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June 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th June 2013 at Sherington Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs A Denman, J Ager, D Hyde, M Northfield, I Collinge and S Cook

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr K McLean (Sherington Ward, arrived 8pm), Rob Ward (MKC Neighbourhood Manager), Michael Bryant (MKC Parish Warden) and one member of the public.



The minutes of the meeting held on 7th May 2013 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Following her successful application Sally Cook was nominated for co-option by Cllr Ager and seconded by Cllr Hyde with all in agreement. Sally took her place at the table and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office. The clerk reported that no election had been called for the vacancy created by David Keene, so councillors were free to co-opt again. The usual notices will be posted. ACTION: Clerk


5.1 Cllr McLean reported that a decision on the ward boundary changes is due on 25th June.

5.2 Cllr McLean reported that a replacement evening bus service between Olney and Newport Pagnell had been requested.

Neighbourhood Manager Rob Ward and Neighbourhood Warden Michael Bryant attended the meeting. Rob firstly explained that there are no dog wardens in Milton Keynes, and that Michael was one of four Neighbourhood Wardens whose responsibilities include dog warden duties. Other duties include anti-social behaviour, weekly recycling and waste collection issues and litter. The warden has the power to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) on public open space and on private land if permission has been granted. Michael reported that he carried out patrols in Sherington since March and has noticed a decrease in fouling after signs were posted and letters were issued to residents of Carters Close. Some residents have also phoned to report offenders. Rob reported that dog waste can be deposited in a normal litter bin so lack of dog waste bins should not be an excuse. Residents are encouraged to report every incident of dog fouling to Environmental Services so that a pattern can be established and offenders more likely to be identified; the cleansing team will also come and remove the foul if reported. Rob confirmed that dogs do not have to be on a lead in public places but they do have to be under control. On private land including farm land it is at the discretion of the land owner. MKC is currently exploring the cost and implementation of Dog Control Orders as these have been requested by larger parish and town councils. These would allow creation of dog exclusion zones and dog on lead zones and involve notices in local press, signage, enforcement and possible court actions. It was agreed to place a new article in SCAN to include information shared at the meeting. ACTION: Clerk

Previously a dog waste bin has been requested for Gun Lane. It was agreed that the best place for this to be installed would be on the NSL sign as you leave the village, however given the increased annual cost to the parish council, and as the warden had just explained that dog waste could be deposited in a normal litter bin it was agreed that a standard bin would be more beneficial to all residents. The clerk will confirm costs and check that MKC's waste contractor is happy to include a new bin in this location as part of its emptying schedule. ACTION: Clerk

Various correspondences from residents (with names removed where requested) and the Licensing Officer had previously been circulated amongst councillors. The clerk read from an email to the parish council from the Licensing Authority which summarily stated it had taken into account a number of statements and the (White Hart) premises management attendance to the Safety Advisory Group and would expect considerable event planning for any future event, otherwise an application for a Temporary Event Notice could be rejected. Both the Licensing Authority and the Safety Advisory Group have recommended the use of an alternative location and it is understood that this is currently being considered by the premises management.

The clerk reported that the application to the Highways Capital Scheme to improve the small car park off School Lane had been refused as ineligible due to this scheme not being meant for creation of parking spaces. Therefore this funding option is also closed off for Perry Lane. The chairman reported that he had ascertained that there are indeed utilities under the remaining grass verges; and Cllr Collinge reported that any new parking spaces have to be 15 metres from a junction anyway so it would seem that the only current option left is the proposal to give keys to residents to use the car park at night when the gates are normally locked. Concern was raised by the clerk and pavilion management committee about overcrowding when events such as parties or football matches are being held during evenings and weekend. After some discussion it was proposed by Cllr Northfield and seconded by Cllr Ager to hold a trial period of issuing keys to residents until the end of September 2013 and review at the October meeting with a view to continuing if there were no major issues. It was agreed that Cllr Denman would issue the keys along with some guidelines. It was further agreed to investigate historical proposals to create car parking on the recreation field. Alan Ranger has drawings of these proposals which he agreed to share with the parish council for the July meeting. ACTION: Cllr Denman

The clerk reported that she had written to MKC to express disappointment that the new sub-station was planned to be sited outside the school. The MKC officer was surprised to receive this email and stated that the Western Power representatives were upset by the parish council's objections to moving the sub-station from its current position and that outside the school was considered to be a compromise. It was also revealed that new regulations mean that the current site cannot be re-used, a position which had not previously been clarified. Cllr Hyde reported that Western Power still need to ascertain whether the proposed site is suitable for the voltage required, so the parish council will await further information.

