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January 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 9th January 2007 in Sherington School commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), David Hyde (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, Peter Burton, Bob Finn and David Wright

ATTENDING: Lara Bruce (acting Clerk) Wendy Austyn (minute taker/returning Clerk) and 3 public.


2. CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLOR The council agreed to co-opt David Wright who duly signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office. David agreed to abide by the Standing Orders and will complete a Register of Interests within 28 days. ACTION: Cllr Wright.

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Cook declared an interest in the planning application for Winnowing Barn; Cllr Keene declared an interest in the application for 10 Crofts End; and Cllr Hyde declared an interest in the St Lauds Church payment that was approved via email.

N.B Later on during the meeting the clerk reminded Cllrs that they need not necessarily leave the room when they had declared an interest. They could opt to remain in the room but not take part in the discussion, or could choose their words very carefully so as not to appear prejudiced.

On behalf of the council, the Chairman welcomed back Wendy Austyn as Clerk and thanked Lara Bruce for doing such a sterling job whilst Wendy was on leave. Wendy will fully take over the reins from the February meeting.

4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 5th December 2006 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


5.1. Streetcare Pilot scheme At their meeting on Monday 11th December Cllrs Lewis and Hyde presented Ian McGregor with a list of items needing attention, some of which having already been reported, and Ian has since prepared a blank form to be completed with these and any additional items, when the Streetcare Walkabout takes place. Cllrs and MKC will together assess the condition of all roads, footpaths, verges etc and prioritise appropriate remedial actions. It was agreed to ensure that all roads have been included and request that additional areas such as Alban Hill, Sherington Bridge, Perry Lane car park, the Mound etc are added, as well as any extra footpaths such as Corn Close (the shortcut between School Lane and Crofts End). ACTION: Clerk and Cllrs. The Clerk will now chase Ian McGregor for a date for the Streetcare Walkabout ACTION: Clerk.

5.2 Flooding in Water Lane. The Clerk reported that there had been no more incidents since the recent camera survey and root clearance. Two Anglian Water representatives will be attending the February meeting to talk about the village drainage system, along with MKC and a representative from Mark Lancaster’s office. AW has been sent a list of Cllrs questions in advance and Ian McGregor has been invited to respond to AW’s claim that there is inadequate highways drainage in Water Lane. Cllr Burton reported that the most recent roots were located outside Doug Smith’s house which is just outside of where the sewer has been sleeved. It was agreed to contact the AW reps before the Feb meeting to request they bring plans of the village drainage system, findings of their recent camera survey and details of future proposals for the village. ACTION: Clerk

5.3 Undergrounding and street lighting. Cllr Hyde reported that Bob Semple Central Networks has confirmed work on the High Street and Crofts End will recommence on 16th February until it is completed. The street lamp on Crofts End opposite School Lane will cost £188 + VAT. Bob would like to get Phase 2 underway as soon as possible which covers School Lane and Church Road. It was agreed to contact John Peachey with regard to the cost of new street lights; and Bob Semple to confirm whether any other roads that spur from Church Road e.g. Park Road are to be included. ACTION: Cllr Hyde


6.1. Footpath to Newport Pagnell. Ian McGregor has agreed to send a representative to inspect the path and possibly contact the landowners regarding the hedges ACTION: Clerk to chase

6.2. Roadside Verges. Cllrs are concerned that verges in Gun Lane, Crofts End and Bedford Road are rapidly disappearing. One suggestion was to selectively narrow roads so that only one vehicle can pass at a time. It was agreed to make this a priority on the Streetcare repairs pilot scheme.

6.3. Damage and fly tipping. A pallet has been left near the Mound; the street sign on Newport Road has been knocked over again; and the reflector sign at the A509 turnoff into Sherington needs repairing. ACTION: Clerk to report/chase

6.4. The Mound. The clerk reported that the CCTV is still to be installed, and will query again as to whether a litter bin can be placed there. ACTION: Clerk


Cllr Hyde is still looking into this. It may be appropriate for the council to engage the services of a solicitor/conveyancer. ACTION: Cllr Hyde


8.1 Caretaker Report. . Shane Lea had reported nothing new for December. Outstanding items are the guttering on the pavilion that needs repairing, and the lock on the storage shed that needs replacing. It was agreed to get quotes for this work ACTION: Clerk.

8.2 Repair of goal mouths. Sherington Football Club’s season ends in May, and this doesn’t allow sufficient time for repairs before any summer tournaments i.e. Argos. It was agreed to pursue the idea of relocating the pitch on the same field and installing temporary goal posts, the two pitches could even possibly be alternated each year. Quotes need to be obtained for the existing goal mouth repair, it was agreed to contact Synergy (part of MKC) for advice on whether to reseed or turf; and on relocating the pitch and any other related issues such as the power point on the pitch. ACTION: Cllrs Cook and Wright to arrange a meeting with Dave Potts. Cllr Burton also happy to help.

8.3 New equipment. It was agreed that the parish council would itself apply to the Football Foundation for a grant towards refurbishment of showers and a line marking machine. It was suggested that the electricity supply to the pavilion might also need reviewing. ACTION: Clerk.


9.1 Village Post Office. It was agreed to write to Post Office HQ for details of their proposals concerning Sherington Post Office. Ray and Teddy Barber, and Mark Lancaster MP to be copied in. The letter will not contain any reference to Ray and Teddy’s personal circumstances ACTION: Clerk. Cllr Lewis will keep Ray and Teddy updated ACTION: Cllr Lewis

9.2 Development. Further to the meeting with MKC Planning’s Bob Wilson, Cllr Keene will draft a response to the Rural Area Development Strategy document which the council can discuss and approve at the February meeting. ACTION Cllr Keene..


