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Parish Council Minutes

December 2004

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th December in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: : Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, Peter Burton and Sarah Jackson.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), and seven public.

1. APOLOGIES: Cllr Bob Finn

2. DECLARATIONS of INTERESTS: Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item.

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING: After PRESENT was amended to "Peter Burton (arrived 7.50pm)"; 4.3 was amended to "Chairman reported he had spoken with MKC"; and "and asking them not to park on the grass verge when visiting the exhibition" was deleted from 19.4, the minutes of the meeting held on 2nd November 2004 were then agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1 Street Lighting:

      4.1.1. Cllr Jackson reported that the cost of 2 lanterns and 2 columns for Water Lane is 150 each and 80 each respectively. The cost to erect them is 75 each and 7 days notice is required by way of a letter from the PC containing contact details for the invoice. Alec Chinnery at Central Networks confirmed that the under grounding is due to start in the first quarter of 2005. Cllr Jackson pointed out that BT needs to be aware and she will draft a letter using the contact address supplied by Alec Chinnery and forward to the Clerk ASAP. The street lighting will need to be installed first so that Central Networks can connect the power during the under grounding process. Cllr Jackson to request confirmation in writing from Central Networks. ACTION Cllr Jackson and Clerk

      4.1.2. Chairman reported that the work being carried out in Crofts End is under grounding of telephone cables which were too low.

      4.1.3. There is a street light on the triangle of land on the corner of High Street and Crofts End that has not been working for some time. It was reported that the electricity supply to it has failed and will be reinstated.

4.2 Village Repairs:

      4.2.1. Chairman reported that the footpath in Crofts End has still not been repaired. He spoke with Andy McPherson at MKC who confirmed the work is due to be completed in December.

      4.2.2. Installation of Gas Main in the High Street - The Chairman reported that an audit by MKC had thrown up dissatisfaction with the way the contractors were working on the gas main laying on the road leading north out of the village. MKC initially gave permission for the triangle of land at the corner of Gun Lane to be used as a waste transfer site but this has been withdrawn and contractors are supposed to be using the land at the top of the hill just before the junction with the main road. Nick Brown confirmed that under the New Road and Street Works Act, restoration of the grass verges etc must be complete within six months of the work finishing and must also be maintained. It was decided that Nick Brown should be contacted again as the Council is very concerned about the state of the road and verges, and also about the apparent misuse of the triangle at Gun Lane. ACTION: Chairman

      4.2.3 An email is to be sent to Ian McGregor about the white lines needing to be repainted in the High Street, following the Transco works. It was agreed that this should include the footpath markings in front of Haynes Garage on School Lane, as these have almost completely faded away. ACTION: Clerk

4.3 Clerk's Training: The Clerk confirmed her attendance at the training in Aylesbury on November 13th and reported that it was most informative. Main speakers were Frank Johnston - Chief Verifier for the Certificate of Local Council Administration; and Francis Gomme from Bucks Community Action.

4.3 Experimental Surface for Village Hall Car park: The Chairman reported that the slab has been cast and satisfactorily inspected by both himself and Jane Coles on behalf of the Youth Club. John Cook will begin the work in the spring but in the meantime will formulate costs etc and report back to the Council.

4.4 Perry Lane Pavilion: It was reported to the Council that the pavilion is being left in an unacceptable condition after football matches. It was agreed to write to the Football Club reminding them of their agreement to clean the pavilion after games. ACTION: Clerk. Cllrs Burton and Jackson will continue to inspect the premises and the Council will monitor the situation closely. ACTION: Cllrs Burton and Jackson.

Richard Duffill was unable to attend due to a diary clash, he has promised to attend the January meeting. ACTION: Clerk (to remind him nearer the time). The Chairman reported that he spoke to Richard and asked that the Council be kept up to date with progress. Richard confirmed that the path as far as Sherington village is due to be finished by end March 2005 although there could be a clash with the gas pipe installation on the road leading up to the A509; he is liaising with Transco to consider impact of their work.


6.1. The Council received a quote from Tony Pilcher which was considerably less than the three quotes already received, although it did not include stump grinding. However when contacted, the Council's own insurance company stated they would not cover any Public Liability claim even if a member of the Council was present when the work was carried out. Cllr Lewis therefore proposed that Salcey Arborcare be hired to undertake the Poplar tree felling and stump grinding, along with a prune for the Horse Chestnut. Seconded by Cllr Burton. ACTION: Clerk.

