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February 2009

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 3rd February 2009 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Peter Burton (Chair), David Keene (arrived 7.45pm), David Hyde, David Wright (arrived 7.35pm) and Peter Cook

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr Sam Potts and four members of the public

Cllrs Thomson and Masters

Cllr Cook declared an interest in item 7

The minutes of the meeting held on 6th January 2009 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

No by-election has been called so the parish council may now co-opt a new councillor. The clerk will place posters in SCAN and around the village. ACTION: Clerk


5.1 Cycle path from Sherington to Newport Pagnell. Ceri Griffin from MKC reports that the plans for this are being worked with the Road Safety team and is awaiting the route resurfacing schedule. He also confirmed that landscaping along cycle routes is continuously monitored. It was agreed to ask to see plans when they are ready. ACTION: Clerk

5.2 Bus shelter. This has been delayed due to some safety concerns being raised by a resident and MKC. These have now been ironed out and sign off is awaited any day now. Installation is still hoped for by end of March.ACTION: Clerk

5.3 Complaint re Land adj. to 10 Crofts End. In response to the second letter sent after the January meeting, Peter Lawrence has now registered this as a Stage 2 complaint, to which David Hackforth, Head of MKC Planning must respond by 18th February 2009.

5.4 Pre-school Play Area. The clerk reported that Matta Products have now laid new safety matting down in the play area, partially funded by MKC; and together with concrete slabs recently laid by MKC Play Areas, and a new all-weather awning the whole area is looking very smart.

5.5 Carters Close trees. Tony Hunt from MKC Landscaping has reported that no trees need to be removed from the green, and any pruning and thinning will be carried out as per the normal annual schedule.


Cllrs Keene, Cook and Hyde met to devise an action plan, following which Cllrs Cook and Hyde met with both Acorn Nurseries and Bernard Crook Garden Centre on site to discuss planting options. Acorn Nurseries suggest planting older trees 4-5 metres apart, rather than young whips at 2 metres apart. Councillors discussed planting a mixture of young and old plants, especially if the community is to be involved. It was agreed to go back to both parties and tweak the quotes to bring the costs under budget, whilst leaving some money for a stile, a couple of wooden seats, a litter bin etc. ACTION: Cllr Cook, Cllr Keene, Cllr Hyde


Cllr Keene commented on this current consultation which aims to identify areas in Milton Keynes that that have long term potential for residential development.


9.1. Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £26419.50; Treasurer Account £20575.12

9.2. Cheques for payment were as follows:

03/02/2009Wendy Austyn Pavilion extension items £34.27 101647
03/02/2009Void Void £ - 101648
03/02/2009A H Contracts Dog bins £82.43 101649
03/02/2009Gopak Ltd Pavilion extension noticeboards £124.73 101650
03/02/2009Milton Keynes Council Pre-school matting £3,027.38 101651
03/02/2009Milton Keynes Council Village Hall footpath repair £7,268.00 101652
03/02/2009Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £526.24 101653
03/02/2009Myriad Contracts Goalpost repairs £131.10 101654
03/02/2009Brinnick Locksmiths & Security Ltd Pavilion extension security grills £2,893.40 101655
03/02/2009Colin Scowen Perry Lane caretaker £50.00 101656
03/02/2009MK Flooring Co Ltd Pavilion extension floor £2,858.05 101657
03/02/2009Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £57.67 101658
03/02/2009David Work Catering Equipment Pavilion extension items £300.54 101659

8.3. Clerk’s wage. A spinal column point (4%) increase backdated to April 2008 was agreed

8.4. Precept. The 2009/10 precept figure was agreed at £20670.


10.1. 08/02055/FUL 45 High St – single storey rear extension No adverse comment.

10.2. 08/02082/FUL Alban Hill Nursery – Certificate of Lawful Existing Use There were no adverse comments however it was noted that not all of the land indicated has actually been used as a nursery.

