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Parish Council Minutes

February 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 1st February 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, Peter Burton and Sarah Jackson.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Richard Duffill (MKC) and 3 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllr Finn

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item.

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING After item 11.1 was amended to read "Enterprise Account Balance 9435.16; Treasurer Account Balance 689.98"; and item 16.1 was amended to read "Cllr Burton confirmed that that MKC is responsible for physical state, but SPC have a 50% cost share agreement", the minutes of the meeting held on 4th January 2005 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1 Street Lighting, Water Lane: Cllr Jackson reported that she had had a meeting with BT and Central Networks in which BT confirmed that they will not be under grounding any telecom cables and will take ownership of the poles that are currently shared by BT and CN. BT are also going to replace the remainder of the telecom poles and this will all take place approximately 8-10 weeks after CN have completed their works. Two new street lamps have been installed; and Central Networks are scheduled to begin under grounding on 7th March. They will give advance notice to each resident as necessary but it was agreed to place a note in Scan that disruptions to the power supply will occur. There may also be traffic issues but CN will attempt to minimise this. The bus stop sign on the pole next to the shop is to be re-sited - CN will contact the bus company about this.

4.2 Village Repairs:

      4.2.1. Bump in road. The Chairman has chased for progress on the bump in the road leading out of the village towards Olney. It is still due to be excavated and investigated.

      4.2.2. Gas pipeline - state of road and verges. Nick Brown from MKC has confirmed that a meeting will take place with Transco and the contractor (Murphy) after works are completed to discuss reinstatement. Cllr Cook expressed concern over the roads and verges ever being returned to their original condition. The Chairman said he would try to arrange a meeting with Nick Brown plus 2-3 councillors prior to his meeting with Transco so that councillors can outline their concerns. ACTION: Chairman

      4.2.3 30mph signs Andy Coe at MKC is to be chased about moving the 30mph signs and village signs further out on the roads in from Newport Pagnell and from Olney. ACTION: Chairman

      4.2.4 Leaking drain. Cllr Jackson reported an apparently leaking drain number 70B on the bottom of Perry Lane which is running into the soakaway on the dangerous Crofts End corner. It was agreed that Anglian Water be contacted to check whether it needs repairing or is in fact an underground spring. ACTION: Clerk

      4.2.5 White Lines. The footpath markings outside Haynes Garage have been repainted.

4.3 Perry Lane Pavilion: Cllr Burton reported that the pavilion is in a cleaner and tidier condition.

4.4 Village Trees: The Clerk reported that Salcey Arborcare have provisionally booked Monday 14th Feb to come and fell/prune the Village Hall trees, subject to suitable ground conditions. Clerk to call and confirm nearer the date. ACTION: Clerk

4.5 Permanent SID (VAS) costs The Clerk reported that permanent Vehicle Activated Signs cost around 5000 each. Stoke Goldington and Yardley Hastings had theirs paid for by their respective County Councils as part of traffic speed reduction trials. It was agreed to put Sherington forward to be part of current and/or future trials. ACTION: Clerk

The meeting was adjourned from 7.35pm to 8.10pm to allow Richard Duffill from MKC to give a presentation on the proposed cycle path section between Emberton and Newport Pagnell, via Sherington. Afterwards, the Council expressed concern over the apparent watering down of the original proposals which have resulted in poor compromises, especially in terms of safety, and doubt was raised over whether the path will ever be used by families as intended. It was agreed to write to the Head of Environment Directorate with copy to the Cycle Path Officer expressing the concerns, ACTION: Clerk, and to gauge public opinion at the Open Morning on 19th Feb when hopefully Richard Duffill will attend. It is also hoped that the Cycle Path Officer will be present at the North East Area Consultative Forum on 24th Feb at the Emberton Pavilion.

Cllr Burton reported that he, Cllr Hyde and John Cook had attended a meeting with Chris Bardell and Richard Townend from MKC who were concerned over the potential cost of remedial work to the car park. It was agreed to try and enlist the help of Pat Seymour and Irene Henderson to get things moving. ACTION: Cllr Burton

Cllr Burton reported that the cracks in the multi surface area appear no worse

Perry Lane Development Plan - it was agreed that the Parish Council "Adoption" page was to be included, and also the Sustainability page. It was also agreed to consider having a caretaker later this year.

