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Parish Council Minutes

March 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th March 2013 at Sherington Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs J Ager (Acting Chair), D Hyde and I Collinge

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr K McLean (Sherington Ward) and two members of the public.

Cllrs Northfield, Keene and Denman.

Cllr Collinge declared an interest in item 11.1.

The minutes of the meeting held on 5th February 2013 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

The clerk reported that a couple of people have shown interest and formal applications are awaited. ACTION: Clerk

As Cllr Denman was absent this was deferred to the April meeting.


6.1 Possible Youth Club 2013 project. MKC Housing department has sent the clerk an Arts Project policy to identify the process required before starting the project of painting the wall at the back of the garages at the Recreation Ground play area. The clerk has requested assistance with this from Housing. ACTION: Clerk

6.2 Tree maintenance following survey. The parish council has received the surveys for trees on the Knoll and Village Hall play area. It was agreed to ask for a quote to carry out the maintenance that is recommended to be carried out within the next 12 months. ACTION: Clerk

6.3 Dog Warden. The clerk reported that the new dog warden for this area Michael Bryant has promised to visit Sherington this week. The clerk has invited him to the April parish council meeting to report findings and offer advice and information. ACTION: Clerk


7.1 Bank Account balance at 5th March 2013 £14983.88

7.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

05/03/2013Oakland Tree Services Ltd Tree survey £58.80 102079
05/03/2013Jeff Charles Hoover for pavilion £104.99 102080
05/03/2013Alban Hill Nursery Christmas Tree £42.00 102081
05/03/2013Sherington Village Hall Hall hire £36.00 102082
05/03/2013A H Contracts Dog Bins £273.00 102083
05/03/2013Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker and bookings £100.00102084
05/03/2013Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £143.15 102085
05/03/2013Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £19.66 102086
05/03/2013Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £63.00 102087
05/03/2013Anglian Water Water for pavilion £365.93 102088

7.3. MKC Highways Capital scheme. The clerk reported that an application to convert the remainder of the small residents' car park on School Lane has been made to this scheme. It is hoped that another application can be made later in the year.

7.4. MKC Parish Community Safety Fund. The clerk reported that application packs are currently being prepared for distribution to parish and town councils, and a presentation was planned for the next Parishes Forum on 7th March 2013.


8.1. 13/00223/TCA 55 High St - Tree and hedge maintenance in a conservation area This had already been permitted by MKC before any comment from the parish council.

8.2. Decisions. Applications from Alban Hill Nursery, Manor Farm 4 High St and 55 High St have been permitted.


9.1. Pavilion management group. There was no report from a committee member this month; the clerk reported that the new fitness equipment had been installed. It was agreed to request an MKC sign stating that the equipment is used at people's own risk etc. The clerk has also requested that the committee look into water usage at the pavilion. ACTION: Clerk

9.2. Proposals for lighting in pavilion car park. As Cllr Denman was absent this was deferred to the April meeting. ACTION: Cllr Denman


10.1. NECAF 6th March 7.30pm Sherington Pavilion

10.2. NAG Thurs 14th March 7.30pm Newport Pagnell Police Station


11.1. White Hart license variation application The clerk reported that after last month's meeting the chairman did meet with a representative from The White Hart, further to which the parish council's response to the consultation was as follows: "Sherington Parish Council considered the licensing application at its meeting on 5th February 2013 and is aware of the views of some residents who are opposed to the application. The Parish Council is keen to balance the viability of the pub (so that it remains an essential part of village life) and the amenity of residents. We consider that the Committee should also balance these factors. The PC suggests that there is a compromise position which reduces all the proposed extensions of hours by 30 minutes and places appropriate limitations on music played outside" Cllr Collinge reported that everyone at the hearing on 27th February was listened to and a compromise was agreed which included alcohol being served up to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and restrictions on use of outside areas.

11.2. MKC Electoral Review Draft Recommendations, deadline 18th March 2013 The council heard that two other councils who would be part of the proposed combined three councillor "Olney and Sherington" ward have requested that the current arrangement is maintained. It was agreed to reaffirm Sherington Parish Council's wish to remain in a single councillor ward but also to submit reasons to support this request. ACTION: Clerk

11.3. MKC Draft Licensing Policy 2013-18, deadline 19th April 2013 As only three councillors were present it was agreed to defer a response until after the April meeting

11.4. Speed Indicator Device (SID) deployment A letter from MKC has been sent to parish councils and NAGs regarding the possible deployment of SIDs. The parish council noted that the local NAG is interested in this volunteer project but questioned the overall effectiveness of the devices and therefore did not support the additional suggestion of having to source and contribute funding in order to install, manage and maintain them.


12.1 Cllr McLean reported that a new Public Access Database has been created at MKC so that the public can report, access and track any environmental issues raised. It is hoped that a demonstration will be available at the June NECAF meeting.

12.2 Cllr McLean has made an award to Sherington Youth Club from his ward based fund.

12.3 Cllr McLean reported that both Emberton and Olney have submitted requests to remain in a single councillor ward.

12.4 Cllr McLean reported that MKC has set its budget for the year and the average council tax charge for a Band D property would be £1417.48.

12.5 Cllr McLean suggested that the parish council could look into establishing bye-laws on its land to help prevent dog fouling.


13.1 A resident suggested that another dog bin on Gun Lane might help alleviate the dog fouling issue.

13.2 A resident had tried to contact MKC Highways in order to report a pothole but couldn't get through. It was confirmed that the correct way to report potholes is to contact the Environmental Services helpline who will issue a reference number that can be tracked.

13.3 A dozen conifers have been planted at Stonepits Copse. The clerk will chase FERA for the results of the Ash Dieback inspection. ACTION: Clerk

13.4 The parish council was reminded that any intended work to trees on The Knoll will need to be notified to MKC as it is in a conservation area.


14.1 Cllr Collinge noted that part of the High St is being resurfaced in the near future and that a list of intended road works is available on the MKC website.

14.2 Cllr Collinge reported that further to the last meeting he has ascertained that properties living close to the BT junction box on the High St may achieve an internet data speed of 80 Mb/s with fibre optic broadband, with properties at the other end of the village only achieving 20 Mb/s. A map with this information is available on the village website.

14.3 Cllr Hyde suggested that notifying people via SCAN how much of their council tax is being spent on emptying dog bins may help with the dog fouling issue.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting ended at 8.55 pm.

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