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Parish Council Minutes

July 2006

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th July 2006 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), David Hyde (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, Bob Finn and David Keene

ATTENDING: Lara Bruce (Clerk) and 4 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllr Burton

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Cook declared an interest in the planning item for Manor Farm.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 6th June 2006 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. COUNCILLOR VACANCY The Clerk reported that a notice had been displayed notifying residents of the recent vacancy for a parish councillor. If no response is made to the notice then the Parish Council can co-opt. Councillors should consider who to invite to join the Parish Council. ACTION: Councillors and clerk to progress


5.1. Underground and street lighting in village. Since the last meeting councillors had had time to review the street lighting plan proposed by Lorraine Calcott (MKC). The proposed plan would provide more even lighting and meet appropriate lighting standards.
There was concern from some councillors that there were too many additional lights for a village environment.
It was agreed that an additional Parish Council meeting be held to present the plan to residents to assess their views and that Lorraine Calcott should attend if possible. ACTION: Clerk to arrange.
Concern was raised as to the effect any delay in approving the new lighting plan would have on the planned under grounding. Central Networks would need to be contacted to ascertain timescales. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.
The clerk reported that MKC had enquired as to when payment of an invoice would be made that related to new lights in Water Lane. The invoice dated back to February 2006 and was for work done in 2005. Cllr Hyde stated that John Peachy (MKC) had confirmed that MK Council would normally pay the cost of replacement lamp posts from their budget. ACTION: Clerk to arrange.

5.2 Pavilion windows and shutters. The clerk reported that work had started on the replacement windows, mesh grilles and PVCu for the dome at the Pavilion.

5.3 Bus Shelter Repairs. The clerk reported that an additional quote of £85 had been received from David Haycock for painting the interior of the bus shelter above the seat. This additional expenditure was approved and confirmation of the order should be made. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

5.4 Ditch. The clerk reported that Andy McPherson (MKC) had confirmed that the pipes in the ditch opposite Manor Farm were due to be jetted at the end of June. ACTION: Clerk to chase.
Following the report last month of flooding outside the Hanson site on the road to Newport Pagnell, the clerk reported that Mark Bennett (MKC) had confirmed that some limited ditch and grip cleaning had since taken place that should alleviated the flooding problem. He stated that some more extensive cleaning would be required, however, including removing a number of self-seeded trees to gain access. This work should be done before the autumn. ACTION: Clerk to follow up. Cllr Lewis had queried the nature of pipes under the road outside the Hanson site. Mark Bennett believes they are twin brick arch culverts. There are side deep “ditches” on both sides of the road from the bridge up to these culverts and these ditches are now quite silted up. The bridge engineer at MKC, Chris Hughes, would be contacted to confirm how the culverts function. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.
The land registry had been contacted to see if ownership could be confirmed for the ditch in the fields behind Water Lane. Their response was not clear and would need to be reviewed. ACTION: Cllr Cook to review.
Cllr Cook confirmed that no clearance work had been required at the ditch at the Sherington Bridge T-junction adjacent to the left hand triangle.

5.5 Youth Club. Cllr Hyde reported that there had been a reasonable turnout at the meeting at the meeting held on 8th June to agree the future of the Youth Club. He reported that Jane Coles confirmed she would continue with her involvement but on the understanding that she would have more parental support. It had been agreed that the first Youth Club meeting to be held in September would be attending by both children and their parents at which the “ground rules” would be agreed and parents given a “contract” of behaviour for their children.


6.1. Hillview. The clerk reported that Hillview is due to have the footpath resurfaced during 2007/08 according to the 5-year plan for highway repairs in Sherington. With regard to a replacement for the rusty street sign at Hillview, Chris Watson (MKC) had confirmed that budgets would be reviewed at the end of the month and a decision would be taken at that point. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.

6.2. Pilot Scheme. The clerk reported that Ian McGregor (MKC) had confirmed that Sherington Parish Council will be able to participate in the new pilot scheme possibly in September or October. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.


