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July 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), David Hyde, Peter Cook, David Keene, Peter Burton and Ian Thomson

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Ceri Griffin (MKC Cycling and Walking Development Officer) and 19 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllr Wright


3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 5th June 2007 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. CYCLE PATH Recently appointed Cycling and Walking Development Officer for MKC Ceri Griffin introduced himself and presented the council with final plans for the cycle lanes from the top of Alban Hill through Sherington and to Newport Pagnell. Concerns over the proposed route down Alban Hill continued to be expressed by the council and public as budget restraints are being blamed for not being able to consider a safer alternative. Work to side out the footpath on Newport Road and then assess its suitability for cyclists has not yet started. It was clarified that the safety audit results awaited are for Newport Road and not Alban Hill as first thought. Ceri promised to take the meeting’s comments back to his colleagues. ACTION: Clerk to chase progress

5. ANGLIAN WATER Cllrs and AW officers attended a site visit on 8th June. It was confirmed that the hydro brake controls the foul water system and when inspected it appeared satisfactory. Further sleeving work should have been carried out in Water Lane end of June. According to AW there is a displaced joint in the pipe in the field which will be repaired once the crop has been harvested. The surface water system was also reviewed and appeared to be in acceptable condition with the main issue continuing to be the blocked ditch into which the outflow from extra surface water empties. Anglian Water has replied to the council’s letter standing by its view that the ditch does not belong to it. Mr Gardner who used to own the fields either side reported that he allowed the overflow pipe to be laid under his land, a ditch dug for where it emptied and a fence erected, on the express condition that he would not be responsible for maintaining the ditch. Following this point it was agreed to request that Anglian Water clear the ditch ASAP ACTION: Clerk


6.1. Path to Newport Pagnell. The current contractor on Newport Road has still not finished, this is holding up the works to clear the footpath. ACTION: Clerk to chase

6.2. Hedge trimming and weeding programme. The hedges in the village are due to be trimmed in September. The clerk asked for any particularly hazardous areas such as footpaths with encroaching stinging nettles to be reported to her for urgent clearance.

6.3. Pre-school play area equipment. Recently damaged equipment has now been repaired by MKC. Cllr Keene confirmed that MKC are responsible for this maintenance and the other equipment in the play area.


Cllr Hyde reported that work is continuing around the village albeit at a slow pace. Chris Hales from MKC has given his preferred option for the remaining light at the top of Park Road. ACTION: Cllr Hyde and Clerk to progress.


8.1 New bus shelter on School Lane. Cllrs have reviewed the design specifications of the proposed shelter and agreed the proposed dimensions. These can now be forwarded to David Lawson from Development Control so that exact positioning in School Lane can be agreed. ACTION: Clerk to progress.

8.2 Path through Village Hall play area. A full specification of works needed has been provided by MKC. As funding for this work will not be available until next spring it was agreed to wait until the New Year before contacting potential contractors for quotes.


9.1 Caretaker's report. The caretaker reported no issues. His job review has not yet taken place, Cllrs Burton and Cook will arrange. ACTION: Cllrs Burton and Cook.

9.2 Car park security.. Following last month’s concerns from residents, the caretaker is closing the gates earlier and monitoring the use of the car park as a games area. Cllr Cook is to erect a sign encouraging use of the recreation field for ball games. ACTION: Cllr Cook.

9.3 Car park and recreation field maintenance. Remedial work to the car park and recreation ground has started. It was agreed to review what further work is necessary and how often once the initial work has been carried out. ACTION: Cllr Burton. The clerk has chased for a start date for the exterior decorating. Hiring a bowser to water the newly turfed goal mouths will be very costly so it was agreed to purchase hose and sprinklers in order to manually carry out this task. ACTION: Cllrs Keene and Cook to progress.

9.4 Pavilion refurbishment project. Cllr Burton discussed the financial situation with the electrical contractor who confirmed it was not worth carrying out limited refurbishment and better to wait until full funding is available. ACTION: Clerk to pursue sources of funding for next year. £375 has been quoted for a new cupboard in the foyer; a design specification is still awaited. ACTION: Cllr Burton to chase.

9.5 Sherington FC annual review meeting. Cllrs Keene and Burton attended a productive meeting. SFC is happy with the current situation regarding pitch repair and pavilion refurbishment. .

