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Parish Council Minutes

June 2003

Minutes of the Meeting at the School on Tuesday 3rd June 2003 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllr David Keene (Chair), Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Bill Lewis, Cllr David Hyde.

The first two items on the Agenda were chaired by Cllr Hyde and the remainder by Cllr Keene


2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Meeting held on 6th May, also the Annual Meeting held on the same day, were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

3. VACANCIES ON COUNCIL: It was proposed by Cllr Burton and seconded by Cllr Lewis that Mr Peter Cook be ask to join the Parish Council as a co-opted member. This was agreed. Clerk advised that the Council will now have to go through the normal statutory proceedure before any further co-options take place. A notice to this effect will shortly be displayed on the Notice Boards.


4.1 Repairs in Village: The Bedford Road and Corn Close repairs have both been completed. T Pilcher had advised that one seat has so far been stained.

4.2 Village Hall Car Park: The Trustees of the Village Hall have requested a meeting between themselves, the Management Committee and the Parish Council. They are concerned about the insurance implications of a path, also damage to the Hall. ACTION: Cllr Keene

4.3 Sherington Mound: Stephen Narborough (MKC) has provided a list of possible improvements to the mound, together with prices which total 6,187.50. They are requesting that the Parish Council make a contribution towards the cost. Not all the suggested items were thought to be necessary, Clerk asked to write back, giving the Parish Councils suggested list and clarify the amount of the contribution Milton Keynes Council are expecting the Parish to make. ACTION: Clerk

4.4 Multi Activity Area: Cllr Burton had visited Lavendon today. Their multi purpose area has not yet been completed, although this work is imminent. Cllr Burton will visit again before the next meeting. ACTION: Cllr Burton

4.5 Website: Clerk had made contact with Ian Collinge, who is responsible for the Sherington Website. The Parish Council Minutes and Agenda, have both now been added to the site.

4.6 Village Hall Committee: We have now been advised that there is no longer a Parish Council representative allowed on this Committee.

5. SECTION 136 COMMITTEE NOMINATION: It was agreed that no nomination will be made for this Committee.

6. STONEPITS CLOSE: Following a letter from Mr S Clarke, it was agreed that the wording of the current licence would be discussed before the next meeting. ACTION: Cllr Keene


Current Balances: Clerk provided balance sheet, which showed 358.49 in the Treasurers Account and 10,024.62 in the Enterprise Account.

Cheques for Payment: It was agreed that the following cheques be authorised:

J Sharp Clerks June Salary Cheque 101131 176.50
MK Council School Hire Cheque 101132 45.00

8. PLANNING MATTERS: There were no planning applications for discussion this month, however the following have been approved by Milton Keynes Council.

03/00515 2A Water Lane
03/00514 The Gables, 51 High Street

The Parish Council have been advised that an appeal is currently under way, regarding the refusal of Planning Permission on the land adjacent to the White Hart.

9. EXTERNAL MEETINGS: There have been no external meeting this month.

12th June Parish Assembly Cllr Hyde will attend
26th June Area Forum Cllr Keene will attend


Good Councillor Guide: Clerk asked to order a further 7 copies of this publication. ACTION: Clerk

Electricity Board Quote: Following an inspection last year, quotes have been received to underground cables in two areas of the village. The prices are approx 50,000 for each area.

Wildlife Sites: Letter requesting details of ownership of land in the area. Clerk was given details the information to pass the Bucks & MK Wildlife Sites. ACTION: Clerk

Residential Parking Scheme: A letter has been received from Milton Keynes Council advising that a Residential Parking Partnership Scheme is being introduced, whereby a grant is available for 50% of the cost of parking improvements. The Parish Council did last year express an interest in adding more parking spaces in Perry Lane. Clerk will try and establish the cost of such a scheme and report back. ACTION: Clerk


Corn Close: Mrs Teasdale passed on complaint from adjacent resident that the new path is higher than the previous one and takes privacy from their garden. It was also noted that this path is being used for skateboarding.

Sherington Mound: Mr J Cook advised that there is still fly tipping in the car parking area, also graffiti. Mr Cook asked whether a car park was really necessary, or whether pedestrian access only was more suitable, with a lay -by off the roadside. Clerk will pass on these comments to Milton Keynes Council.


Cllr Hyde enquired about the frequency of mowing on the Knoll and in the Churchyard, as the grass in both areas is very long. Cllr Keene will speak to Giles Ferris about his. ACTION: Cllr Keene

13. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: This will be held on TUESDAY 1st July 2003 at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

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