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Parish Council Minutes

July 2004

Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 6th July 2004 at the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: : Cllr David Hyde (Chair), Cllr David Keene, Cllr Bob Finn, Cllr Sarah Jackson, Cllr Peter Cook, Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Bill Lewis.

1. APOLOGIES: Cllr Seymour (Milton Keynes Council).


3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes of the meeting held on 1st June 2004 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.


4.1 Gateway Feature/Speed Limit: : There was discussion about the second set of drawings sent by Andy Coe. It was proposed by Cllr Hyde and seconded by Cllr Burton that instead of the gateway feature, green signs be requested, as are at the North end of the High Street. All agreed, Clerk will inform Milton Keynes Council. ACTION: Clerk

4.2 Village Appraisal: There are further revisions to be made. Councillors will meet at Cllr Burtons on Tuesday 20th July, 8pm.

4.3 Village Repairs: Milton Keynes Council have completed the survey. Andy McPherson has sent two lists, one which should be carried out within six weeks, and the second, which consists of more major works and will depend on whether approved by Milton Keynes Councillors (cost 266,000).

4.4 Village Hall Football Area: Cllr Cook had made the goal mouths safe. A quote of 660 net from Bernard Crook Garden Services. It was agreed that this sounded a very fair price to level the areas in front of the goal mouths and re-seed. Cllr Keene proposed that this be accepted (subject to a second quote), and that the work should be carried out in mid September. Seconded by Cllr Cook, agreed by all. ACTION: Clerk

4.5 Village Trees: : It had been noticed that a Chestnut tree in front of the school was dying. John Price (MKC), had looked at this and will arrange to have it taken down, if it shows no improvement.

4.6 New Speed Limit Signs: Milton Keynes Council have ordered enhanced signs for Bedford Road. Gun Lane will have them installed at the same time as the speed limit extension.

4.7 Cycle Path: There has been no further communication from Richard Duffill. It was agreed that Cllr Keene should copy Cllr Mabbutt, with correspondence. Will again request that this item be place on the Agenda for the Area Forum. ACTION: Cllr Keene

4.8 Dog Bins: Clerk has a quote of 2.20 per bin from AH Contracts. This company empties the bins very satisfactory in Olney and will have a net saving to the Parish Council of approx 150 per annum. It was proposed by Cllr Lewis and seconded by Cllr Keene that we give and required notice to Milton Keynes Council and change contractor. All agreed. ACTION: Clerk

5. WATER LANE-UNDRGROUNDING OF CABLES: Councillors had walked the area and had been advised by Cllr Jackson of the proposed work to be carried out in 2005. Cllr Hyde advised that he did not think at this stage that the Parish Council should accept responsibility for the replacing of the three lights. Clerk will speak to MKC about this and report back. ACTION: Clerk


a) Caretaking/Refurbishment: The pavilion is in need of attention to the showers, toilets and kitchen area. To keep it in good condition, there should ideally be a cleaner employed by the Parish Council. Both these factors have financial implications. There is currently a 1,000 budget for the Perry Lane Recreation Area which could be used for this purpose. It was requested that Cllr Burton create a list of immediate repairs that are required. Prices can then be obtained. ACTION: Cllr Burton

b) Hire Prices 2004/5: A meeting had taken place between Sherington Football Club and Parish Councillors. Cllr Keen made the following proposal " That for 2004/5 the cost to Sherington Football Club would increase to 120 (for the season, they would still continue to look after the pavilion). There will also be an index linked increase in following years. Once the refurbishment has been completed, then there will be a further review of the prices. This motion was seconded by Cllr Cook, all agreed. It was also agreed that the other football clubs will have a similar increase of 20% of the prices for the forthcoming season.

Cllr Burton asked what the decision of the Council had been about the cradle swings. It was agreed that a decision on these be deferred until next years budget is set. The old building has been taken down (thanks to Cllr Cook for his help). Three prices have been obtained for the new building, it was agreed by all that the lowest of 3,900 be accepted and the unit ordered. ACTION: Clerk

7. VILLAGE HALL FOOTPATH: Following further discussion the following proposal was made by Cllr Keene" The Parish Council no longer think that the proposed path on the far side of the car park, is appropriate. Instead the Council are in favour of a path adjacent to the Village Hall". This proposal was seconded by Cllr Finn and agreed by all Councillors. It was further agreed that in view of this decision and the letter received from several users of the hall, that the Village Hall Committee and Trustees be requested to attend the next meeting. ACTION: Clerk


8.1 Balances: The current balance are 10,794.16 in the Enterprise Account and 2,073.75 in the Treasurer Account.

8.2 Cheques: It was agreed that the following cheques be signed:

A Pilcher Notice Boards and Seats 311.50Cheque 101185
Sports Ground Services Perry Lane Mowing 534.63Cheque 101186
J Sharp Clerks Salary 187.50Cheque 101187
Powergen Pavilion Electric 20.37Cheque 101188
D Blunt Ground Maintenance 924.26Cheque 101189


04/00961 14 High Street There are no objections
04/00675 2 Gun Lane The plans have been refused
04/00661 Land adjacent to White Hart The plans have been refused
04/00457 25 Crofts End The plans have been refused


Thames Valley Police Liaison Meeting: Cllr Lewis attended and advised that the police were hoping to have a local call centre at some time in the future. There were only 19 reported crimes for the village last year in comparison to 119 per 1000 people in Milton Keynes generally.

Area Forum: Cllr Hyde attended, the main topic being the proposed storage area adjacent to Emberton Park.

Football: Cllrs Keene, Hyde and Burton had met with Sherington Football Club.


St Lauds Church; Letter advising the that Pig Roast planning for Saturday 10th July, had been cancelled, but thanking Wendy Haynes for cleaning the pavilion.

Speedcheck Campaign: Letter advising that the posters would not be used for the time being as the contractor had been lost. There were also problems with using BT poles for the Speed Indicator Devices.


Water Lane: Mr Pilcher advised that a project manager would be required when the undergrounding work commenced.

Village Hall Path: Mr Pilcher advised that the problem was historic and that exactly the same situation had risen 12 years ago.

Speed Limit Advice: Mr Sims asked whether new ways of advising people that they are entering a speed limit, could be investigated.

Gun Lane Kerbing: Mrs Graham asked whether this was to be continued. As advised last month, this has been recommended.

Perry Lane Sports Facility: Wendy Haynes thanked the Parish Council for their understanding during the discussions regarding hire fees.

13. COUNCILLORS ITEMS: There were no Councillors items.

14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: : The next Meeting will be held on 7th September 2004 in the VILLAGE HALL at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 9.45pm

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