The Chairman reported that there has seemingly been no progress on this as Daimler Chrysler has not heard from MKC. The Chairman will chase. ACTION: Chairman. Cllr Cook suggested grass seeding to make it more attractive

It was agreed that St Lauds Church could also take part; and confirmed that Isabella Fraser from the Community Safety Executive will be attending for the Neighbourhood Watch item. The Chairman will arrange a pre meeting get together for the Council. ACTION: Chairman

The Clerk asked Cllrs Burton and Lewis to complete new Register of General Interests forms.

The Chairman met with a resident who was concerned over the apparent lack of maintenance in Water Lane which is likely to cause major problems in the event of heavy rainfall. It was agreed to write to Anglian Water to ask them what maintenance they currently have scheduled, and what maintenance they have carried out in the last five years. ACTION: Clerk


13.1 Monthly balances: Enterprise Account 9435.16; Treasurer Account 1125.61

13.2. Approval of play area netting invoice: The cost of 192.35 incl. VAT was approved.

13.3. Internal audit plans: The Clerk reported that other local council clerks are available to carry out internal audits on annual accounts and this would be a good idea for Sherington to sign up to. ACTION: Clerk

13.4 Cheques for payment were as follows:

Powergen Pavilion Electric 32.60 Cheque 101226
Bernard Crook VH Play Area netting 192.35 Cheque 101227
A H Contracts Mowing 35.20 Cheque 101228
Village Hall Hall Hire 11.00 Cheque 101229
W. Austyn Clerks Salary 185.08 Cheque 101230
W. Austyn Clerks Expenses 18.48 Cheque 101231

13.5 Precept 2005/6: The sum of 15,750.00 was proposed by Cllr Keene and seconded by Cllr Lewis, and will now be requested from MKC. ACTION: Clerk

13.6. Parish Partnership grants: The Council was asked to consider items for grant matched funding. Cllr Burton suggested playground equipment and fencing at Perry Lane Recreation field. To be discussed at the next meeting.

13.7. Asian Tsunami Donation: It was regretfully confirmed that Parish Councils cannot donate to overseas charity funds, despite previous advice to the contrary.

The Clerk reported that SIDs have been placed in Gun Lane, and Crofts End although not in the intended direction. The results are awaited and the Clerk will also chase for more monitoring in Crofts End. ACTION: Clerk. The repainting and new road markings cannot be implemented until the new financial year due to budget restraints.

There were no planning applications to consider.


16.1. Parish Councillor training. Cllr Cook reported that this had been a very useful event.

16.2. MKNE Consultative Area Forum. This is to be held on Thurs 24th Feb at the Emberton Pavilion. Pat Seymour has confirmed that the Cycle Path Officer and a Highways Safety Officer have been requested to attend. It was noted that this event clashes with a Thames Valley Police event which Cllr Lewis will attend.

16.3. Parish Assembly 3rd March. Cllrs Jackson and Keene will attend.

A letter has been received from Mr Pilcher, giving the Council notice that he may not be able to supply electricity to The Knoll Christmas Tree in future, due to personal liability insurance issues. It was agreed that in order to consider the options, in the first instance advice would be sought from a reputable electrician. ACTION: Clerk

A resident expressed concern over the amount of litter on the mound and in particular the area next to it that contains the telephone mast. It was agreed to contact Anglian Water, who it is believed owns the land. ACTION: Clerk


19.1 Cllr Burton asked about the repositioning of the 30mph signs. See item 4.2.3

19.2 Cllr Lewis enquired as to the result of the enquiry to the Land Registry about ownership of fields in Sherington. It was agreed to identify exactly which areas of land are in question and then try to obtain more details in other ways

19.3 Cllr Lewis reported that he had noticed some sort of timber industry taking place in the field next to Harriets End. It was agreed to contact Roy Mason who owns the field to obtain more details. ACTION: Clerk

20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st March 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 10pm.

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