6.2. Cllr Cook had looked into the matter of planting fruit trees in place of the felled Poplars and was reliably informed that Apple and Pear were to be recommended. Cost 6 x 15 and Cllr Cook is happy to plant them. This needs to be done by end of February. Cllr Burton proposed that the purchase and planting go ahead, seconded by Cllr Keene.

Cllr Burton confirmed that the garages have been refurbished and that Ian McGregor at MKC is going to come back to him with proposals for the car park.

Cllr Burton reported that hairline cracks have appeared on the multi purpose hard play area. According to Bernard Perkins at MKC this is to be expected but he will have a look at it and if it deteriorates further he will advise the Council. It was also reported that tyre tracks have recently appeared weaving around the play equipment but we don't know who the culprits are. The boundary logs have disappeared near the Preschool area and it was agreed to ask Salcey Arborcare if they wouldn't mind placing some of the felled Poplar logs around the car park instead of carting them away. Action: Clerk.

The Council met informally to consider the development plan for Perry Lane Recreation Field. The Council thanked the SRMG for a thorough, detailed and professional document. Cllr Jackson proposed that the outline plan for the development and improvement of facilities contained in the draft development plan be approved in principle; and also that the SRMG be asked to proceed with investigating funding opportunities for the proposals mentioned in the development plan. Both seconded by Cllr Cook. Cllr Burton confirmed that with the Council's support the plan can now move forward. He also reported successful meetings with Pat Seymour and Jan Phillips, and thanked Cllr Jackson for her help. The Chairman has spoken to Caroline Godfrey at MKC who would be happy to help draw up a constitution for whatever body takes forward the work of the SRMG. She will do some investigation and then meet with the Councillors to discuss further.

The Council is concerned that vehicles have been driving up the mound. However Daimler Chrysler have admitted liability for the recent occurrence and are willing to repair the damage and prevent reoccurrences by way of a bund at the base of the mound which they will create. The Council confirmed that this is MKC's responsibility but the bund is the preferred immediate solution as it will cost nothing and will be done quickly. It was agreed to contact MKC and hopefully get their approval on this. ACTION: Chairman.

11. VILLAGE FETE - JUNE 25TH 2005:
Following an invitation from Sue Herbert to the Council to have some input to the fete and to suggest a beneficiary from the profits, it was agreed that the Council and SRMG have a joint unmanned display to include information on the Village Appraisal, Cycle path, Perry Lane Recreation Field etc. Cllr Keene proposed that a share of the profits be awarded to the Perry Lane Recreation Field fund, seconded by Cllr Cook. The Chairman will go back to Sue Herbert. ACTION: Chairman

It was agreed that as and when the Council is aware of the date of the General Election, we will sponsor a meeting in the Village Hall to which all candidates will be invited. The Council duties will include hiring the hall and selecting a Chairman.

Everything under this heading is covered in other agenda items


14.1 Annual Return: It was confirmed that this is now available for inspection; the Chairman will place a notice on the PC notice board.

14.2 Extra Audit fee: It was agreed to pay the extra 40 fee as the return had to be resubmitted and this is the policy as stated, of the external auditors.

14.3 Clerk's membership of SLCC: . It was agreed that the Clerk should be a member and this will ultimately be of benefit to the Council. MKC confirmed that the Council should pay for this.

14.4 The following cheques were agreed for payment:

W. Austyn Clerks Expenses 49.84 Cheque 101211
W. Austyn Clerks Salary 235.05 Cheque 101212
Bernard Crook VH Play area grass 775.50 Cheque 101213
Hacker Young Audit fees 188.00 Cheque 101214
SCAN PCC Photocopying 6.91 Cheque 101215
A H Contracts Dog Bins 35.20 Cheque 101216
SLCC Clerk's membership 74.00Cheque 101217
SCAN magazine Donation 225.00 Cheque 101218
Sherington PCC Donation 300.00 Cheque 101219
Tony Pilcher Xmas tree lights 25.00 Cheque 101220

Enterprise Account Balance 9375.37; Treasurer Account Balance 2579.34

The monthly finance sheet needed amending so Cllr Keen proposed that the Chairman signs this off after the meeting, seconded by Cllr Lewis.


