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Parish Council Minutes

March 2004

Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 2nd March 2004 at the School.

PRESENT: Cllr David Hyde (Chair), Cllr Bill Lewis, Cllr Bob Finn, Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Sarah Jackson, Cllr Pat Seymour (Milton Keynes Council).

1. APOLOGIES: Cllr David Keene, Cllr Peter Cook.

2. DECLARATIONS OF MEMBERS INTERESTS: There were no declarations.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: : The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd February 2004 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.


4.1 Multi Activity Area: This area has now been completed.

4.2 Village Appraisal: Forms have been sent out to village organisations, who have been asked to return them by mid march. Councillors will then meet to collate the responses.

4.3 Village Trees: The tree surgery has been carried out. Moth beetle was detected in some Poplar trees in the village hall play area. Clerk will speak to Milton Keynes Council tree expert about the seriousness of this. ACTION: Clerk

4.4 Perry Lane Recreation Area: Approx 30 residents attended the public meeting to discuss this area. A list of possible improvements has been drawn up, to include further repairs and improvements to the pavilion, the possible fencing of the childrens play area, together with further on site parking. ACTION: Cllr Burton

4.5 Village Repairs: Andy McPherson has eventually sent a list of the faults in the village detected at the last Highways inspection (believed to have been last year). Cllr Hyde will now check whether any of these faults have since been rectified and chase any still outstanding. There are still loose covers on Anglian Water points on the grass verge (junction of Crofts End and School Lane). Clerk will chase these again. The pole top inspection had been carried out by EMEB last week, the report has not yet been received. Cllr Jackson had been advised that undergrounding of cables only takes place when poles are no longer safe. Cllr Keene had spoken to Anglian Water following their letter last month and had sent a report stating that a bid was being made to OFWAT for funding. If this is successful (will be known in November), then Water Lane should be one of the areas to benefit, during the next five years. ACTION: Cllr Hyde/Clerk

4.6 Parish Council Meeting Place/Minutes: It had now been established that the village hall would be suitable for council meetings. The cost would be 5.25 per hour. It was proposed by Cllr Burton and seconded by Cllr Finn, that subject to the consent of the School, meetings from May onwards be held at the Village Hall. All agreed. A discussion took place regarding the legality of publishing minutes before they are approved by the Council. No decision was made, this will be discussed again next month. ACTION: Clerk

4.7 Stonepits Close: Clerk had circulated the proposed notes to be sent out with the draft licence. It was agreed that these were acceptable. Clerk will now advertise the letting of this land.

4.8 Bus Shelter: : This has now been repaired.

4.9 Cycle Path Route: Clerk has sent several e-mails to Richard Duffill, but has received no reply.

4.10 Dog Fouling: After discussion, it had been agreed that a designated dog walking area in the Perry Lane Recreation field, was not the way forward, instead the council should be looking to stop all dogs being walked in this area. The gate will once more be padlocked and NO DOGS signs will be put up.


5.1 The current balances are 5,966.43 in the Enterprise Account and 5,571.96 in the Treasurer Account.

5.2 Cheques: It was agreed that the following cheques be signed:

Sports Ground Services Tree Surgery 681.50Cheque 101163
RJS Bus Shelter Repair 30.00Cheque 101164
J Sharp Clerk's Salary 176.50Cheque 101165
J Sharp Clerks Expenses 30.67Cheque 101166
MK Council Dog Bins 615.89Cheque 101167
MK Council Basketball Area 4014.00Cheque 101168
P Burton Stationery 13.65Cheque 101169
S Jackson Stationery 5.84Cheque 101170

5.3 Mowing Contract: Five tenders had been returned, the lowest of these being DC Blunt at 1,573.20 (net). It was proposed by Cllr Jackson and seconded by Cllr Burton that contract be awarded to DC Blunt. All agreed.


04/00092 Rowan Cottage, 1 & 3 Park Road No objections
04/00014 Sherington Manor No objections
04/00289 27 Church Road No objections
03/02189 Willow House, Church End We have been advised that this had been granted


Distraction Burglary Presentation: This was well attended and very well presented by WPC Clare Westrop.

Thames Valley Police-Open Meeting in Olney: This was well attended. Police advised that they are experiencing drug problems, which come with the size and population of Milton Keynes. They do, however have less officers than other similar sized towns.

Police Liaison Meeting: This will be held on Thursday 4th March at Newport Pagnell. Cllr Jackson will try and attend in the absence of Cllr Lewis.

Listening Evening on Landscape Contracts: This will be held on Thursday 4th March at the Civic Offices.


Residential Parking Grants 2004: In order to apply for a grant to improve parking, the Parish Council needs to contribute at least 50% of any proposed work. The Parish Council has no funds in the budget for the forthcoming year for this purpose, therefore will be unable to apply.


Village Repairs: Mr J Cook asked that a list be maintained by the Parish Council, of outstanding repairs in the village.

Street Lights: Mr Hulston reported a street light that was not working (also two at the Mound).

Bus Timetables: Mr Sims reported that these had not been delivered due to the carrier cost. He has now agreed to collect from Milton Keynes Council. Mr Sims also advised that the London bus will not be coming through the village, effective from April 2004.

Gun Lane Speed Limit: Mrs Graham asked when the new speed limit will be introduced. Clerk advised that the new traffic orders do appear to take a very long time to implement, but this will be chased.

Fly Tipping: Mr Sims asked who these incidents should be reported to, Clerk advised that she should be informed.

Green Slow Signs on Road: Mrs Graham was advised that the village is to have these shortly.

Dog Bin - Gun Lane: Mrs Graham asked whether a bin could be installed. The cost of purchase and installation of a bin is approx 100, + 145.60 per year to empty. This item will be put on next months Agenda for discussion.

Mowing in Hill View: Mr Ranger asked for clarification of who was responsible for the mowing. Clerk advised that Milton Keynes Council contractors covered all the grass in front of the council bungalows. There was also a question about overhanging trees. If Clerk is notified, then a letter can be written to residents concerned.

Village Hall Path: Mrs Graham asked about the current situation. Parish Council has applied for a Parish Partnership Grant towards this work. It will not be known until May whether this has been successful.


Basketball Area: Cllr Burton advised that the Youth Club are planning fund raising to buy seating for this area.

Playing Fields Association: Cllr Burton requested that the Parish Council consider joining this association, as there could be funding benefits. This will be put on the next Agenda.

Moving of 30mph Signs: Cllr Burton asked whether the signs at the entrance to the village, could be moved towards Newport, when the new gateway feature is installed. This is not possible, as new traffic orders need to be implemented and can take a very long time.

11. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on 6th April 2004 in the School at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 9.20pm

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