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Parish Council Minutes

December 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 6th December 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, and Peter Burton.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 8 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllrs Lewis and Finn

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the SRMG item; and Cllr Hyde declared an interest in Church mowing invoice item and the Tree Preservation item for the Small House, High Street.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING After item 3 was amended to read “The minutes of the meeting held on 4th October 2005”, the minutes of the meeting held on 1st November 2005 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Under grounding and street lighting in village. Central Networks have reported that work to connect each house to the new underground cable is still ongoing in Water Lane albeit rather slowly. They will connect new street lights as they come across them. Alec Chinnery has confirmed that it is CN’s intention to under ground the rest of the village in 2006 but he may only have the budget to do the High Street south of Water Lane and Crofts End as far as the School Lane junction. ACTION: Clerk to chase for progress.

4.2 Ditch behind Smiths Yard ownership issue. The Clerk reported that the Land Registry have requested a detailed plan and fees to search their records. ACTION: Clerk

4.3. Proms Village play area summer 2006. The Clerk reported that the insurance for this event has now been taken care of by the Twinning Association.

4.4 Village Hall footpath. The Clerk reported that 3 quotes for drawings had been obtained, the cheapest being Bill Bethune of Olney and the council therefore approved the decision to ask him to prepare drawings. A 1:500 scale plan of the area has been obtained and the Clerk will ask Mr Bethune to liaise with John Cook. ACTION: Clerk.

4.5 Document archive and storage. Some information has been obtained from MKC and BALC. The general time period for keeping documents, financial or otherwise is 6 years to indefinitely. The length of time to keep correspondence is at the council’s discretion. It was agreed to attempt another village hall office tidy up after the New Year.

4.6 Cllr vacancy. Peter Herbert could not attend the December meeting and so will be co-opted onto the council at the meeting on 3rd January.


5.1. Gas pipeline - Transco/Murphy repairs. Nick Brown is still waiting to have a meeting with Transco on site to go over the final few items that need remedying. It was agreed to wait for this meeting to take place before further action. ACTION: Clerk to chase

5.2 Village road sweeping. MKC have been unable to inform the council as to its schedule, but the sweeper was in the village on 23rd November. After inspection it was obvious that Water Lane, Church Road, Perry Lane and Gun Lane had not been swept so the Clerk reported this to MKC. No response was received but a larger sweeper came on 28th November and did a much better job. It was agreed to keep a close eye on this.

5.3 Fencing on Knoll. The Clerk reported that the fence had been repaired and an invoice received.

5.4 Anglian Water – Water Lane repairs. The contractors are due to start root cutting and CCTV survey work on Monday 12th December. They can then assess whether lining the sewer with a sleeve to prevent blockages caused by debris and roots is going to be the most appropriate solution.

5.5 Pavilion windows and shutters. The Clerk reported that John Risby is happy to carry out the repair work. He has not yet spoken to John Cook. ACTION: Clerk to chase

5.6 Councillors’ walkabout. Councillors walked around the village on Sunday 20th November, any items arising are covered in the minutes.

5.7 High Street drainage. Further to the letter received last month, the Chairman reported that the ditch running alongside the High Street is very overgrown and in places nothing is flowing through. It was agreed to ask MKC to have a look and clear the blockages. ACTION: Clerk

5.8 Bus Shelter. Cllr Finn has forwarded details of some minor repair work that is needed to the bus shelter. It was agreed to ask Barry Tofts to undertake this work. ACTION: Clerk

5.9 Christmas tree lights. Cllr Finn has stated that new lights need to be purchased for next year. This will be discussed at the January budget meeting.

5.10 Power supply to Christmas tree. Cllr Keene reported that the cable covering purchased by the parish council is working well. It was agreed to pass thanks to Alan Parkinson and his team for organising the tree this year and also to John and Viv Risby for donating it. ACTION: Clerk


The Clerk is still progressing with this issue and has a contact at MKC who will hopefully be able to offer advice. NALC states that parish councils have the “power to protect any finally registered common which has no registered owner” and the “power to maintain a village green”. Does either piece of land actually need to be officially registered? ACTION: Clerk


It was agreed that each councillor should offer suggestions for updating these as they were last amended in December 1999 apart from one item regarding quotations. The Clerk would like the new cllr to have at least a draft of amendments at his co-option on 3rd January, and the new version should be adopted at the February meeting. ACTION: All Cllrs and Clerk


8.1 Local Clubs. A named list of 20+ players for a tennis club is needed for the LTA to lend its support. Further details of Bowls Club representatives and future aspirations are still awaited.

8.2 New funding. An application to Awards for All for £4800 has been made towards work on the pavilion. A letter has been sent to Parish Liaison who have indicated that further funds may be available towards the car park work.

8.3 Facilities. It has been suggested that a proper “sign board” indicating the presence of the Sports and Recreation Field be installed; an exterior security light needs to be installed at the pavilion to improve visibility at night.

8.4 Car Park. Works starts to refurbish the existing car park on Friday 9th December which will take 5-6 days. Three quotes have been obtained for the extension of the car park - Ashmac £5925, B Cook £6820 and Charmac £5125. Charmac are the cheapest, are highly recommended and are the MKC recognised contractor doing the repair work so it was agreed that it would be of benefit to use them. This was proposed by Cllr Keene and seconded by Cllr Cook.

