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Parish Council Minutes

February 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 1st February 2011 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs P Burton (Chair), D Keene, D Hyde, T Kirby, J Ager, I Thomson and M Northfield (arrived 7.35pm)

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Rob Ward (MKC Neighbourhood Management) and 6 members of the public



The minutes of the meeting held on 4th January 2011 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman

Rob Ward discussed how the Environmental Services divisions have been restructured into a Neighbourhood Management department with a single point of contact for any issues regarding Highways Maintenance, Landscaping, Street Cleansing, Refuse Collection and Environment Enforcement. A notice will go in SCAN confirming how to report any village environmental issues by phone or email. ACTION: Clerk


5.1 2011 Census. The Office of National Statistics has sent a notice published in SCAN to encourage everyone to complete their census return as at 27th March 2011. It is suggested that support from the community is offered to anyone who may require assistance with the form.

5.2 Community Speedwatch Scheme. A note has gone in SCAN from the NAG asking for volunteers to take part in the speed radar scheme. The clerk has ascertained that only speed readings are taken followed by letters for offending drivers, and no vehicles are actually stopped. A member of TVP is also present the whole time.

5.3 The Localism Bill. John Moffoot has confirmed that senior council officers have been instructed to produce a report for the Cabinet to consider, that examines ways in which MKC can make use of the opportunities offered by this emerging legislation and examines alternative service delivery model options. .

5.4 Parishes Online mapping system. The clerk reported that at the recent Parishes Forum it was agreed that MKC will pay for the setup and first year’s fees of this new online service. The parish council will await instructions on how to make use of it.

5.5 National Tree week. The Pre-school and SCAN on Sunday groups have agreed to participate in this; however it has been established that a lot of preparation and paperwork is required to apply for a relatively small amount of money so the parish council agreed not to take part this year. The clerk will find out if this is an annual scheme and will also remind the relevant community groups that they can make their own applications. MKC’s Alistair Gavin can offer advice and assistance. ACTION: Clerk

5.6 Parish Council elections 5th May 2011 and date of Annual Meeting. The clerk confirmed to the parish council that its 4 year term of office is up for renewal this year and all councillors must re-stand in order to continue. If more than 7 electors come forward there will be an election on Thursday 5th May 2011. With this is mind it was agreed that the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council should be postponed for a week until Tuesday 10th May, venue to be confirmed. The chairman reminded the parish council that he would be standing down as Chair on this date. ACTION: Clerk


Cllr Northfield reported that a notice had gone in SCAN giving a detailed update of progress so far; and announcing another village meeting in February to ascertain support for a temporary building. Members of ShopCo have visited the Frensham, Sussex unit that is currently for sale and were impressed by the quality of the building and the success of the business over two years. The logistics of installing the same unit in Sherington are relatively uncomplicated although planning consent and funding has yet to be established. The committee next meets on 2nd February. ACTION: Cllr Northfield


Cllr Keene left the meeting for 5 minutes at 8.40pm. As this subject was not covered at the recent precept meeting it was agreed to arrange another informal get together to agree on the way forward for this important document. ACTION: Clerk


8.1 Monthly Balances Enterprise Account £4255.10; Treasurer Account £4634.50

8.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

01/02/2011Community Impact Bucks Subscription £30.00 101873
01/02/2011R C Builders & Contractors Pavilion exterior drainage £3408.00 101874
01/02/2011A H Contracts Dog bins £87.50 101875
01/02/2011Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £263.75 101876
01/02/2011Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker/bookings £100.00 101877
01/02/2011Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £45.50 101878

8.3 2011/12 Precept and reserves The precept has been set at £22058 and it was agreed that in order to have a decent level of reserves the parish council would only spend around £3500 on new equipment for the village hall play area instead of £5000. The “Eagles Nest” climbing frame has been chosen and will be installed by MKC in early spring.


9.1. 10/02732/TCA – River Great Ouse from Sherington to Newport Pagnell – cutting back overhanging trees. There was no adverse comment.

9.1. Decisions. The planning application for The Old Rectory, 16 School Lane has been withdrawn.


10.1. Pavilion exterior landscaping. Cllr Burton reported that the whole task is now planned to be completed by end of February and remainder of WREN funding to be claimed by end March. ACTION: Clerk

10.2. Pavilion management group. Cllr Thomson reported that bookings were currently slower than hoped but a summer fete is planned at the recreation ground which should raise the profile of the facility. An internal water leak that occurred in January has now been repaired.


11.1. Report from Masterplanning and Design workshop 17th January. Cllrs Keene and Kirby attended this workshop hosted by MKC where CABE (The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) presented a system that helps town and parish councils to evaluate and assess development proposals.

11.2. Report from Interim NECAF 19th January. Cllr Hyde attended this meeting where rural parish councils were reassured that budget cuts at MKC would have little impact on them in 2011/12. It is anticipated however that the Parish Partnership Fund will in future offer fewer grants.

11.3. NECAF Wednesday 2nd March 2011 Astwood Village Hall.




13.1. A resident commented on the lack of white lines on the highway in the local area.

13.2. The current planning application to turn The Swan public house into a domestic dwelling was briefly discussed. This is on the March agenda.

13.3. A resident remarked on the gradual decline of facilities in the village and also the increasing amount of retrospective planning applications.


14.1 Cllr Hyde wondered how development projects are allowed to be built in breach of planning consent when regular inspections should be taking place. It was noted that only MKC Building Control make regular visits and they are not checking terms of planning consent.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st March 2011 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.

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