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Parish Council Minutes

July 2010

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 6th July 2010 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Peter Burton (Chair), David Hyde, David Keene, Trevor Kirby, Ian Thomson and John Ager.

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), and three other members of the public

Cllr Cook.

Cllr Keene declared an interest in the planning application for 8 Crofts End.

The minutes of the meeting held on 1st June 2010 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1 Village Clean Up event The Serco kits have been ordered from MKC to be delivered to the village hall; Cllr Keene passed a plan of the village divided into sectors to Chris Smith (Youth Club leader who was present until after this item); posters to be put up to encourage village attendance; volunteers will be in small supervised groups. ACTION: Clerk

4.2 Benches Cllr Thomson reported that the benches in the storage hut are in suitable condition, he is arranging for one to be sited opposite Manor Farm.. ACTION: Cllr Thomson


Cllr Burton reported that the village meeting on Saturday 19th June was very well attended with a presentation from Ian Toye of the Plunkett Foundation and lots of positive enthusiasm from the residents. Some 20 people volunteered to be part of the new steering group; 16 of those have already attended an inaugural meeting on 30th June with the next meeting on 7th July when the officers will be appointed and a plan of action devised.


Cllr Keene has obtained two quotes from Sherington Nurseries for a new stile: £375 for a standard foot stile and £575 for a bridle gate. This work will need to wait until the Autumn when the hedge will need to be cut away – Cllr Keene will speak to J W Cook & Son about this. It was reported that the footpath leading to the copse is overgrown but agreed to address after the harvest; during this dry weather spell it was also agreed to not water the trees and let their roots reach downwards to find moisture and maintain strength. ACTION: Cllr Keene


Cllr Thomson reported that he had been asked by the school governors’ publicity working group to look into the possibility of erecting brown finger post signs indicating the presence of the school. Councillors questioned the effectiveness of such signs, where they would be placed and also whether brown signs were allowed for schools. It was agreed that the clerk will find out which type of signs are acceptable and that Cllr Thomson will go back to the working group to clarify the exact requirements. ACTION: Clerk, Cllr Thomson


8.1 Monthly Balances Enterprise Account £4388.11; Treasurer Account £3206.20

8.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

06/07/2010D C Blunt Gardening Services Mowing village £822.50 101814
06/07/2010D C Blunt Gardening Services Perry Lane groundsman £546.38 101814
06/07/2010Sports Ground Services Mowing rec field £324.30 101815
06/07/2010A H Contracts Dog bins £82.25 101816
06/07/2010Anglian Water Water at pavilion £253.41 101817
06/07/2010E.ON Electricity for pavilion £132.47 101818
06/07/2010Bucks Playing Fields Association Subscription £20.00 101819
06/07/2010Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £244.57 101820
06/07/2010Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £14.39 101821
06/07/2010Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker/bookings £106.95 101822
06/07/2010Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £42.00 101823
06/07/2010J Arnold Plumbing repair pavilion £35.00 101824
06/07/2010St Lauds Church Flower Festival donation £50.00 101825

8.3 Play Area Improvement Fund The parish council has been awarded £5000 of matched funding to improve the play area at the village hall. ACTION: Clerk


9.1 10/01072/FUL 11 Crofts End – front and side extension. There were no adverse comments.

9.2 10/010174/TCA 8 Crofts End – fell one poplar tree. After listening to the MKC tree officer’s recommendation, councillors raised no objections but would like to see a more modest deciduous tree planted close to the original location of the poplar, as a replacement.

Decisions. None.


10.1. Pavilion management group. Cllr Thomson reported that the car park has been repaired; and the outstanding issues including the flooring are still being dealt with. It was proposed by Cllr Burton and seconded by Cllr Keene that a continuous half page advert be placed in SCAN magazine. This will cost £110. ACTION: Cllr Thomson, Cllr Burton, Clerk


11.1. NAG meeting 19th July 7pm Stoke Goldington Reading Room


12.1. Website. The author of the website has asked for any suggestions on how to revamp the parish council pages of the village website.

12.2. Pavilion water. A letter has been received from John Arnold (retired plumber) raising concern that the two recent water leaks at the pavilion have not been identified as the partial cause of the high water bills. The council acknowledged that whilst this was not properly realised at the start of the year, it is now, together with increased usage and estimated bills. Water usage at the pavilion is now being carefully monitored so that it can be more accurately budgeted for. ACTION: Clerk


13.1. A resident raised concerns over bonfires in gardens with the resulting smoke having an adverse effect on other people. It was agreed to clarify the legal guidelines with MKC. ACTION: Clerk

13.2. The issue of poor road conditions was raised. The clerk confirmed that the central section of the High St is due to be resurfaced.

13.3. The parish council was thanked for its work carried out so far in support of a new shop for the village.ACTION: Clerk

13.4. The chairman of the Village Hall trustees asked for whom to contact regarding concerns over car parking, safety and landscaping regarding the proposed new shop. It was agreed that he should contact the chair of the new shop committee, this person’s details to be passed on. It was acknowledged that a legal agreement between the parish council and village hall will be needed over the shared car park. ACTION: Clerk

At this point Cllr Thomson left the meeting for a few minutes. (8.40 pm)

13.5. A concern was raised over the levels of revenue expenditure at the pavilion against its income. It was agreed that it is still early days for this new project, the building and recreation ground must be properly maintained, and that income and expenditure will continue to be carefully monitored.

13.6. A resident enquired about “limited development” in the village. The parish council confirmed it was consulted on MKC’s Local Development Framework Core Strategy a few years ago and indicated a willingness for Sherington to accept a limited amount of new housing growth to support the retention of key village facilities. Milton Keynes Council has now suggested that Sherington is a “Selected Village” that could accommodate between 20 and 40 new dwellings. The Core Strategy is on hold because of changes in the national planning system. The precise selection of sites will await preparation of Site Allocations Document that will be prepared in due course.

13.7. It was suggested that the benches in the storage hut belong to Sherington FC.


14.1. Cllr Hyde reported that the Cycling Officer Ceri Griffin has stated he is awaiting information from Highways on road repair schedules before being able to progress the cycle path to Newport Pagnell. ACTION: Clerk

14.2. Cllr Burton reported he had received visitors from Hanslope Parish Council and its Recreation Facilities committee, and had showed them around the new pavilion and discussed funding possibilities that might be available to them for a similar project.

14.3. Cllr Burton reported that nets have been placed over the junior goal posts in the village hall play area. It was agreed to try and find out who put them there, and what the guidelines are over leaving nets permanently in place that could pose a danger to children. ACTION: Clerk

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th September 2010 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm

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