10.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £22396.64. Treasurer Account £544.90.

10.2 Last month's payments. As there were insufficient councillors at the December meeting to constitute a forum, the payments were approved by the council via email.

10.3 Cheques for payment were as follows:

09/01/07Lara Bruce Clerks Salary £115.73 101418
09/01/07Lara Bruce Clerks Expenses £6.89 101419
09/01/07Raymond Graham Hawthorn hedging £295.00 101420
09/01/07Aylesbury Mains Ltd Street Lighting £220.90 101421
09/01/07Powergen Pavilion electricity £36.34 101422
09/01/07R G Finn Cables for Christmas tree lights £23.45 101423
09/01/07Shane Lea Pavilion caretaker £50.00 101424
09/01/07SLCC Clerks membership (W Austyn) £65.00 101425


11.1. 06/01761/FUL Alban Hill The Clerk reported that MKC are going to refuse this application but would still like the council’s considered response. Cllrs were divided with the main concern being whether the new residential development will be tied to the business.

11.2. 06/01875/FUL End Farm, Water Lane Cllrs had no adverse comments.

11.3. 06/01913/FUL Land adjacent to 10 Crofts End Cllr Keene left the room. Cllrs were opposed to this revision of an MKC previously approved application on the grounds that it is an over development of the site.

11.4. 06/02009/FUL Winnowing Barn Cllr Cook left the room. Cllrs agreed to reserve judgement until more information regarding visual impact is supplied. Tony Pilcher advised that an aerial doesn’t have to be sited near to where the data it produces is processed; and also suggested that the council enquire as to what power levels the aerial will operate at. ACTION: Clerk

11.5. Recent planning decisions
Applications for Manor Farm and Manor House were approved.


12.1. Precept Meeting. Agreed for Mon January 22nd 7.30pm Cllr Keene’s house.

12.2. Landscape Character Assessment. Mon 15th January 7.30pm Olney Youth Centre. Cllrs Lewis, Keene and Hyde will try to attend.


13.1. Willen Under 10s football. This team have asked to use the football pitch on Saturday morning 13th Jan. SFC have advised that they will need the pitch in good condition themselves the same day so it was agreed to refuse this request. ACTION: Clerk

13.2. MK2031 Long Term Growth Strategy Review. In response to the huge document provided it was agreed by majority to respond that the parish council support the representations made on the current South East Regional plan. ACTION: Clerk

13.3. Twinning Association milestone. LCllr Lewis declared an interest in this item. The council raised queries as to the most appropriate location of the milestone, and whether it would be vandal proof. It was also queried whether planning permission would be needed. ACTION: Cllr Lewis to take these comments back to the Twinning Association committee and contact MKC planning dept

13.4. MKC 2007/08 Budget Consultation. Cllrs were invited to complete questionnaires. ACTION: Cllrs (optional)

13.5. Parish Partnership Fund. The application form has been received with a deadline of 9th March. This will be discussed at the precept meeting.

13.6. Wind Farms. Cllr Lewis had circulated a newspaper article reporting that wind farms are not efficient.


14.1. A resident suggested that the council consider the Executive Summary of the MK2031 Long Term Growth Strategy Review which includes the comments that the M1 motorway should not be seen as a boundary to the urban area; and that the East of the M1 would not be adversely affected by development as it could do with being improved aesthetically anyway.

14.2. A resident reported that since the Carters Close development, 80 new houses or extensions have been granted planning permission and none of these have been affordable housing. The council was asked to take this into account when considering any small scale development in the village.


15.1. Cllr Finn reported that the dead tree has now been removed from the Knoll and there were others that needed keeping an eye on. There is a stump that needs grinding but this can wait until a more appropriate time. He also thanked Tony Pilcher and Mike Inskipp for helping to take the Christmas tree down.

15.2. Cllr Burton reported that weeds are once again taking over the border of Perry Lane car park and this needs regular maintenance. ACTION: Clerk to check when next maintenance is due

15.3. Cllr Burton reported that the proposed location of the new bench on the corner of Carters Close had been agreed. The Clerk will send MKC a plan for their approval. ACTION: Clerk

15.4. Cllr Burton enquired on progress of the new bus shelter on School Lane. The Clerk reported that Stuart Simmonds of MKC Transport dept will be carrying out a safety audit and is sending the clerk a plan for the intended location of the shelter to be marked and sent back to him. ACTION: Clerk

15.5. Cllr Hyde reported that he had seen the gully sucking machine in Carters Close today and asked whether it covered the whole village. A resident confirmed it had been in Crofts End.

15.6. Cllr Hyde asked that the pothole outside Haynes Garage be reported again as urgent. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

15.7. Cllr Lewis enquired on progress of the cycle path. It was agreed to chase Pat Seymour for the Safety Audit report. ACTION: Clerk

15.8. Cllr Lewis reported that the spinney outside Mercers Farm may need some attention. It was agreed to wait for the under grounding work to be completed and then review.

15.9. Cllr Lewis reported that Sherington Historical Society is preparing a Welcome Pack for new residents and it was agreed for the council to provide its details for inclusion. ACTION: Clerk

15.10. Cllr Lewis had received concerns from a resident regarding noise and inconvenience caused by lorries at Haynes Garage. Cllr Lewis will speak to Bernard Haynes ACTION: Cllr Lewis

16. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th February 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.43pm.

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