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Parish Council Minutes

February 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 6th February 2007 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), David Hyde (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, Peter Burton, and David Wright

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Richard Gates (from office of Mark Lancaster MP), Steve Portlock and Dave Harper (Anglian Water), Ian McGregor and Mark Bennett (MKC Highways), Cllr Pat Seymour (Sherington Ward) and 8 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllr Finn


3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 9th January 2007 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Steve Portlock (Area Collections Manager) and Dave Harper (Area Customer Response Manager) attended the meeting, brought maps of the underground system, and answered questions previously submitted by the council. The main points are summarised as follows:
(i)Sherington has a foul sewer that carries waste from properties into the main sewer that ends up underneath Water Lane and leads to the treatment works; there is also the surface water sewer that takes excess rain water into the brook, at the time of the meeting Stephen Portlock was led to believe that a certain amount of water then goes via a hydrobrake into Water Lane with the overflow continuing along the brook. This will now be investigated further following information supplied by a resident at the meeting.
(ii) Fat deposits are one factor that cause blockages in the foul sewer, root infestations are another. The recent CCTV survey found massive root infestation in the sewer past Smiths Yard and this has now been cleared
(iii) There is a possibility of cross connections between the two types of sewer but this cannot be confirmed without a full CCTV inspection.
(iv) The hydrobrake regulates flow of surface water down to Water Lane. Following information provided at the meeting this system will now be investigated further
(v) The hydrobrake is subject to monthly inspections for any restrictions but these are not extensive as the system contains no moving parts. The Council are welcome to view the next inspection.
(vi) The system is effective and Anglian Water is not aware of any silting issues
(vii) Sewage gravitates down to the treatment plant where it is processed on site.
(viii) The state of the sewer where the recent CCTV survey was carried out was no worse than expected and in a fairly reasonable condition. Relining of the sewer from the bottom of Water Lane to the sewage treatment works is planned to be undertaken in June 07
(ix) In future the sewage pipe will be on a 9 month jetting schedule, the next jetting is due in November 2007 and at this point it can be determined whether this frequency is still appropriate
Other points raised as summarised below:
- Concern was raised regarding system capacity and AW stated that a flow survey can be undertaken but there are no current issues.
- There are peak flows during the day, especially Sunday mornings when the man hole covers come up and detritus spills onto the road
- The sewer is supposed to be self cleansing, concern was raised as to whether flow was sufficient to carry this out effectively
- The issue of the ditch that runs behind Leys View and Smiths Yard was raised. Ownership and therefore maintenance appears on its maps to be AW’s responsibility, and will be investigated further by Steve Portlock
- Concern was raised that the AW reps were not fully aware of the detailed operation of the foul sewage system.
- MKC Highways stated that there were no issues regarding highways drainage.
The representatives from Anglian Water and MKC then left the meeting.


5.1. Cycle Path Pat Seymour has been chased for the results of the safety audit of the proposed Alban Hill phase, but had not been able to supply any information. It was agreed to write directly to Kevin Whiteside to request the results, and consequently the confirmed route through Sherington with expected dates of commencement and completion. ACTION: Clerk.

5.2 New bench on Carters Close. A plan to show the exact location for the proposed bench has been sent to MKC. ACTION: Clerk to progress

5.3 New bus shelter on School Lane. A plan of the lay-by in School Lane has been sent to MKC in order for a safety audit to be carried out. Quotes for the shelter and installation are also needed. ACTION: Clerk to progress


6.1. Footpath to Newport Pagnell. Ian McGregor has been chased twice regarding an inspection of the path but has not responded. ACTION: Clerk to chase

6.2. Streetcare Rural Pilot Scheme. The spreadsheet has been updated with the additional roads etc. Ian McGregor has been asked to suggest a date for the walkabout but has not yet responded. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

6.3. Mound. The Mound is not part of the weekly rubbish collection schedule. MKC suggest moving an existing bin which could then be emptied weekly at no extra cost. It was agreed to remind MKC that they have taken over sole responsibility for maintenance of the Mound and to pursue the acquisition of a new bin, rather than moving an existing one. ACTION: Clerk

6.4. Fly tipping and General Damage report. The missing bin from Perry Lane, the tree blocking a ditch, and dumped tyres have all been reported. Trees overhanging the road in Gun Lane and Sherington Road will be reported ACTION: Clerk


Central Networks has confirmed that under grounding of electricity will continue round the remainder of the village after the current phase in Crofts End and High Street is complete. Park Road, Gun Lane and Bedford Road will be included. MKC have offered a reduced price on the new rural street lights of £470 each. These have been ordered. ACTION: Cllr Hyde and Clerk to progress


8.1 Caretaker's and cleaner's report. Shane Lea had not submitted a report for January. The cleaner had reported that the toilets were in an unacceptable condition following a weekend match, it was apparent that they had been used for washing football boots. It was agreed to contact Ian Stewart about this. ACTION: Clerk.