15.1 Crofts End/Gun Lane/High Street. Cllrs Hyde and Burton had a meeting with Graham Skinner who was of the opinion that the High Street is too wide for any traffic calming measures. With regards to the Crofts End/Bedford Road junction he recommended painting a SLOW sign on the road in between the 30mph sign and the junction with Perry Lane, repainting road markings and hedge trimming to improve visibility. He will arrange for SIDs to be placed in Crofts End and Gun Lane to monitor speeds. ACTION: Clerk to drop him a line to remind him of work agreed

15.2 Parking Partnership. The Chairman reported that he had forwarded on ideas and was awaiting further information.


04/01930 7 Church Road Councillors had no adverse comments.
04/01860 White Hart tree Councillors had no adverse comments.
04/01992 1 Park Road trees Councillors had no adverse comments.


17.1 MK NE Area Forum 25th Nov. The Chairman attended and reported that items such as the cycle path, local minerals plan and Emberton Caravan Park were covered. He also reported that MKC would like to coordinate all the Voluntary Car Driver schemes in the area and it was agreed that a note should be placed in SCAN to inform residents who might wish to take part.

17.2. Parish Assembly 2nd Dec. Cllr Cook was unable to attend.

17.3. Freedom of Information Act 16th Dec. The Chairman will try to attend

17.4. Parish Councillors' training 19th Jan. Cllr Cook is booked to attend.

A consultation document for the Mobile Library service was circulated amongst councillors but the Chairman managed to get feedback from local residents. It seems that the service is generally well appreciated and problems only occur when the service does not turn up for whatever reason. It was suggested that better information on dates and times should be supplied and residents should be notified when the service will not be turning up. The Clerk will forward these comments on to MKC. ACTION: Clerk.


19.1: Several residents wanted to register their concern over traffic speed in the village. Additional points made were that the proposed development of Perry Lane Recreation Field may increase the accident rate, and that vehicles are continuing to use Sherington as a through road to Olney instead of the bypass. It was suggested that STOP signs be placed at the end of both Perry Lane and Bedford Road whilst Crofts End traffic be allowed to move freely.

19.2: A resident was concerned about the Sherington website not containing up to date information about local organisations. The Council advised him that the website is not the property or responsibility of the Parish Council.

19.3: It was asked what was being done about the state of the High Street. The Chairman reported that he believed the road had recently been swept, but confirmed he would be contacting Nick Brown.

19.4: A resident pointed out that an accident had happened at a point where the cycle path crosses the A509. The Chairman reported that at the NE Area Forum meeting Richard Duffill replied that plans for the route had been examined by road traffic engineers and that the refuges were considered adequate to protect those crossing.

19.5: A resident was concerned that a bump had appeared in the High Street following Murphy's works. The Chairman confirmed that MKC were aware and the matter had been discussed with Murphy who are going to rectify it soon

19.6: The bus service to Bedford is no longer run by Stagecoach and has been experiencing some problems. MKC have asked for complaints to be reported to them. It was agreed to place a note in SCAN.

19.7: It was reported that following their recent works at Sherington Bridge, the water board repaired the sunken patches very quickly.


20.1 Cllr Burton reported that the paving slabs at the Perry Lane pavilion have been done. He has had a quote for tiles and gutters on the roof for 293.75 but has been informed that the roof trays are rotting and also need repairing at a cost of 352.50. It was agreed that the cost be shared between the Council and SRMG.

20.2 Cllr Keene reported that the style at the top of the embankment on Alban Hill has been sawn through. Cllr Cook agreed to notify Mike Luton. ACTION: Cllr Cook

20.3 Cllr Lewis confirmed he has booked the Village Hall on February 19th for the Village Exhibition. It was agreed that at the January meeting the Council will decide what is to be displayed so that a note can be placed in February's SCAN.

20.4 Cllr Cook asked the Council to consider having a permanent SID at the North end of the High Street. It was agreed to contact local councils who have this in place to enquire about the costs. ACTION: Clerk.

21. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: : The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th January 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

The date for the Precept meeting was also set for 10th January 8pm at Cllr Cook's house.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.49pm

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