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February 2008

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th February 2008 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Peter Burton (Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, David Wright, Ian Thomson and David Hyde

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 2 public.


Cllr Keene declared an interest in item 8 Land adjacent to 10 Crofts End.

The minutes of the meeting held on 8th January 2008 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Bus Shelter. The new shelter will face into the prevailing south westerly wind so it was agreed, having sought advice from the shelter manufacturer and MKC to install the shelter with its back to the road. This means it will need glass panels all round and it was agreed to spend £600 extra on toughened glass that has a 12 month guarantee. ACTION: Clerk

Tree Maintenance. A Notification of Intent to fell two oak trees and crown lift several others on the Knoll has been submitted to MKC with work due to be carried out after 28th February but before the trees start to bud. Work on the Village Hall play area trees takes place this week. ACTION: Clerk

Dog Bin proposal. £509 expenditure to install a new bin on land just beyond the church yard, a new bin on the North end of the High St and a new bin on Water Lane, together with some additional maintenance was proposed by Cllr Thomson and seconded by Cllr Hyde. The MKC Dog Warden has suggested a village educational campaign re dog fouling to include additional advertising, more signs, posters and stickers and a visible Dog Warden presence during the day and evening and it was agreed that this would be useful. ACTION: Clerk

Street lighting and under grounding. Bob Semple from McAlpine has reported that the teams will be back in the village to remove redundant poles and cables and repair two new street lights from 27th February. He will also be walking around the village to ascertain which poles need replacing by BT. It was agreed to request to be part of the walkabout so that any new poles could be placed further away from new street lights. The urban style light opposite Carters Close has been removed. ACTION: Clerk

Pre-school playhouse. The application for funding from the Play Area Improvement scheme has been submitted. MKC has quoted £750 to remove old play house, install new and lay new safety surfacing. The clerk will now meet with the pre-school and invite the three most preferred suppliers for a site visit to get a more detailed quote. ACTION: Clerk

Car parking outside shop. Sue Williams from MKC met with the clerk and Alan Sims and is due to submit drawings of proposed designated parking spaces.

SID data. The latest survey was carried out on vehicles travelling south on the High St from Olney and showed again that 85% of them are well over the 30mph speed limit when entering the village. It was queried again at which point on the road the camera actually records the speed. ACTION: Clerk


Speed limit reduction for cycle lanes. MKC has asked for the parish council’s opinion on the proposal to reduce the speed limit to 40mph down Alban Hall and Gun Lane up to the 30mph signs, and also on Sherington Road out of the village from the 30mph sign up to the T junction opposite Sherington Bridge Farm. It was agreed to support the reduced limit on Alban Hill and Gun Lane but that there was no need to reduce the speed out of the village on Sherington Road. A minimum number of repeater signs will be requested within the new limit. It was noted that the footpath to Newport Pagnell has finally been cleared, although the spoil has been left on top of the bank to fall back down again during heavy rain.

Keep Clear markings outside Sherington School. MKC proposes to enforce Traffic Regulation Orders on the zig-zag markings outside Sherington School and it was agreed to support this, as does the school. Clerk to check whether the markings will be extended at all. ACTION: Clerk


Pavilion building project. Cllr Burton reported that planning approval has been granted, and building regulation drawings have now been sent to MKC. Plans have been sent to four possible building companies, with submitted tenders to be opened on 3rd March 2.30pm. Building work should commence 12th May and be finished by 11th August 2008. The Football Foundation has requested a meeting on 22nd February to discuss possible funding; an application has been submitted to the 2008/09 Parish Partnership fund; and funding application forms are currently being completed for the MKC Community Foundation. Initial discussions have also taken place with Sherington Football Club. The parish council wishes to thank Ray Rowan for his efforts and contribution to this community project. Cllr Hyde proposed and Cllr Keene seconded the proposal to employ an independent party to manage the project on behalf of the parish council. Two quotes have been received and the tender is awarded to Lune Architects for £1800. The planning consent recommends additional security measures; this is to be discussed with the chosen contractor, as will details of the proposed landscaping scheme. Cllr Burton stated that a management committee will need to be established and operational for when the new building is complete. ACTION: Clerk & Cllrs as appropriate


Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £25836.99; Treasurer Account £2014.17

Cheques for payment were as follows:

05/02/2008Milton Keynes Council Pavilion building reg application £211.13 101529
05/02/2008Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £322.31 101530
05/02/2008Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £20.57 101531
05/02/2008Open Spaces Society "Getting Greens Registered" book £17.00 101532
05/02/2008A H Contracts Dog bins £47.19 101533
05/02/2008Raymond Rowan Design Pavilion Regulation drawings £600.00 101534
05/02/2008Shane Lea Perry Lane caretaker £50.00 101535
05/02/2008Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £42.00 101536

Precept 2008/09. This was agreed to be £20670. Some major items of expenditure include £1080 on a new Perry Lane grounds man; £1500 on new dog bins and then extra bin emptying; £9800 on the pavilion project; £2600 on the village hall path refurbishment and £2500 on the new bus shelter. ACTION: Clerk

Appointment of new external auditor. The audit commission has appointed Mazars LLP to be the external auditor for Sherington Parish Council for the next five years. ACTION: Clerk

“Common Land” book. It was agreed not to buy this book by the Open Spaces Society just yet, but to see what information is offered in the Village Greens book.


Land adjacent to 10 Crofts End . Cllr Keene reported that he had made a personal complaint to MKC as he and other residents are concerned that the new property is not being built in accordance with the approved planning consent. A copy of the letter is to be circulated amongst councillors.

Recent planning decisions. The applications for Harriets End 16 High St to build a single storey rear extension and make internal alterations have been approved.


MKNECAF Wednesday 5th March 08 Lavendon Village Hall. Cllrs Hyde and Burton will try to attend.

Councillors’/Streetcare walkabout. It was agreed that these two walkabouts should be combined, clerk to arrange over the next couple of months. ACTION: Clerk

Code of Conduct training 21st Feb 7pm Civic Offices. This is a repeat of the sessions held in June last year which Cllrs Keene and Burton attended. Other Cllrs will try to attend.


Play area swings. A letter of thanks has been received now that two of the tyre swings have been replaced with conventional seats.

Rural Affordable Housing seminar. This is being held by Bucks Community Action at Waddesdon on 3rd March over lunchtime. Unfortunately this is the same date and time as the pavilion tender deadline. A copy of any literature produced for this seminar will be requested. Cllr Hyde also suggested the need for a quantifiable survey to ascertain the level to which affordable housing is required in the village. ACTION: Clerk


There were none.


Cllr Cook reported that Anglian Water had sent an investigative team to the ditch behind Smiths Yard and is still trying to debate exactly which section is its responsibility. Cllr Burton reported that he has requested Steve Portlock to contact the parish council with information including dates and costings.

Cllr Wright asked if anyone had come forward for the councillor position. There is a notice in SCAN and new posters have been placed around the village.

Cllr Wright commented on the need to protect village welfare and infrastructure, requesting the PC’s viewpoint regarding the Post Office. Cllr Burton agreed to contact the Post Office and Ray and Teddy to find out what the current position is. ACTION: Cllr Burton

Cllr Burton asked about the progress of the extension to the BMX track. The clerk has yet to enquire to MKC about approximate costings but will do so. It was suggested that there is enough going on at Perry Lane this year to not make this a priority. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Burton reported that the garden of 10 Church Road is flooded and this may be due to a blockage between the property and the open ditch. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Hyde reported that the church committee will be placing a note in SCAN about its financial position, and that several fundraising events are planned.

13. DATE OF NEXT MEETING TThe next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th March 2008 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.08 pm ACTION: Clerk

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