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June 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th June 2007 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), David Hyde, Peter Cook (arrived 8.15pm), David Keene, David Wright and Ian Thomson

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), PC Julian Kendall, Sgt Andy Holden, PC Mel Langford, Cllr Sam Potts (newly elected for Sherington ward) and 8 public.

POLICE REPORT: PC Julian Kendall introduced himself as the new beat officer for Sherington; he was accompanied by student officer PC Mel Langford and Sgt Andy Holden who reported that recorded crime figures for Sherington remain very low. Mobile officer Julie Willis will be in Sherington on 19th June from 1pm to 3pm and will be accompanied by a representative from the Community and Safety Partnership. At this point a resident asked if the hedgerow on the slip road at the roundabout on Chicheley Hill where you turn left to Olney could be cut back as there have been some near misses, PC Kendall agreed to look into this.

1. APOLOGIES Cllr Burton


3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 8th May 2007 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Cycle Path There is no progress to report this month as the safety audit report results are delayed; and the work to clear the footpath to Newport Pagnell which could then possibly be used as a cycle lane, has not started yet. ACTION: Clerk to chase

4.2. Anglian Water follow up A letter has been sent to the chairman of AW that includes the question of why the ditch behind Smiths Yard is clearly marked as owned by AW on its plans, and yet AW continue to deny responsibility. No response yet. The hydro brake inspection is scheduled for Friday 8th June at 10am ACTION: Clerk to follow up as necessary

4.3. Sherington Bridge Farm A detailed email was received from Anne Stannard in MKC Enforcement and the sequence of events over the years and the current position is now understood. The question arose of whether the parish council should get involved when a member of the public considers that planning consent has been contravened.

4.4. Triangular verge at Gun Lane/High St This piece of land is mowed around the edge as part of the rural verge mowing contract. The council is happy with this.


5.1. Streetcare Rural Pilot Scheme. The items deemed “short term” with a deadline of end May have now been cleared; and kerb setts have been replaced in Crofts End. The clerk reported the scheme as working well but had reservations as to its future success if and when all other parishes are part of the same scheme. ACTION: Clerk to progress

5.2. Path to Newport Pagnell. Work has still not commenced but should be complete by end June. The clerk has asked MKC to confirm that the section into Sherington and up to opposite Manor Farm will be included. ACTION: Clerk to chase

5.3. New barrier at Corn Close. A new barrier that conforms to current regulations and should allow access to wheelchairs and double buggies has been installed.


Cllr Hyde reported that work is continuing around the village albeit at a slow pace. An issue has arisen at the top of Park Road where the position of the new light, despite consultation with residents, has not been agreed. It was agreed to request that Chris Hales from MKC makes an onsite visit and a final decision. One of the residents was at the meeting and asked to be present when MKC visits. The clerk has requested MKC to provide numbering for the new lights and also confirmed that they do not need insurance. Holophane who manufacture the lights would like to publish some photographs of “Sherington” street lights in Sherington. ACTION: Cllr Hyde and Clerk to progress


7.1 New bus shelter on School Lane. David Lawson from Development Control would like to agree the exact position of the proposed shelter. The clerk will circulate the manufacturer’s specifications so that the proposed dimensions can be finalised, and then a meeting with David Lawson can be arranged. The actual purchase and installation is not likely to take place until next year. ACTION: Clerk to progress.

7.2 Path through Village Hall play area. Cllr Wright met with Ian McGregor on site and agreed the works needed to the path which includes increasing the width to 1.5m and raising it to prevent flooding. Ian will provide a full specification of works required and a quote from MKC in the region of £5400. This work is not likely to take place until next year. ACTION: Cllr Wright and clerk to progress.


8.1 Caretaker's report. The caretaker reported thistles and weeds. It was agreed to review his job specification at the July meeting.

8.2 Car park and recreation field maintenance. Raymond Graham Landscaping provided a quote of £140 to carry out maintenance to the recreation field and car park; this was approved by Cllrs before the meeting. An ongoing maintenance quote of £120 per month until November is to be reviewed. ACTION: Cllr Burton. The exterior pavilion repairs and decorating is delayed until July. The quote for the goal mouth repair work is now £280.50 but doesn’t include watering; this is to be discussed with SFC.

8.3 Pavilion interior refurbishment. The parish council was unsuccessful in its application for £10,000 of funding and it is unlikely that other funding will be found in time for this summer. Only £4000 can definitely be spent this year and there is little extra money available in the budget. ACTION: Clerk to discuss current options with Cllr Burton.

