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Parish Council Minutes

December 2003

Minutes of the Meeting at the School on Tuesday 2nd December 2003 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllr David Keene (Chair), Cllr Peter Cook, Cllr Bill Lewis, Cllr David Hyde, Cllr Bob Finn, Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Sarah Jackson.

1. APOLOGIES: Cllr P Seymour (Milton Keynes Council), D Hulston (Resident).

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: : Cllr Jackson requested that the wording under item "Dog Fouling Outside School" be amended to read "bins not being used by some people". The minutes of the meeting held on 4th November 2003 were then agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.


3.1 Cycle Route: Richard Duffill (Milton Keynes Council) attended and discussed the options available for the route through the village. The general agreement of the Parish Council and those residents present, was that the route via Perry Lane would not be used and that Route B (direct route from Alban Hill through the village, would be the preferred route). This route would require a separate path being installed as the road is unsafe to simply mark a cycle area. It was agreed that the Village Hall be booked for a Saturday morning in January, when this matter could be discussed with the residents (Mr Duffill will attend). In the meantime some more accurate costing of the different routes will be carried out. Mr Duffill was also asked what the route from Sherington Bridge to Newport Pagnell was likely to be. There are also options for this, which can be discussed at the same time.

3.2 Sherington Mound: Stephen Narborough (MKC), has advised that the council do not want the entrance blocked off. The site is currently cleansed under the Section 136 scheme, but only on an eight weekly cycle. This would cause a problem with a litter bin as this would need to be emptied at least weekly and the cost may well fall to the Parish Council. It was agreed that as the cleansing is being carried out under the Landscape Contract, then the Parish Council would continue to put pressure on Milton Keynes Council to clear any rubbish left there. Cllr Keene suggested that possibly a working party from the village, could tidy the area in the Spring

3.3 Multi Activity Area: The order has been placed with Wickstead Leisure and installation is expected before the end of the year.

3.4 Village Appraisal: Councillors had met and put together some items to include in the Village Appraisal. A letter will be sent to residents early in the new year. Village groups will also be consulted.

3.5 Village Trees: An inspection of the trees has taken place. The ones needing attention in the play area are a dead chestnut (suffering from Beech Bark disease), which needs felling and a large limb which needs removing from the Poplar at the side of the path. The cost of this + the felling of the Chestnut on the Knoll and the grinding out of all stumps is 580.00. It was proposed by Cllr Lewis and seconded by Cllr Jackson, that Sports Ground Services be instructed to carry out the work, all agreed. Resident informed the Council that the tree outside No 5 School Lane has died, Clerk will inform Milton Keynes Council, also chase the grinding of the tree stump in Carters Close. The dead tree in Water Lane was discussed. The Parish Council have been aware of this for some time and have approached the owner on several occasions without any response. Clerk advised that Tree Surgeon had commented that whilst the Plane tree on the Knoll was in a very healthy condition, it was still his opinion that it required re-shaping (currently touching wires). ACTION: Clerk

3.6 Perry Lane Recreation Area: The Management Group has met and submitted notes of that meeting. They will continue to meet on a regular basis and report back to the Parish Council. The charges for football games will be agreed at the budget meeting in January.

3.7 Stonepits Close: All Councillors have now seen the new proposals for the licence. Cllr Lewis felt that the wording was still a little unclear with regard to the type of animals allowed. It was agreed that there are certain items that need bringing to the attention of prospective tenants a) that there is no running water (only ditch, which sometimes dries), b) that fencing will be required (could cost 4,000 to 5,000) and c) that there is vehicle access across the field for the Shooting Club. ACTION: Clerk

3.8 Bus Service: This item had been discussed with Cllr Mabbutt at the recent Area Forum. Mr Sims advised that he had been informed by Milton Keynes Council that a new timetable will become effective from 19th January 2004 and that at this time alternative No 1 buses will be re-instated through the village.

3.9 Village Repairs: A reply has been received from East Midlands Electricity. They are satisfied that the lines are currently safe, but that the lines in Gun Lane will be raised as a project in 2005. Cllr Jackson will speak to Richard Smith and ask whether this means that the cables will be put underground. Cllr Hyde had spoken to Andy McPherson (MKC), who was not fully aware of the problem in School Lane. The Highways budget for this financial year has been spent. The last annual survey of the village carried out by the Highways Department, will be sent to the Clerk. ACTION: Cllr Jackson (EMEB)

3.10 Street Lighting: A quote has been received from Milton Keynes Council to install a light on the corner of the Knoll. A standard fitting would cost 1,200 and a light that matches the one next to the bus shelter 1,800. Residents highlighted areas in Gun Lane and School Lane which both require extra lighting. This item will be discussed at the budget meeting.


Current Balances: The current balances are 10,995.87 in the Enterprise Account and 799.07 in the Treasurer Account.

Cheques: It was agreed that the following cheques be signed:

SCAN Section 137 Donation 200.00Cheque 101152
Sherington PCC Section 137 Donation 275.00Cheque 101153
J Sharp Clerk's Salary 176.50Cheque 101154


03/01909 Willow House, 2 Church End There are no objections, providing that neighbours privacy is maintained.
03/01911 7 Perry Lane Parish Council are aware of neighbours concerns about this front extension. Milton Keynes Council will be asked to take these into account.


Cllr Keene had met with Village Hall Trustees and two possible routes for a path had been discussed. Route 1 was closer to the Village Hall but would mean the path on both Village Hall and Parish Council land and would involve agreements on maintenance etc. Route 2 is around the edge of the car park (all Parish Council land). Representatives of both Youth Club and Playgroup attended and explained the difficulties in moving equipment across shingle from the storeroom to the hall. Ideally they would like the path to run alongside the hall. Cllr Keene will speak to Trustees again. ACTION: Cllr Keene


Request from St Lauds District Church Committee to use the Perry Lane Recreation Area on 10th July 2004 for a Pig Roast. The Parish Council has no objections to this, Clerk will advise. ACTION: Clerk


Councillor Training: Cllr Jackson and Cllr Burton had attended a Training Session at Milton Keynes Council for new Councillors.

Thames Valley Police: Recent meeting discussed Anti Social Behaviour Orders (6 made in Milton Keynes area) and Speed Indicator Devices. Some Parishes have suggested that a joint device be purchased, which could be moved from village to village.


St Lauds District Church Committee: Letter requesting that Council consider an increase in the donation towards the church lighting. This years donation already agreed in January 2003, will discuss this further at budget meeting in January.

Precept Leaflets with Council Tax Bills: Letter from Milton Keynes Council, asking whether the Parish Council wish to have leaflets explaining their precept distributed with the Council Tax bills. Parish Council will continue to provide information to residents via the Scan.


Knoll Lighting: Mr Pilcher advised that he did not wish to see any further lighting on the Knoll.

Christmas Tree: Mr Pilcher and Mr Ferris will erect the tree and contact Cllr Keene when help required to put on lights.


Distraction Burglaries: Cllr Jackson concerned that there have been two of these in the village this year. Cllr Lewis will ask Thames Valley Police whether they still have the information video on this type of crime.

Insurance Cover: Cllr Burton asked that the Parish Council insurance cover be looked at in detail. This will be investigated at the budget meeting, which will be held on Wednesday 14th January, 7.30 at the home of Cllr Keene.

12. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on 6th January 2004 in the School at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 10.05pm

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