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Parish Council Minutes

December 2006

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th December 2006 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair)and David Hyde

ATTENDING: Lara Bruce (Clerk), Pat Seymour (MKC) and 6 public.

Before the meeting started the Chair informed those attending that there were insufficient councillors present to constitute a quorum. This meant that any decisions that needed to be made or matters that needed approval would have to take place after the meeting. It was agreed that all such matters and decisions would be compiled by the Clerk and circulated by email to all councillors after the meeting for their comments. All such decisions and approvals would be confirmed at the next parish council meeting.

1. APOLOGIES Cllrs Cook, Finn, Keene and Burton

2. CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLOR The Chair welcomed David Wright to the meeting. He will be co-opted at the January meeting as there was not a quorum.

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Hyde declared an interest in item 10.2 cheques for payment regarding the donation to St Lauds Church.

4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 7th November 2006 will be approved by email as detailed above.


5.1. Repairs Pilot Sceme The Clerk reported that a walkabout with Ian McGregor from MK Council had been arranged for Monday 11th December at 10am starting at the village hall. Cllrs Lewis and Hyde will attend.

5.2 Flooding in Water Lane. Cllr Hyde reported that since the last meeting there had been three incidents of flooding. The Environment Agency (EA) has been notified of the continuing problem and has been both supportive and assertive. They concur with the council’s view that the present situation is not acceptable. Ian Norton (AW) arranged a camera survey which found roots blocking the sewer up to 90% in one place. The obstruction has now been cleared. The EA have informed AW that should any further flooding occur then the manhole cover outside Phil Smith’s property must be moved further down Water Lane to a position where the road is more sloped in order that any flooding flows away more easily. Anglian Water will be chased to confirm when they will be attending a parish council meeting. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

5.3 Bedford Road Surface Water. The Clerk reported that Mark Bennett from MK Council had confirmed what works had now taken place. The existing drains were jetted and found to be ok. He confirmed that the water was not coming from a water main, but from the Cooks field and may be a spring or land drain. As a short term measure MKC cleaned the original ditch line and the water should now follow the ditch and not run out onto the road. There is not an adequate width of verge to clean the ditch properly without removing the hedge. Longer term Mark will submit an estimate to pipe the ditch with a French drain and to connect up any land drain pipes that are uncovered. A short length of kerbing would be installed on the apex of the bend. It may, however, be many years before this scheme attracts funding. Peter Cook confirmed that should the water be found to come from a land drain on the field he will deal with it.

5.4 Undergrounding and street lighting. Cllr Hyde reported that the undergrounding was progressing well up Crofts End, but works will not be completed until early next year. There is one remaining street lamp to be fitted at the top of Crofts End opposite School Lane. Cllr Hyde will approach the contractor to find out the cost of the column and also liaise with Holophane regarding the cost of the top part of the lamp. The Chair thanked Cllr Hyde for his work to date on this project.

5.5 Bench in Carters Close. The Clerk reported that MK Council require details of the location of the bench and whether the street sign requires moving. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.


6.1. The Mound. The Clerk reported that Tony Hunt from MK Council had confirmed that a CCTV camera would be situated at The Mound. It had been planned to be in place by 4 December, but the camera was broken during installation. A new camera will be available in the New Year. When the camera is in place the area must be checked on a daily basis as the film in the camera wipes over itself every 24 hours. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

6.2. Footpath to Newport Pagnell. The Clerk reported that no response had been received from MK Council regarding the condition of the footpath between Sherington and Newport Pagnell. The matter will be raised with Ian McGregor during the village walkabout as noted in 5.1.


7.1 Caretaker Report. Shane Lea had no items to report.

7.2 Sherington Football Club. The Clerk reported that Grant Coombs (club manager) had confirmed that lime is used for line marking. This is not recommended by the FA and ideally a new line marking machine and appropriate whiting powder / liquid should be used. Funding is available for such equipment from the Football Foundation, but only as part of a capital application. Such capital funding is available for shower refurbishments. It was agreed to forward all the information to Ian Stuart (club Chair) for him to review. A meeting should then be arranged between the club and the parish council to agree the way forward.

Cllr Hyde reported that at the end of the 06/07 season the goal mouths would need to be repaired. Unless suitable temporary goal posts can be sourced then Argos would not be able to use the pitch for their summer tournament. ACTION: Clerk to investigate. A contractor will need to be lined up to carry out the work as soon as the 06/07 season is complete. The date of the final game of the 06/07 season and the date of the first game of the 07/08 season (or pre-season friendly) must be clarified. ACTION: Clerk to follow up


The Chair reported that some councillors had met with representatives of the Village Hall Trustees to ascertain any future plans for the village hall. Documents detailing the lottery funding available for village halls was passed to the Trustees. The Chair also reported that councillors had met with a representative from MK Council Planning Department to discuss future housing growth in the village. There is currently no immediate plan for any additional housing, but the Parish Council will be able to register any interests in new developments in the New Year. The Parish Council are interested in modest expansion in the village and will contact MK Council at the appropriate time. The Chair also reported that no further information was likely to be available until the New Year regarding the Post Office


