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Parish Council Minutes

June 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th June 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), David Keene, Bob Finn (arrived 7.55pm) and Sarah Jackson.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Emma Lane (Thames Valley Police Neighbourhood Watch), PC Mark Poulton (Area Beat Officer for Sherington) and 3 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllrs Burton and Cook.


3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd May 2005 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Neighbourhood Watch. The meeting was adjourned at 7.32pm, at which point Emma Lane from Thames Valley Police gave a short presentation on the history and benefits of Neighbourhood Watch schemes. To encourage residents to start up schemes it was agreed to put posters on notice boards and in Scan magazine.

4.2 Police. PC Mark Poulton introduced himself as the new Area Beat Officer for Sherington, based at Newport Pagnell. He presented some statistics which show that reported crime levels in Sherington are very low. He was asked about traffic speeding through the village, particularly early evening, and reported that he is soon to be trained how to use a hand held speed camera, after which he will be actively discouraging motorists from speeding. He will also chase up correspondence about traffic volumes from Cllr Lewis, to which no response has been received. He was advised of the village fete on 25th June and was given details to make contact with the Youth Club.

The meeting reconvened at 8.06pm.


5.1. Cycle Path. Cllr Hyde reported that he and Cllr Jackson had met with Richard Duffill on 24th May. The MKC preferred route through Sherington is down Alban Hill, the idea being to remove the central road markings to make traffic travel in the middle of the road. Drawings are still being chased. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

5.2 Roadside kerbing in village. The Clerk has been advised by Ian McGregor at MKC that a five year structural maintenance programme is currently being put together, which will include reconstruction or surfacing of footpaths and kerbing. Sherington will be included, and a draft proposal should be ready for comment in a few weeks time. ACTION: Clerk.

5.3. Under Grounding on Water Lane. Cllr Jackson reported that she has been advised by Central Networks that the new contractor Walgrave will commence the 1st stage of laying mains cable on Monday 4th July, which will take 5-6 weeks. In the absence of plans, Peter Gardner is going to show CN as best he can where the drains are. The work will be carried out bit by bit in order to minimise disruption, and the whole process is estimated to take 3 months in total. It was agreed that the funding of 3 more street lights could come from the money earmarked for new lights on Crofts End, which will now be delayed until the next financial year.

5.4. Perry Lane/Crofts End junction road markings. These have now been repainted.

5.5. Village Hall Trees. The Clerk reported that Salcey Arborcare have felled the poplar trees and pruned the horse chestnut.

5.6. Land owned by B Kyte. The clerk reported that she had left another message for Mr Kyte advising that no progress would be made in response to his letter as he had not yet contacted her. Mr Kyte then telephoned and advised that he would like a response to his initial letter to Jenny Sharp dated 7th March. It was agreed to place this on the agenda for July and recirculate the correspondence.

5.7. Open manhole opposite Crooks’ nursery. The Clerk had been advised by Mark Bennett at MKC that this is in fact an open drainage pit and has been in this state for some years. A drainage pipe is going to be installed in the pit, followed by a surrounding fence.


6.1. Gas pipeline. Cllr Hyde advised that Nick Brown is continuing to issue defect notices to Murphys, regarding the now sunken bump in the High Street, the verge opposite Bakers Farm and the verge opposite and alongside the gas station. Murphys have now agreed to reinstate the triangle of land at the bottom of Gun Lane this week.

6.2. Rubbish on site adjacent to Mound. The clerk reported that Cathryn Laxton from Anglian Water has confirmed that the site will be cleared this week. It was agreed that one or more of the councillors would then carry out an inspection to ensure the work has been completed to a satisfactory level.

6.3. Muddy patch on Village Hall play area. The clerk advised that this is on John Cook’s list of tasks to be carried out.

The document that should prove parish council ownership of the Knoll (and Stonepits Close) has not yet been located; the Clerk confirmed that HSBC are no longer storing any paperwork for the council. It was suggested that the MKC legal department may be able to help. ACTION: Clerk. It was also agreed that councillors need to go through and sort out the documents stored in the Village Hall.

Cllr Hyde reported that Shanks Landfill has awarded the SRMG a grant of £18414.00 and that a Contributory Third Party is needed to provide £1979.00 for the administration costs. Cllr Jackson proposed that this money should come from the parish council, seconded by Cllr Keene, and all agreed.


9.1. Funding. Cllr Hyde reported that the application to the Parish Partnership fund has been successful to the sum of £11950.00 for Perry Lane recreation ground.

9.2. Management committee. Cllr Jackson reported that a meeting to set up the management committee has taken place and John Sanderson has agreed to be Chairman for the time being.

9.3. Football Association. Cllr Burton, John Cook and Jason Giller met representatives of the Football Association who have indicated what now needs to be done particularly by the football club if applications for support are to be successful.

9.4. BMX/Skateboarding. An application has been submitted to the Local Network Fund for funding for the manufacture, supply and installation of the proposed BMX/Skateboard circuit.

