be asked to contribute towards the temporary relocation of the pitch.

15.4. A resident requested that when the new street lights are installed, the one outside 18 Gun Lane be brought closer to the road as trees currently obscure it.

15.5. Tony Pilcher reported 3 worn out posts and rails in the fence surrounding the Knoll.

15.6. A resident recalled that there was possibly a covenant in place regarding sale of alcohol at the pavilion. ACTION: Clerk to investigate

15.7. Concern was expressed over Anglian Water’s apparent unwillingness to take responsibility for possible cross contamination of sewers, when it imposes extra charges on residents with a single drain, to dispose of their foul sewage separately.

15.8. Tony Pilcher, on behalf of the public, expressed thanks to Cllr Bob Finn for his service to the parish council and Sherington.

15.9. It was suggested that if the bus companies support the idea of a bus shelter in School Lane, that they be invited to contribute towards the costs.

15.10. A resident raised a query regarding the triangular verge at the junction of Gun Lane. Following the gas pipeline works, Nick Brown from MK had stated that the verge was to be mown and the condition of the verge reviewed. ACTION: Clerk

15.11. It was queried whether BT would be under grounding its cables before the High Street is resurfaced in 2008.

15.12. A query was raised as to when McAlpine would remove old cables and columns that don’t have BT cables on them, following the electricity under grounding works.

15.13. A query was raised about the note in March SCAN magazine regarding youths cycling at night. It was confirmed that the original issue raised made specific reference to paper deliverers.

15.14. It was noted that Mr and Mrs Soul from Church Road regularly pick up litter in Sherington.

15.15. Cllr Pat Seymour reported that she had attended the Examination of the South East plan in Reading, and that at that particular meeting more people were in favour of expansion east of the M1 than were opposed to it.


16.1. Cllr Wright reported that the pavement outside his house on Carters Close, having only just been resurfaced, was now in poor condition following recent electrical works.

16.2. Cllr Finn enquired as to whether SIDs had been seen in the village. It was confirmed that one was in Crofts End that day and the previous day.

17. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be the Annual Parish Meeting, followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, to be held on Tuesday 8th May 2007 at Sherington School commencing at 7.00pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.33pm.

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