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Parish Council Minutes

January 2004

Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 6th January 2004 at the School.

PRESENT: Cllr David Keene (Chair), Cllr Peter Cook, Cllr Bill Lewis, Cllr David Hyde, Cllr Bob Finn, Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Sarah Jackson.


2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: : The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd December 2003 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.

Thames Valley Police: WPC Clare Westrop attended, regarding the two distraction burglaries in the village last year. She advised that a new Home Office Video on the subject was now available and that she would be happy to attend the village and show this to residents. It was agreed that an ideal time would be at the end of one of the Bowls Club sessions on a Monday afternoon. Mr Arnold will speak to the Bowls Club and obtain their opinion, he will then liase with the Parish Council on a possible date. This will be in February in order that a prior notice can be put in Scan. Mr Hulston will inform the Thursday Lunch Club. Brochures on this subject have been put in the village shops.


3.1 Multi Activity Area: This is imminent, Bernard Perkins is currently chasing the installers for a firm date.

3.2 Village Appraisal: A draft document has been compiled by Cllr Keene. All Councillors have now been supplied with this and it will be discussed in depth at the Budget meeting. Meetings will then be arranged with village groups for the completion of the forms.

3.3 Village Trees: An application has been made to the Planning Dept for the felling of the tree on the Knoll. Sports Ground Services have been asked not to carry out any of the tree surgery until approval has been given.

3.4 Perry Lane Recreation Area: A further meeting has been arranged for February. This will be an open meeting to be held in the Village Hall. At the moment there appears to be support for a possible Tennis Court and Multi Activity Area.

3.5 Bus Service: Milton Keynes Council have advised that there will be changes to the No1 service effective from 18th January. This will involve some peak time buses coming through the village. Clerk will contact Stuart Simmonds and ask which services will be re-instated.

3.6 Village Repairs: Andy McPherson has not as yet sent the details of the last Village Survey. Cllr Hyde will chase this. Cllr Keene advised of light out in Corn Close. Cllr Jackson had contacted EMEB regarding their letter on the safety of the overhead cables in the village and was advised that an in depth patrol of wiring in Gun Lane and other parts of the village, will be carried out in mid 2004. Cllr Jackson will request that the Parish Council be notified in advance of exactly when this is to be carried out. There is a damaged sign in Perry Lane, Cllr Hyde will inspect and report to the Clerk.

3.7 Village Hall Path: A further letter had been received from the Trustees stating that their position remains unaltered with regard to the siting of a possible path. The Parish Council will further consider the installation of a path on their land around the perimeter of the car park. It was felt that this was something on which the views of the user groups should be obtained. This could be done in conjunction with the completion of the Village Appraisal documents.

3.8 Cycle Path Route: A presentation has been arranged for Saturday 10th January in the Village Hall from 10.30am to 12.30pm. This information has been put in the Scan, it is however noted that the January Scan has not yet been delivered. Clerk will put notices on boards tomorrow. All present were requested to spread this information to as many people as possible. Cllr Keene will contact the Youth Club.


Current Balances: The current balances are 10,786.43 in the Enterprise Account and 397.60 in the Treasurer Account.

Cheques: It was agreed that the following cheques be signed:

P Burton Presentation Expenses 13.60Cheque 101155
Powergen Pavilion Electric 26.23Cheque 101156
T Pilcher Xmas Tree Electric 25.00Cheque 101157
J Sharp Clerk's Salary 176.50Cheque 101158
J Sharp Expenses Oct-Dec 27.36Cheque 101159


03/02189 Willow House, 2 Church End The Council have been advised that the application discussed last month has now been withdrawn. A further set of plans have been received with alterations. The Parish Council will advise Milton Keynes Council that any objections received from neighbours, be given serious consideration. Action: Clerk
03/01911 7 Perry Lane We have been advised by Milton Keynes Council that this application has been refused.


Thames Valley Police Meeting: This will be held at Newport Pagnell on Thursday 8th January.


Campus Extension to Ousedale School at Olney: This item had been seen by Councillors, it was agreed that support be given for this plan. Action: Clerk

The Peoples Places Award Scheme: This could be a possible area of funding for the improvements to the Perry Lane Recreation Area. Details have been retained.

Flood Alert: Cllr Hyde anticipated that there could be further problems in Water Lane and asked whether Anglian Water could be requested to carry out a presentation to the Parish Council. Clerk will contact Anglian Water. Action: Clerk


Mr Sims advised that there had been another power surge in the High Street, which had damaged computers. To ask EMEB for further clarification as to the reasons for these incidents.

Mr Ferris asked about the promised screening around the compound in Newport Road. Cllr Cook advised that a Hawthorn Hedge had been planted, but was slow growing.


Village School/Pre School: Cllr Cook advised that there was concern about the future of the village schools. Clerk advised that this is a problem in most of the villages, due to the earlier age of school entry and the falling birth rate. Another local village is looking to move the pre-school into the infants school, but this is something to be discussed between the two groups.

Christmas Tree: Cllr Lewis had received favourably comments on the xmas tree. Thanks will be put in Scan to the group responsible.

12. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on 3rd February 2004 in the School at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 9.05pm

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