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Parish Council Minutes

January 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th January 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: : Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), David Keene, Bob Finn and Peter Burton.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), and two public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllrs Sarah Jackson and Peter Cook

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item.

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING After item 19.4 “patch” was amended to read “path”, the minutes of the meeting held on 7th December 2004 were then agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1 Street Lighting, Water Lane: Alec Chinnery at Central Networks has confirmed the under grounding will not proceed before February, allowing MKC time to erect new street lights, the cost of which will be £800. CN will then connect the street lights free of charge. There are possibly still some minor issues to be resolved regarding boundaries and way leaves. A letter has also gone to BT about the removal of shared poles. ACTION: Cllr Jackson to follow up. The approval of the £800 spend was proposed by Cllr Burton and seconded by Cllr Lewis, the Clerk will now write to Alan Coleman at MKC confirming this and that we wish to go ahead ASAP ACTION: Clerk

4.2 Village Repairs:

      4.2.1. The Chairman reported that the footpath in Crofts End has now been reinstated.

      4.2.2. The Chairman reported that although power has been restored on the triangle of land on the corner of High Street and Crofts End, the repair man was obstructed by ivy and unable to carry out the necessary work to the street light. This is therefore still outstanding.

      4.2.3 White lines outside Haynes Garage – the Clerk will chase Ian Buckle at MKC further to his promise that this will be done in the New Year. ACTION: Clerk

      4.2.4 Gas pipeline - The Chairman reported that he had spoken to Lilian Drew at MKC who confirmed that we must give Transco a chance to clear up after themselves but should continue to monitor the situation. Cllr Burton passed on a suggestion from Cllr Cook that the grass verge on the corner of Gun Lane and High Street be sufficiently rebuilt to prevent any vehicular access.

4.3 Perry Lane Pavilion: Cllr Burton reported that upon his last inspection the state of the pavilion was significantly better but there was still room for improvement. The Clerk reported that there has been no response to the Council’s letter to the Football Club.

4.4 Village Fete: The Chairman has contacted Sue Herbert regarding the Council’s involvement on this occasion, the details of which were discussed last month.

4.5 Vilage Trees: The Clerk reported that Salcey Arborcare have been requested to carry out the tree felling/pruning. As yet no response has been received as to when this will be carried out. Clerk to chase. The Clerk also reported that John Cook will liaise with the contractor directly re using any of the felled logs to replace the existing Village Hall car park boundary. ACTION: Clerk

4.6 Permanent SID costs: The Clerk reported that the clerks at Yardley Hastings and Stoke Goldington have been contacted, neither of whom has provided any information yet. Clerk to chase. ACTION: Clerk

The Clerk received an email from Richard Duffill, once again sending his apologies over a diary mix up. It was agreed that a letter would be sent to him, expressing disappointment but requesting his attendance at the February meeting, along with the plans and program. It was also agreed that the same information should be available at the Village Exhibition on February 19th. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Burton reported that he had met with Richard Townend, Parish Projects Officer, along with Cllr Jackson and John Cook. Mr Townend was sympathetic regarding the car park problems and promised to set up a meeting on site of all the people responsible for the car park to get things moving. Cllr Burton has sent him an email to confirm this.


7.1 Multi purpose area. Cllr Burton is monitoring the hard play area and reported that the cracks are no worse at this stage. Bernard Perkins at MKC will contact Wicksteed Leisure if the problem worsens.

7.2 Junior Football pitch. Cllr Burton reported that the netting was replaced on Christmas Eve and thanks to Peter Crook for taking care of this at such short notice. The Chairman explained that the netting had become badly damaged and had needed to be replaced urgently to avoid possible damage to the newly seeded areas before they had become established. It was accepted that this expenditure will have to be approved when the invoice is received. Condolences were sent via Cllr Burton to Peter Crook and family following the recent death of his father, Bernard.

Cllr Burton confirmed that the next SRMG meeting is on 17th January when the group will decide the next course of action. Richard Townend has been nominated by Caroline Godfrey to draw up the constitution for whichever body takes this project forward.

The Chairman contacted Andy McPherson at MKC who could not foresee any objections to Daimler Chrysler’s proposals. However Steve Crowther in Landscape Management has also seen the drawing and will be sending someone to have a look at the mound and confirm whether the bund as proposed will indeed be suitable. The bund must be of a specific height and design so as to prevent vehicles going over it. Daimler Chrysler has requested an update following their proposal so the Chairman gave contact details to both parties. Mr Crowther also stated that the mound was never really completed as was originally intended, so he would like to take this forward now and also ensure that the future maintenance of the mound e.g. cleaning is properly managed.