The council has agreed to have an unmanned display. It was agreed to use posters etc from the Open Morning. ACTION: Cllrs to provide visuals.

As Cllr Cook was absent from the meeting, there was no update on this.

At this point Cllr Lewis declared an interest in this item. He has received a complaint from a resident about the level of noise from the Flying Club activities on Sundays which seems to have increased recently. It is understood that the Shooting Club is not allowed to operate on Sundays for reasons of noise disturbance and the question arose whether planning permission should have been obtained for the flying club. It was suggested that the resident concerned should contact MKC for guidance.


13.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £14891.93; Treasurer Account £2325.69

13.2. Insurance. The clerk advised that the contents of the storage building have been insured for £1500 and the pavilion left at £91,000. It was agreed that the cover for the storage building itself be increased from £4000 to £6000 to include all rebuild expenses. ACTION: Clerk

13.3 Cheques for payment were as follows:

07/06/2005Salcey Arborcare VH tree work £981.13 101253
07/06/2005A H Contracts Dog Bins £44.00 101254
07/06/2005Sherington Village Hall Hall Hire £55.00 101255
07/06/2005Bucks Playing Fields Assoc Subscription £20.00 101256
07/06/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Salary £133.39 101257
07/06/2005Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc Insurance £1,092.17 101258


14.1. 30mph signs. Cllr Hyde reported that the 30mph signs and village name signs have been moved at both ends of the High Street and on Gun Lane.


15.1. 05/00726/FUL Mercers Farm. Cllrs had no adverse comments.

15.2. 05/00530/TCA Church Farm. Cllrs had no adverse comments, however the clerk reported that consent has already been granted.

15.3. 05/00670/FUL 22 High Street. Cllrs had no objection in principle, but would like MKC to give attention to the design of the extension which could be more sympathetic to the adjacent properties.


16.1. MKNECAF 18th May. Neither Cllr Jackson nor Cllr Keene was able to attend. Clerk to circulate the minutes when received.

16.2. Thames Valley Police meeting. Cllr Lewis reported that the meeting included information on the trial of Community Support Officers at Olney, which if successful may be considered for this area. He also reported a total of 23 reported crime incidents in Sherington over the past year, compared to 353 in Newport Pagnell.

16.3. Parish Assembly 2nd June. Cllr Hyde reported that several presentations were given by MKC, and attendees were informed that there are to be 2 additional enforcement officers, who will cover Dog Warden activities.

16.4. MKC Planning Seminars. Cllrs Hyde and Jackson will attend on 8th June at Olney, and Cllrs Lewis and Burton on 30th June at Bletchley.


17.1. Extended Schools draft strategy consultation. It was agreed that although the paperwork provided was rather lengthy, the proposals therein represented sensible investment, better use of public buildings, better security and very good news for working parents.

17.2. MKC Annual Satisfaction Survey. It was agreed that the councillor who had most contact with MKC, namely Cllr Hyde, would complete the survey. The clerk will also complete a survey.

17.3. Youth Info Service Summer project. The YIS are this year offering activities on the theme of Positive Health and Confidence Building and would like to visit Sherington on Wednesday 27th July and Wednesday 3rd August from 2pm to 4pm. The council had no objection to this, and the clerk advised that she will forward the letter to the Youth Club.

17.4. Letter re planning permission. A letter is currently in circulation regarding the planning consent granted to 20 Church Road.

17.5. A509 signing review. The council is happy with the proposals.

17.6. East Midlands Regional Plan. It was confirmed that although this document does not cover Milton Keynes or Bucks specifically, it does cover Northants, and that changes are likely to have an impact on Milton Keynes.

17.7. End Farm, Water Lane planning application. Further to the letter from a resident, the question of ownership of land where the passing places are to be was raised, and whether separate permission has been sought. It was agreed that this was a matter for MKC, the applicant and the land owner.


18.1. It was confirmed to a resident that new fly tipping laws are effective immediately.

18.2. Alan Sims reported that the litter bin outside his shop had recently been used as a dog bin. The bin will be withdrawn if this continues to happen. A note will be placed in Scan magazine.

18.3. A resident enquired as to the policy if travellers move onto the car park at Perry Lane. It was confirmed that a planned gateway should prevent this, but should any instance occur of this kind anywhere in the village - the police, MKC, Parish Council can all be notified to take action.

18.4. A resident was concerned as to the lack of signage to concealed entrances around the bend in the road near Sherington Bridge. It was agreed to contact MKC to see if additional signs can be erected. ACTION: Clerk.


19.1. Cllr Keene commented on the reducing attendance at parish council meetings. It was suggested that a note could be put in Scan magazine

19.2. Cllr Lewis has been passed some photos of Sherington; these are to be given to the Historical Society for their archives. ACTION: Clerk.

19.3. Cllr Jackson reported a street light at the end of Water Lane by Smiths Yard that is permanently on. ACTION: Clerk.

19.4. Cllr Jackson reported that the “Reduce Speed” sign at Sherington Bridge coming from Newport Pagnell has been badly damaged. ACTION: Clerk

20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th July 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.54pm.

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