10.3. 08/02092/FUL Bridge House, Sherington Bridge – single storey rear and first floor side extension - no adverse comments

10.4. 08/02085/LBC, 08/02086/LBC, 08/02087/FUL and 08/02088/FUL – Manor House, High St – convert barn to dwelling, pool and bridge over moat; erect new dwelling and new access onto Crofts End. Councillors had no adverse comments on the application to convert the barns but were divided 3:1 on the application to erect a new dwelling at the far end of the property, close to the wall and create an access way through the wall itself. Although it was agreed that the drawings and design of the new building were excellent, some councillors felt that this kind of development would set an unfortunate precedent for other development proposals for large gardens in the village, and were concerned about the impact this would have on the listed wall, and the moat which is a scheduled ancient monument. Cllrs Cook and Keene agreed to draft a statement for the MKC planning department. ACTION: Cllr Keene, Cllr Cook

10.5. Decisions Permission has been granted to 26 Gun Lane

10.6. Bozeat wind farm A new application has been submitted and sent to the parish council asking for comments. The previous application dated August 2006 for 16 turbines was withdrawn, the new application is for 12 turbines in total although only 3 are designated as Milton Keynes’ jurisdiction. It was agreed to place this on the March agenda.


11.1. Pavilion building project. Cllr Burton reported that the floor is now finished, security grills are installed on windows and electrical work is complete. All that remains are the finishing touches so everything should be ready for use on March 1st with an informal “open morning” at the end of March and an official Opening Ceremony planned for the summer. New funding sources are still being investigated for the refurbishment project. ACTION: Cllr Burton, Clerk

11.2. Pavilion management group. Cllrs Burton, Wright, Thomson and Masters all attended the management group meeting in January to give this project their support. The new reception room is now being advertised in SCAN with other publicity to follow. Cllr Masters is to meet with the cleaner and caretaker to discuss their roles; Cllr Thomson is to source various items for the kitchen, hall and toilets; Cllr Burton to arrange curtains and noticeboards; Cllr Wright and Clerk to obtain quotes for landscaping work. Other financial issues were discussed but not finalised.ACTION: Cllrs Masters, Thomson, Wright & Burton, Clerk

11.3. Pitch and pavilion maintenance. There are now two comparable quotes for pitch maintenance being MKC and Sports, Turf and Garden Services from Cranfield. Cllrs Burton and Wright will liaise to propose the most suitable. Four quotes have been received for landscaping the whole area and it was proposed by Cllr Keene, seconded by Cllr Hyde to accept the quote from DC Blunt of £70 per month, even though it was not the cheapest, as the council already employs them to mow grass and is aware of their excellent standard of work. The goalposts have now been repaired. ACTION: Cllrs Burton & Wright ,Clerk

11.4. Pavilion showers. Cllr Burton has received a more detailed quote from Blue Flame Plumbing and Heating of £4680 which includes adding extra showers as part of the refurbishment plan. Although standing orders state 3 quotes should be obtained it was agreed that shortage of time meant that this quote could be accepted. Work will be complete by 1st March. ACTION: Cllr Burton, Clerk


12.1. MKNECAF Wed 4th March Advance notice of this meeting.

12.2. Neighbourhood Action Group Thurs 5th Feb Sherington VH. A public meeting.


NECAF meetings. The email about lack of MKC officers at this forum has been forwarded to the chair Debbie Brock who responded that this forum should be a priority for MKC officers, especially those from the Environment directorate.


13.1. Sam Potts reported that a combined NAG and NECAF meeting has been suggested. Cllr Keene reminded everyone that the NECAF meetings are also open to the public.

13.2. It was commented that whilst some potholes have been repaired, others have been left. The clerk commented that anyone can report a pothole as and when they spot them, by emailing , also faulty streetlights on ACTION: Clerk

13.3. Dog poo bags and recycling sacks are available from the shop.


14.1. Cllr Cook reported that the flooding at the Sherington Bridge turn is due to blocked gullies and ditches. MKC to be asked to clear the gullies. ACTION: Clerk

14.2. It was reported that bark on trees at the Mound is being stripped away, probably by deer.

14.3. Cllr Wright reported that he will be removing the ash tree on the boundary of his property. Due to its size and location, it interferes with the street light and sewer. It is also in consideration to a proposed extension to the property.

14.4. Cllr Burton reported posters on lamp posts advertising a bungalow for sale/rent. It was agreed this is not desirable.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd March 2009 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.31pm

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