8.5 Sherington Football Club. A letter has been received from the secretary Jason Giller proposing £400 for season commencing 2006, £500 for 2007 and £600 for 2008. The club would also like new goalposts which the council agreed to fund; and for the pitch to be marked out before each match which the council agreed was not its responsibility. It was agreed to accept £400 for season already commenced 2005 (a possible misprint in the letter) and £500 for 2006 only, subsequent years being too far into the future to agree as yet. ACTION: Clerk


Comments and suggested amendments to the Draft Delegation of Management Agreement are to be taken to next SRMG meeting for review, and to be agreed at the next council meeting on 3rd January. It was agreed to put a note in SCAN to encourage interest in the Perry Lane Management committee


Further to the last meeting the parish council’s preferences have been forwarded to the Cycle Path Officer who now has provisional costings, excluding land purchase, and will be in touch asap. ACTION: Clerk to chase


11.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £16169.80; Treasurer Account £974.08

11.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

06/12/2005Scan Magazine Donation £225.00 101290
06/12/2005St Lauds Church Sherington Donation £300.00 101291
06/12/2005Tony Pilcher Donation £25.00 101292
06/12/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Salary £245.81 101293
06/12/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Expenses £40.80 101294
06/12/2005Sherington Village Hall Hall Hire £33.00 101295
06/12/2005B Tofts Knoll fence repair £79.56 101296
06/12/2005A H Contracts Dog Bins £93.36 101297
06/12/2005Sports Ground Services Mowing Rec Field £78.73 101298
06/12/2005N Beal Cleaning £83.00 101299
06/12/2005SLCC Clerk's membership £64.00 101300

11.3 Invoice to church for mowing. At this point Cllr Hyde left the meeting. The clerk reported how the church has usually been invoiced for 25% of the council’s mowing costs. Last year the reduction in expenditure due to a change of contractor was not passed on, and it has also since transpired that the churchyard mowing constitutes 33% and not 25%. It was proposed by Cllr Burton and seconded by Cllr Cook that the charge remains at 25% and the overcharge for last year is refunded. ACTION: Clerk

11.4 Payment to B Tofts for Knoll fence repair. The payment of £79.56 was approved.

11.5 Contribution from 2005 fete proceeds. It was agreed that £728.61 be put towards the Perry Lane development fund. ACTION: Clerk to let Sue Herbert know.


12.1. SID Data. Data from the summer SIDs is no longer available, but SIDs were placed in the village on 1st and 2nd December on Crofts End and both ends of the High Street. It would appear that 61% of vehicles coming down Alban Hill are exceeding the speed limit after passing the 30mph sign. 32% at 35mph to 50mph and 6% over 50mph.

12.2. Thames Valley Police speed gun. Cllr Lewis had reported that PC Mark Poulton was in the High Street with the speed gun on Monday 5th December. Bearing mind the SID data results it was agreed to ask him to concentrate on the North end of the High Street upon his next visit. ACTION: Cllr Lewis


13.1. 05/01721/TPO The Small House, High St. No adverse comments.

13.2. Planning decisions. The application 05/00727/LBC Mercers Farm has been permitted.

13.3. ePlanning. The Clerk reported that at the recent clerks’ training at Aylesbury, Wycombe District Council gave a presentation on the government’s plan to transfer all planning applications including consultation and correspondence from paper into electronic format. The Clerk has spoken to Peter Joel and although the national target is 10% by end 2005 MKC do not seem to be actively progressing this at the moment.


14.1. MK Local plan update briefing 10th November. Cllr Hyde attended where the 6 options for expansion were presented and discussed. It was noted that Moulsoe Parish Council is holding an exhibition on 3rd Jan just in time for the consultation deadline of 12th January.

14.2. Clerks’ training 12th November. The Clerk attended this useful day where presentations on ePlanning, training, budgets and the Clean Neighbourhoods Acts were given.

14.3. MKNECAF 24th November. Cllrs Hyde and Lewis attended where presentations on proposed wind farms at Nuns Wood and Petsoe End were given. Sherington Parish Council will be consulted when the formal Petsoe End planning application is submitted; this is likely to be after Easter 2006.

14.4. Local Management Community Safety 26th November. Cllr Lewis attended where topics including Streetcare and the Fire Service were covered.

14.5. Parish Assembly 30th November. Cllr Keene attended where the main topics were HIMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation), the proposed wind farms, and Streetcare


15.1. Overgrown hedge. Cllr Hyde has received a letter about an overgrown hedge in Church Road. He will speak to the residents concerned. ACTION: Cllr Hyde

15.2. Parish Partnership grant. The application forms for 2006/07 have been received.

15.3. Bernard Perkins.It was noted from external contractor correspondence that Bernard Perkins at MKC has retired; the Clerk reported however that MKC sources only report him as being on long term sick leave.

15.3. BRTA newsletter. It would appear that a proposed rowing lake could be sited on the line of the former Bedford Cambridge rail link. BRTA is opposed as they would wish to see the link reopened.


16.1. A High street resident was concerned that the recent SID in the High St was showing each vehicle’s speed at the point too late for the driver to see it.

16.2. A resident enquired as to why a new footpath has been constructed at Sherington Bridge.

16.3. A Water Lane resident reported at least two blocked drains in Water Lane.


17.1. Cllr Cook confirmed that new fruit trees have been planted in the Village Hall play area. It was agreed to put a note in SCAN and contact the Youth Club asking people to be aware of the young branches.

17.2. Cllr Burton suggested that Caroline Godfrey Parish Liaison manager be asked to speak at the next NECAF giving more information on her team’s role at MKC.

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd January 2006 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40 pm.

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