8.4 Sherington FC annual review meeting. Cllr Wright has arranged this for Wednesday 13th June when the proposed goal mouth repair and watering options will be discussed along with any other issues. Other Cllrs were asked to attend. ACTION: Cllr Wright.

9. STONEPITS CLOSE, MILL LANE Cllr Keene met with David Foster the Chief Executive of the Parks Trust and received lots of practical guidance and useful information. ACTION: Cllr Keene to review and consolidate. A woodland similar to the one proposed by the parish council was set up in 1990 near Grange Farm, Milton Keynes and it was suggested that a visit be made. The Woodland Trust may be able to help source funding, and an Open Morning to get the public involved was considered a good idea.

10. SID DATA The camera in mid May was situated in the High St, outside the flats going north to Olney and showed that most vehicles are travelling around 30mph at this point. It was agreed to request that the next camera be placed further along on the other side of the road to monitor traffic coming down the hill into the village from Olney. ACTION: Clerk.

11. CODE OF CONDUCT Cllr Keene briefly reported from the recent MKC training session. The new code of conduct contains one main amendment to its predecessor, a paragraph that if adopted will allow Cllrs with a prejudicial interest to speak and give information to the meeting before withdrawing. It was agreed to place this on the July agenda when the code will have been circulated and digested by all Cllrs, and other Cllrs will have attended trainings. ACTION: Clerk and Cllrs.

12. SMOKE FREE ZONES From 1st July 2007 No Smoking signs will need to be in position in the pavilion and bus shelter. These can be downloaded from the official website. ACTION: Clerk.


13.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £26565.96; Treasurer Account £2738.57.

13.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

05/06/2007Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £250.52 101460
05/06/2007Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £53.32 101461
05/06/2007Noel Gotts Internal audit £60.00 101462
05/06/2007Sports Ground Services Mowing £405.38 101463
05/06/2007A H Contracts Dog bins £47.19 101464
05/06/2007Allianz Insurance plc Insurance £1,213.27 101465
05/06/2007Sherington Village Hall Hall Hire £22.00 101466
05/06/2007Shane Lea Perry Lane Caretaker £50.00 101467
05/06/2007Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £56.00 101468

13.3 Dog bin cleaning It was agreed to arrange for the bins to be cleaned. ACTION: Clerk.

13.4 Annual Return sign off. This was completed by the Chairman.


14.1. 07/00779/FUL 24 Gun Lane. Demolish bungalow and erect new dwelling and garage
The parish council had no adverse comments about the proposed dwelling in principle, but were then made aware of the neighbours’ objections. It was agreed that the parish council would attend a site visit with MKC Planning and the residents before making a comment ACTION: Clerk to arrange.

14.2. 07/00845/TCA 8 High St. Remove dead wood from weeping ash tree
No adverse comments.

14.3. Recent planning decisions
Application 07/00567/FUL 2 Water Lane for a two storey and single storey rear extension and reposition conservatory has been permitted. Application 07/00435/OUT to erect a new bungalow and vehicular access at Land adjacent to Sherington Bridge has been refused.


15.1. TVP Parish Consultative Meeting 24th May. Cllr Hyde reported that crime figures for the towns and villages in this area of Milton Keynes were presented and discussed. WPC Julie Willis invited local residents to raise any concerns they have about policing with her when she is in Sherington with the Mobile Police Station (details in Police Report above) .

15.2. Stakeholder Forum Monday 11th June. Cllr Lewis will attend.

15.3. Parishes Assembly Wed 13th June No one was available to attend.

15.4. MKNECAF Wed 20th June . Cllrs Keene, Lewis and Hyde will try to attend.

15.5. TVP Parish Consultative meeting 27th July Cllr Lewis will attend.


16.1. MK40 celebration in Campbell Park. The council agreed to decline this invitation.


17.1. Hill View residents reported youths playing football in the car park at Perry Lane instead of on the recreation field. It was agreed to place a sign saying Please play ball on the field. ACTION: Cllr Cook.

17.2. Hill View residents asked whether they would be getting new streetlights, it was confirmed that they will not.

17.3. Hill View residents reported noise disturbance from cars racing around the Perry Lane car park. It was agreed to speak to Cllr Burton about the possibility of locking the gates earlier on non-match nights.

17.4. Sam Potts reported that the report regarding expansion east of the M1 will hopefully be out in July.

17.5. Sam Potts reported that the recent flash flooding in Stoke Goldington is currently being investigated.


There were none.

19. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.42pm.

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