8.2 Weeds in car park. These have been reported to Environmental Services. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

8.3 Pavilion repairs. Cllr Keene proposed to accept a quote of £380 to repair the guttering, seconded by Cllr Wright. ACTION: Clerk.

8.4 Storage Hut repairs. Cllr Burton reported that Carterton Concrete have carried out remedial work to the storage hut, but have yet to return and complete the roof and door repairs. ACTION: Cllr Burton to chase.

8.5 Football pitch relocate and repair. Cllrs Cook and Wright met with Dave Potts from Synergy to discuss repairing the goal mouths and relocating the pitch to allow for summer play. Quotes have now been received ACTION: Clerk to accept quotes and obtain final fixture dates.

8.6 Pavilion refurbishment. Cllr Burton reported that Ray Rowan is happy to prepare drawings. ACTION: Cllr Burton to liaise with Ray and the football club to agree recommended design and ascertain costs.


9.1 Village Post Office. The Post Office has confirmed there are no plans to close Sherington Post Office. Councillors’ response to a new government consultation document on the post office network was deferred until the March meeting.

9.2 Response to MK Local Development Framework Core Strategy. Councillors agreed to respond that the potential for limited development in the village should be investigated, but would only be endorsed if it contributes to appropriate additions to village facilities. ACTION Clerk.

10. MAY ELECTIONS The clerk reported that the May election will soon be advertised on notice boards and in SCAN magazine. ACTION: Clerk

11. STONEPITS CLOSE, MILL LANE The current licence has now expired and the licencee has given notice that the rent of Stonepits is no longer required. It was agreed to advertise the licence for one season only. ACTION: Clerk.


12.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £20996.64; Treasurer Account £1026.18.

12.2 Agree Precept 2007/8. Cllr Keene proposed the 07/08 precept of £18862.00, seconded by Cllr Hyde. This is a 4.1% increase on 06/07.

12.3 Approve new street lights and mowing contract. £470 per light was proposed by Cllr Cook and seconded by Cllr Wright; £1650 per year for another 3 years mowing was proposed by Cllr Burton and seconded by Cllr Hyde. Thanks were expressed to Cllr Hyde for his work on the under grounding and street lighting project.

12.4 Cheques for payment were as follows:

06/02/07A H Contracts Dog bins £51.70 101427
06/02/07L Bruce Clerk's salary £172.61 101428
06/02/07L Bruce Clerk's expenses £13.45 101429
06/02/07W Austyn Clerk's salary £266.81 101430
06/02/07Shane Lea Caretaker £50.00 101431
06/02/07N Beal Pavilion cleaner £58.00 101432


13.1. 06/02040/FUL 26 School Lane Cllrs had no adverse comments.

13.2. Recent planning decisions
Applications for Alban Hill and Winnowing Barn were refused; the application for End Farm, Water Lane was approved.


14.1. TVP Parish Consultative Meeting Feb 8th. No one was available to attend.

14.2. BLEW meeting Feb 8th. No one was available to attend.

14.3. Landscape Character Assessment workshop 15th Jan. Cllr Lewis attended and has received input from residents towards a response. Cllrs to send any further comments to the Chairman by 14th February ACTION: Cllrs.


15.1. Post Office network consultation. Response to this was deferred until the March meeting.

15.2. Affordable Housing planning document. Cllrs agreed not to respond


16.1. A resident commented that as Griggs Orchard was not adopted Highway, any street lighting would have to be funded by the residents.

16.2. A resident expressed concern over quality of public transport arrangements if the post office were to close.

16.3. A resident reported that youths are delivering papers in the dark on their bikes, in dark clothing and without lights. It was agreed to place a note in SCAN about this. ACTION: Cllr Hyde

16.4. A Church Road resident asked if the verge outside his house could be protected somehow as it is being severely eroded.

16.5. A resident suggested creating a wooded picnic area at Stonepits Close. It was agreed to place this on the March agenda.

16.6. A resident reported pot holes outside the flats in the High St. ACTION: Clerk

16.7. A resident reported that the footpath through the Village Hall play area floods in several places and is also significantly narrower than it used to be.

16.8. A resident expressed concerns over the footpath to Newport Pagnell. Cllr Cook agreed to speak to the landowner regarding the hedge. ACTION: Cllr Cook.


17.1. Cllr Keene reported that road works are due to start at Junction 13 of the M1 on February 14th.

17.2. Cllr Burton stated that the caretaker’s report should be submitted to the Clerk before the meeting. ACTION: Clerk to contact Shane

17.3. Cllr Burton reported that he had been contacted by a resident with regards to using the pavilion for a summer village event

17.4. Cllr Lewis reported that Helen Westlake at MKC Planning had confirmed that planning permission for a Twinning Association milestone on the Knoll is not required.

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th March 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.49pm

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