7.1 Sherington Football Club. The Chair reported that since the last meeting Sherington Football Club (SFC) had paid the £10 outstanding for the 05/06 season and the £400 agreed for the 06/07 season. In addition, councillors had met with SFC. At this meeting it was agreed that:
• SFC can keep their keys for use of the facilities during the season “downtime”
• SFC will be provided with list of Argos fixtures ACTION: Clerk to arrange.
• SFC will provide the Clerk with the SFC fixtures, including pre-season friendlies, as soon as they become available (usually 6 weeks in advance)
• Argos to be asked to pay for cost of lime used. ACTION: Clerk to arrange
• A new “agreement” would be drawn up between the parish council and SFC ACTION: Cllr Lewis to follow up

7.2 New City Saints. Cllr Hyde reported on the meeting he had with Cllr Burton and the new secretary of New City Saints Eddy McDermott. It is anticipated that the club wish to use the football pitch for their Under 17’s team for the 2006/07 season for a total of 12 games. Eddy McDermott will contact the Clerk after the team’s AGM with a proposal for fees. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

7.3 Goal posts. Cllr Hyde reported that the application for funding from The Football Foundation for new goal posts has been successful. The Foundation has agreed to fund 50% of the cost. An acceptance form needs to be completed and sent back to The Football Foundation and an order for goals made to B G Sports International for £530 plus VAT. The council approved this expenditure. Once specifications for installation have been received appropriate contractors should be contacted for quotes. ACTION: Clerk to progress.


The clerk reported that Richard Duffill has confirmed that he is technically no longer the Cycling Officer and has now taken over traffic management. A response to the council’s queries and concerns was received this afternoon, however, and details have been forwarded to councillors. Councillors have been invited to respond to Richard’s comments. ACTION: Clerk to progress


9.1 Caretaker. Shane Lea provides caretaker services for Sherington Sports & Recreation Field and will invoice the parish council monthly for work completed. This should not exceed £50 per month. Shane will liaise with the Clerk over any maintenance work required. It was reported this month that the exterior of the Pavilion requires decoration. Shane will be asked to provide a quote for this work. ACTION: Clerk to arrange.

9.2 Weeding. MKC have confirmed that the area in front of the garages and the car park will be treated as part of their weed-killing schedule. It was agreed that the other areas at the Pavilion need additional attention and that Raymond Graham should be asked to provide a quote. It was agreed that this additional work should not exceed £200. ACTION: Cllr Burton to liaise with Raymond Graham

9.3 Football pitch maintenance The clerk reported that Synergy has now carried out the overseeding on the football pitch and some work on the goal mouth areas, including a light top-dressing and overseeding. The verti-drain and selective weedkiller application will be undertaken towards the end of the summer when ground conditions permit. Cllr Hyde reported that Dave Potts at Synergy has confirmed that should the overseeding not be successful and repeat application will be done in the autumn at no additional cost. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

9.4 Pavilion – appointment of architect. Cllr Finn reported that before Phase III can commence it would be necessary to have drawings of the pavilion extension along with the appropriate planning permission. The cost of this has been included in the budget. Councillors noted, however, that this presupposed that Phase III would go ahead, which at present is not the case. It was agreed not to appoint the architect at this time, but to monitor the situation.


10.1 Monthly balances. . Enterprise Account £15,128.75; Treasurer Account £6,170.42. Receipts during the month included Sherington Football Club £410 and a VAT refund of £5,711.52.

10.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

04/07/06D C Blunt Mowing £924.46
04/07/06Northamptonshire CC Sign at Sports ground £576.55
04/07/06Lara Bruce Clerk Salary £222.30
04/07/06Lara Bruce Clerk Expenses £16.29
04/07/06Shane Lea Caretaker Duties £50.00
04/07/06A H Contracts Dog Bins £41.36
04/07/06Nina Beal Cleaning pavilion £69.72


11.1. 06/00768/FUL Manor Farm The Chair reported that some councillors had attended the site at Manor Farm where the new storage facility would be situated. Councillors felt the position of the new storage barn should be rotated in order that it is kept within the existing tree/hedge boundary.

11.2. Other applications The councillors had no comments to make on applications 06/00792/FUL 9/11 Park Road, 06/00774/LBC 3 The Knoll, 06/00813/FUL 3 The Knoll and 06/00844/TCA The Lodge 1 High Street.

11.3. Recent decisions The clerk reported that applications for The Barn Sherington Bridge and 3 High Street had been permitted.