The topics and those responsible for managing them were agreed as follows:
Perry Lane Car Park, Pavilion and Recreation Ground – Cllr Burton
Neighbourhood Watch scheme – Cllr Lewis. It was agreed to try and get Alan Sims (if he is willing) and the MK Safety Partnership/local police involved. Clerk will write to the Safety Partnership. ACTION: Clerk
Village Appraisal – Cllr Finn
Cycle Path – Cllr Keene. It is hoped that Richard Duffill will also attend or at least provide plans.
Shelter – Cllr Burton will ask Jane Coles if she would like to manage this.
Parish Council Financial Plan - Cllr Finn
Cable Under grounding – Cllr Jackson. The Chairman offered to take some photographs for this.
ACTION: All Councillors to get relevant materials together
It was agreed that the title of this exhibition be “Parish Council Open Morning”, with a full page poster to be placed in SCAN and on the village website. ACTION: Clerk Pat Seymour and Jan Philips will also be interested. Posters can be placed around village. It was suggested that the Youth Club might like to provide refreshments to raise their funds; the Clerk will ask Jane Coles. ACTION: Clerk. Cllr Burton will also speak to Mr Pepper about his display boards, ACTION: Cllr Burton, and Cllr Keene will provide a laptop and projector on the day. It was suggested that the Council meet prior to the Open Morning to finalise arrangements.


11.1 Monthly balances: Enterprise Account Balance £9435.16; Treasurer Account Balance £689.98

11.2 Cheque signatories: It was proposed by Cllr Keene and seconded by Cllr Finn that all Council members be signatories to the bank accounts. The Clerk will arrange for a mandate to be completed and confirm that new signatories will have to present identification at the bank. ACTION: Clerk

11.3 Clerk's Manual: . £35 payment for an essential guide for local councils was approved. It was also agreed that the Clerk should charge the Council an appropriate percentage of the cost for printer cartridges.

11.4 Cheques for payment were as follows:

Village Hall Hall Hire £11.00 Cheque 101222
W. Austyn Clerks Salary £162.87 Cheque 101223
W. Austyn Clerks Expenses £5.50 Cheque 101224
SLCC Clerk's Manual £35.50 Cheque 101225

As per last meeting, Graham Skinner has agreed to organise a SID, repaint existing road markings and paint new ones – all in the New Year. Clerk to now chase up. ACTION: Clerk

There were no planning applications to consider.

The Chairman attended the Freedom of Information Act presentation on 16th December, where a useful presentation was given by Clare Walsh.


15.1 Parish Council Charter. The proposed new Parish/Town Council Charter has been received and reviewed by the Council. It was agreed to adopt this Charter, especially as this is a prerequisite to receiving any funding from the Parish Partnership scheme. ACTION: Clerk

15.2 Parish Partnership Fund Application. Requests for funding must be received by 11th March 2005.

15.3 Letter from Sherington resident. A letter to the Transport and Environment dept at MKC has been copied to Sherington Parish Council containing a request for a street light on The Knoll. As this matter has previously been considered by the Council, it was agreed to await MKC’s response.

15.4 Street Cleansing. A letter has been received from MKC requesting details of village events so that street cleansing schedules can be rearranged to follow accordingly. The Clerk will respond with details of the fete on June 25th 2005. ACTION: Clerk.


16.1: A resident was concerned that in a previous meeting, the responsibility for Perry Lane Car Park was in question. Cllr Burton confirmed that that MKC is responsible for physical state, but SPC have a 50% cost share agreement.

16.2: A resident brought a recent article from a local publication regarding shelters. It was agreed this would be circulated amongst Councillors.


17.1 Cllr Keene suggested the Council be aware of possible funding available, as advertised in The Clerk magazine, if and when the Village Appraisal needs updating.

17.2 Cllr Lewis suggested that hard copies of the Village Appraisal are made available at the Open Morning

17.3 Cllr Burton reported from the village meeting held following the Asian Disaster on Boxing Day. It has been suggested that Sherington may like to “adopt” a village, raising funds etc. He also proposed that the Council donate £100 to the Sherington Appeal, seconded by Cllr Lewis. This will be formally approved at the next meeting.

17.4 Cllr Burton suggested that the Council obtain information as to who owns what land in Sherington i.e. major fields adjacent to the built up area. It was agreed that a general enquiry would be made to the Land Registry; Cllr Burton will give contact details to the Clerk. ACTION: Clerk.

17.5 The Chairman is currently in possession of several bags of daffodil and narcissi bulbs, donated by Bernard Crook and obtained via Helen Vale. It was agreed these should be planted in the village and several people agreed to plant a bag or two

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING : The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st February 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.24pm.  

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