9.6 Hire of pavilion. The Long Distance Walkers Association has confirmed it would like to use the pavilion as an overnight checkpoint in July 2008.

10. STONEPITS CLOSE, MILL LANE Cllr Keene has reviewed the information provided by the Parks Trust and has estimated that approximately 2500 trees would be needed to cover the area at a cost of £2 per tree. The creation of a proper entrance to the land would be needed, along with fencing, footpaths etc. It was also acknowledged that maintenance of the trees would be costly. It was suggested again that an Open Morning be held to consult with residents. ACTION: Cllr Keene to progress .

11. CODE OF CONDUCT Cllr Lewis briefly reported from another recent MKC training session. Now that the Cllrs had read it, it was agreed to pass a resolution adopting the model code of conduct including paragraph 12(2) which gives members with a prejudicial interest the same rights as members of the public to speak at meetings before leaving the room before the main discussion and vote. This was proposed by Cllr Keene and seconded by Cllr Hyde. ACTION: Clerk to inform MKC and the Standards Board..


12.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £26787.76; Treasurer Account £1080.89.

12.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

03/07/2007Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £187.38 101469
03/07/2007Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £11.81 101470
03/07/2007Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £68.73 101471
03/07/2007A H Contracts Dog bins £47.19 101472
03/07/2007Shane Lea Perry Lane Caretaker £50.00 101473

12.3 Annual Return. The annual return will be sent to the external auditors now that the inspection period has passed. ACTION: Clerk.


13.1. 07/00779/FUL 24 Gun Lane. Demolish bungalow and erect new dwelling and garage
Following the site visit and further information supplied by the planning department, the parish council was unanimous in its comment that “there is no objection to the development proposed as long as the building is moved 1m further south than the original proposal; conditions are imposed to retain and enhance the existing vegetation screening the property; and that it is constructed from reclaimed materials as stated in the planning application”.

13.2. 07/00821/FUL 1A High St. Erection of glass greenhouse
No adverse comments.

13.3. 07/00829/FUL Alban Hill Nursery. Erect temporary mobile home and wind turbine
The council was divided and commented that it supports local businesses including a need for maintaining a secure site, however the application contravenes local policy against development in the open countryside; a temporary mobile home sets a precedent for a permanent residence and also sets a precedent for any other person deciding to set up a business in the area and then applying to build a residence on the same site..

13.4. Recent planning decisions
Application 07/00529/FUL 4 Village Close for a single storey front and rear extension was permitted; as was 07/00845/TCA 8 High St to remove dead wood from a weeping ash tree


14.1. TVP Stakeholder forum 11th June. Cllr Lewis attended this meeting at which TVP’s strategy for the next 10 years was considered.

14.2. MKNECAF 20th June . Cllr Lewis reported that amongst other items MKC have stated that refuse collection will remain on a weekly basis and the introduction of wheelie bins is not being considered; there should be a decision on the Petsoe End wind farm application very soon; and public opinion is needed on the bus service. The next forum is Wednesday 26th September.


15.1. Dirt jumps. This item was brought forward to after item 4. The clerk read out an email from several local children requesting dirt jumps for bikes at the recreation ground. It was agreed to meet with the children and interested parents before the September meeting and place on the next agenda. Clerk also to enquire with MKC with regards to any Health and Safety requirements. ACTION: Clerk.

15.2. Cllr Keene responded to a request from a university student to answer questions on the planning process.

15.3. Cllr Keene presented a letter from a Crofts End resident to MKC regarding a house numbering issue. The parish council agreed to support the resident. ACTION: Clerk.


16.1. A resident of Water Lane sought support from the parish council after developers for End Farm tried to install a passing bay on the front of his property. The parish council offered its support if direct correspondence with MKC was not successful.

16.2. The residents of 24 Gun Lane thanked the parish council for its support of their planning application.


17.1. Cllr Cook reported that gates may have to be locked on land belonging to J W Cook & Son following a recent theft of livestock.

17.2. Cllr Thomson noted that when his family strictly adhered to MKC’s recycling guidelines, his pink sack was only half full.

17.3. Cllr Lewis presented the data from the recent SID on the High St for traffic travelling north. MKC have informed the clerk that as the 85th percentile (speed at or below which 85% of vehicles were travelling) was high, it would be passing the data to the police for review.

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th September 2007 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.58pm.

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