The Clerk reported that the council had been unsuccessful in their bid for funding for Christmas lights. The Clerk reported that the Christmas tree was now in place on The Knoll. Thanks were given to Roger Geoffcoate from Mursley who donated not only the tree for The Knoll but also a shorter tree for the Church. ACTION: Clerk to write letter and copy to Willen Hospice. Thanks were also give to Peter Cook for transporting the trees and also all the helpers who put the tree up, including Karen & David Lines who were passing and provided assistance. The Clerk reported that offers of trees were also received from John & Viv Risby, and also a North Crawley resident. Thanks were given to them for their kind offers.


10.1 Monthly balances. . Enterprise Account £22,257.29. Treasurer Account £1,212.69.

10.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

05/12/06Lara Bruce Clerks Salary £176.54 101408
05/12/06Lara Bruce Clerks Expenses £13.89 101409
05/12/06Sherington Village Hall Hall hire Sep to Nov £44.00 101410
05/12/06Shane Lea Pavilion caretaker £50.00 101411
05/12/06Scan Magazine Donation £225.00 101412
05/12/06St Lauds Church Donation £300.00 101413
05/12/06Tony Pilcher Donation £25.00 101414
05/12/06R G Finn Christmas lights £109.95 101415
05/12/06A H Contracts Dog Bins £41.36 101416
05/12/06Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £70.00 101417

These would be approved by email as detailed above


11.1. 06/01761/FUL Alban Hill This application is for a new dwelling and garage at the Alban Hill Nursery. The Clerk reported that she had been notified by the clerk of Emberton Parish Council that they would be objecting to this application on the grounds that it would set a precedent for building between the two villages. Councillors considered the possibility that should planning consent be granted then there may come a time when the owners sell the business but remain in the house and the new owners may similarly want a house on site and yet another planning application may be made. It may be possible to link the house to the business in order that they must be sold together.

11.2. No comments were made on the following applications:
06/01784/FUL Manor Farm – 2 storey rear and single storey side extension
06/01830/TCA The Manor– fell two dead trees
06/01863/FUL 4 Village Close – single storey front extension, rear conservatory and 3 dormer windows.

11.3. Decisions
The Clerk reported that the planning application 06/01498/FUL 31 Carters Close for a two storey rear extension had been approved.


12.1. MKNECAF Wednesday 6th December 7:30pm Weston Underwood. Cllr Hyde will attend this meeting.

12.2. Parish Assembly Thursday 14th December 7:00pm Civic Offices. No one was available to attend this meeting.


13.1. Allotments. The Clerk reported that a request had been made by a resident asking for an allotment. Stan Keech had confirmed that all 6 allotments were allocated. It was agreed that Stan should be asked whether all 6 allotments are being maintained. The Clerk has also asked for guidance from MK Council in the event that all allotments are in use

13.2. Twinning Association. A letter from the Twinning Association asked for comments on a proposal to erect a milestone on The Knoll showing the distance to Sameon. This would be circulated among councillors for comments

13.3. MK Council Parish Financing Arrangements 07/08. Letters had been received from MK Council asking the Parish Council to confirm whether they wished to produce a leaflet about their precept which would accompany resident’s council tax bills. In addition, they have set the deadline for notification of the 07/08 precept as 16th February 2007. A meeting will need to be held in January to agree the precept. ACTION: Clerk to arrange.


14.1. David Wright thanked councillors for the invitation to join the Parish Council and indicated his wish to serve the community well. He expressed his support for further housing development in the village which would support valuable services such as the village school.

14.2. A resident noted that there had been no grass cutting in Village Close for most of the year. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.

14.3. A resident noted that a lorry was still parking in the Perry Lane car park

14.4. A resident commented that any new housing in the village should be of an appropriate size/price in order to attract families and consideration should be given to housing association and shared ownership properties.

14.5. A resident reported on how the sewer overflow system should work.

14.6. A resident commented that for the Post Office to be sold as a residential property it would need to apply for change of use from MK Council

14.7. A resident asked for a copy of the planning document that covered Sherington over the next few years. A request was also made for there to be full consultation with villagers before any decisions are made by the Parish Council

14.8. Pat Seymour commented on the improved state of The Mound.

14.9. Pat Seymour commented on the Cycle Path which was now undergoing a Safety Audit. MKC have confirmed that the path has cracked in places as it is too wide. This will be addressed by strengthening the sides and narrowing the path.

14.10. A resident thanked councillors and the clerk for their work during the year


There were no councillors’ items.

16. DATE OF NEXT MEETING As the first Tuesday in January is close to New Year, it was agreed to have the next meeting on Tuesday 9th January at 7:30pm. If the village hall is already booked the meeting will be held at Sherington CE School. There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:55pm.

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