Cllr Collinge had enquired whether there was a single database of assets belonging to the parish council. The clerk replied that assets over a certain value were recorded for audit purposes and also on the insurance policy, and there was an unfinished list of where benches/noticeboards/dog bins etc were located around the village. It was agreed that it would be useful to have a comprehensive log, as well as plotting the assets on a map. The clerk and Cllr Collinge will work on this over the next few months. ACTION: Clerk, Cllr Collinge


12.1 Ash trees at Stonepits Copse. The clerk has received an email from The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) which states that no evidence of Ash Die Back has been found at Stonepits Copse woodland, and in fact the ash trees all appear to be fit and healthy.


13.1 Bank Account balance at 4th June 2013 £21586.44

13.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

04/06/2013A H Contracts Dog Bins £273.00 102105
04/06/2013Prepared Payroll Solutions Payroll service 12/13 £72.00 102106
04/06/2013Noel Gotts Internal audit fee £125.00 102107
04/06/2013Zurich Municipal Insurance £1,221.58 102108
04/06/2013Sherington Village Hall Hall hire £27.00 102109
04/06/2013Sports Ground Services Mowing Rec Field £331.20102110
04/06/2013Anglian Water Water at pavilion £187.32 102111
04/06/2013Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker/bookings £100.00102112
04/06/2013R A Denman Heater repair pavilion £93.47 102113
04/06/2013Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £37.00 102114
04/06/2013Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £200.41 102115
04/06/2013Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £42.00 102116

13.3. Accounts for year ending 31st March 2013. The internal audit for the year end accounts is complete and the Chairman signed the Annual Return before it is submitted to the external auditor. ACTION: Clerk

13.4. Fee to renew planning consent for permanent shop. The fee of £97.50 was approved and the application has been validated under reference 13/01089/FUL.


14.1. 13/00614/FUL Sherington Bridge Lodge - Erection of timber frame garage with office and storage facility. There were no adverse comments.

14.2. 13/00683/FUL 2 End Farm Water Lane - Erection of stable block. There were no adverse comments.

14.3. 13/00758/FUL 10 Park Road - Erection of summer house There were no adverse comments.

14.4. Decisions. Applications for 50 Carters Close and 22 Crofts End were refused.


15.1. Pavilion management group. Cllr Denman reported that he had been called to carry out an emergency repair to a down flow heater. The clerk confirmed that the council's standing orders allow for this up to a value of £500. Cllr Denman then reported that in his professional opinion the down flow heaters are inadequate for the way they are currently being used i.e. for hours at a time, and are only intended to be a source of top up heating. It was agreed that he and the committee should look at the current night/day storage heating system and propose a more efficient way of providing heat to the building. ACTION: Cllr Denman

15.2. Proposals for lighting in pavilion car park. It was agreed that Cllr Denman and the committee should meet to agree proposals for improvements to the pavilion's exterior lighting. ACTION: Cllr Denman

15.3. Proposals for repairs to concrete paving slabs. It was agreed that Cllr Denman and the committee should meet to agree proposals for improvements to exterior paving around the pavilion. ACTION: Cllr Denman


16.1. Sherington Village Hall AGM Saturday 29th June 10.30am

16.2. NECAF Emberton Pavilion Thursday 20th June 7.30pm

16.3. Parishes Forum Civic Offices Thursday 6th June


17.1. MKC Warden Service. A letter has been received informing the parish council that the posts of MKC Parish Warden are being considered for deletion. It was suggested that alternatives could include shared services paid for by several rural parishes or a Pay As You Go service. It was agreed to monitor the situation with interest.




19.1 Cllr Hyde suggested it was time for a Councillors' Walkabout.

19.2 Cllr Hyde observed the lack of public attending the parish council meeting to voice concerns over the Beer & Sausage Festival. Cllr Collinge commented that this was possibly because members of the public had been advised that the best method of complaint was to contact Environmental Health. He also pointed out that the public could not object to a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).

20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2013 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.44 pm

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