12.1. MKNECAF Thursday 29th June. The Chair reported that he attended this meeting along with Cllr Keene and Cllr Hyde. Trevor Dove (MKC) was in attendance and confirmed that the parish council would have a reply regarding their comments on the cycle path. There was also a useful discussion about signs on highways. The next meeting of MKNECAF is due to be held in Sherington in September and the village hall should be booked. ACTION: Clerk to arrange


13.1. Woods Hardwick. The Chair reported that councillors had received correspondence from Woods Hardwick planning consultants on behalf of The Cook Family in relation to the possibility of a new housing development on the Bancroft field next to Crofts End. The development proposed 45 new dwellings. The Chair reported that the letter had not requested a response from councillors. The Chair reminded councillors that they had also received other development proposals regarding land at Smiths Yard and the Kyte field. It was agreed that councillors would have an informal meeting to discuss development and related matters in Sherington. ACTION: Clerk to schedule meeting

13.2. Sherington Twinning Association. The Chair presented a letter sent to the Twinning Association suggesting a milestone for the village. It was agreed that the Twinning Association should consider this matter. ACTION: Cllr Lewis

13.3. Thames Valley Police. The Clerk reported that a mobile police station from Thames Valley Police would visit the village during July and August. A poster should be put in the notice boards to publicise this. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

13.4. Traffic Management. The Clerk reported that data from the SIDs recently positioned in the village had been received which showed an improvement on the amount of speeding through the village.

13.5. Charter 88. The Clerk reported that a letter had been received from a Charter 88 regarding their campaign for a modern democracy, empowering citizens and local councils. It was agreed not to respond.


14.1. A resident questioned whether the new grain drier at Manor Farm would be noisy. Cllr Cook confirmed that it would be, but reported that the drier would be positioned further away from the village compared to the current drier and was likely to be operating for fewer hours a day.

14.2. A resident reported that the building work at 3 The Knoll would not affect 2 The Knoll despite the properties sharing a flat roof.

14.3. A resident reminded the council that they were responsible for maintaining the shingle on the drives of numbers 1, 2 and 4 The Knoll. More shingle would be needed shortly, but it was agreed to order this when another event in the village required shingle in order to minimise costs.

14.4. A resident reported there was a dead tree on The Knoll and it was agreed that this could be removed.

14.5. A resident asked whether it was possible to have a noise report for the new grain drier at Manor Farm which compared noise levels to the current drier. The resident also questioned what would happen to the new drying barn should it become surplus to requirements.

14.6 A resident has 2 potted trees that the council may have and it was agreed to plant these in September when the type of tree had been ascertained. ACTION: Tony Pilcher to identify trees

14.7. A resident noted the cycle path in Leighton Buzzard was not well used and queried whether paths were cleaned regularly. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

14.8. A resident asked whether it was possible to move the site of the SID on the High Street from its current position opposite Crofts End to a position next to the flats in the High Street. This may give a more accurate report on the level of speeding through the village as vehicles slow down in the High Street to turn left into Crofts End. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

14.9. A resident reported that MKC were no longer printing the full bus timetable.

14.10. A resident asked if a note could be put in SCAN reminding residents that pink recycling sacks were available at Virginia House Stores. ACTION: Cllr Hyde

14.11. A resident reported that it was good to see an improved relationship between the Parish Council and Sherington Football Club as they had had concerns over the future of the Club playing in Sherington. The resident asked whether councillors could retrieve a copy of the agreement between the Cooks and the Council for the land at Perry Lane where the football pitch is situated to establish what had originally been agreed. The resident also reiterated the need for new shower facilities at the Pavilion. Other comments from the resident included the cost of Sports Ground Services, the poor condition of litter bins next to the bus shelter and that not all villagers would support a milestone.


15.1 Cllr Hyde reported that a resident in Crofts End had complained of leakage from a manhole cover during the recent storms. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

15.2 Cllr Hyde commented that sewage had once again been leaking from a manhole cover in Water Lane. Anglian Water should be asked to confirm whether their work in Water Lane is complete and if so, what the work set out to achieve. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

15.3 Cllr Hyde reported that a resident had received a letter from Anglian Water stating that their property was no longer situated in an area liable to flooding.

15.4 Councillors congratulated the Chair on a successful Proms in the Park event.

15.5 Councillors agreed that Betty Feasey should be congratulated on a successful Flowers and Open Gardens event. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

19. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th September in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.50pm.

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